Reclaimed Inputs FSC-STD-40-007 Version 1-0 Supplementary standard to CoC FSC-STD-40-004 Version: 02...

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Transcript of Reclaimed Inputs FSC-STD-40-007 Version 1-0 Supplementary standard to CoC FSC-STD-40-004 Version: 02...

  • Reclaimed InputsFSC-STD-40-007 Version 1-0Supplementary standard to CoC FSC-STD-40-004Version: 02 Oct 2008


    TOPICS132Introduction to FSC-STD-40-007ApplicabilityEffective DatesDefinitions & ExamplesThe StandardComplete OverviewCB Auditing of Reclaimed Suppliers


    132Introduction to FSC-STD-40-007FSC Standard for Sourcing Reclaimed Material for Use in FSC Product Groupsor FSC-certified Projects


    ApplicabilityFSC-STD-40-007 applies to any Organization using reclaimed inputs in its FSC Product GroupsPost-consumer reclaimed inputsPre-consumer reclaimed inputsFSC Mixed Product GroupsFSC Recycled Product GroupsNOT applicable to FSC Recycled inputs from FSC-certified suppliersFor:


    Effective Dates1st April 2008Required for all new assessments, all companies1st January 2009Required for all annual audits, all reassessments, all companiesSystems for reclaimed inputs shall meet 40-007 requirements when the Organization is evaluated against 40-004V2:




    ExamplesSolid Wood MaterialsNOT reclaimed:By-products capable of being reused in the same manufacturing processCo-products from primary manufacturing

    POST-consumerCommercial transport packagingPallets, crates, cases*Must be at the end of useful life!Demolition/ deconstruction debrisFrom buildings such as timbers, joists, doors, flooring, moulding, cabinet fixtures, lumberDamaged or rejected productsProducts or fixtures removed from sites based on damages or other rejectionsOther used productsTelephone poles, railroad ties, furniture, cabinets

    PRE-consumerDamaged or rejected stockProducts not sold or returned due to damage, overstock; surplus products (items not used for intended purpose)Manufacturing by-productsOff-cuts, sawdust, shavings generated during secondary manufacturing processes


    ExamplesFiber MaterialsNOT reclaimed:Mill broke, butt rolls, dry paper trimmings/other dry and wet paper by-products at the paper millForest debris remaining from harvest or otherwise collected

    POST-consumerCommercial transport packagingBoxes, wrappersCommercial/residential wasteDirect mail, office paper, print outs, magazines, newspapers

    PRE-consumerManufacturing by-productsPrinter and bindery trim and scrap, scrap from packaging manufacture, converter scrap, generated during secondary manufacturing processesDamaged or rejected stockMerchant returns, items unfit for distributionSurplus stockOver issue publications, discontinued items


    132The StandardComplete Overview


    1. Input Specifications1.1 Ensure reclaimed inputs are described in purchase and delivery documentation in accordance with Annexes I and IIDefine reclaimed inputs based on FSC definitions and examples provided

    Use clear language in purchasing system to specify post- vs. pre- consumer

    Ensure supplier documentation provides a clear description of the input to verify it as post- or pre- consumer


    2. Supplier Audit Program2.1 Specify the evidence for the reclaimed category:Identify the documents and other evidence demonstrating reclaimed materials comply with standard requirementsProvide rationale for this evidence

    Documents may be supplier product descriptions, supplier invoice, supplier shipping documents, agreement/contract with supplier

    Other evidence may be pictures, reports, on-site investigations, declarations

    Rationale provides the companys reasons behind this evidence as support of the reclaimed category


    2. Supplier Audit Program2.2 Specify and implement supplier audit program toverify authenticity of evidence (at least annual)

    2.3 Specify personnel and qualifications / trainingmeasures to carry out supplier audits

    FrequencyIntensityAuditorsAuditor qualifications and trainingImplement supplier audits prior to or soon after receiving reclaimed inputs for use in FSC products

    *External auditors (including CBs) may be hired to conduct the audit programSpecify audit program in documented procedures including


    3. Supplier Audits3.1 Auditors shall demonstrate expertise and competence in implementing the audits

    Expertise and competence are verified through:


    Written reports


    3. Supplier Audits3.2 On-site visits to supplier sites:y = 0.8x

    y = number of sites to visitx = total number of sites across all suppliers

    Sample is alternating and representative in terms of:Geographic distributionActivities and/or productsSize and/or annual production

    [Supplier site any facility acting as physical point of delivery of the material received by the organization]Audit program shall demonstrate a sampling minimum that meets the FSC equation and selection process


    3. Supplier Audits3.3 Supplier audits shall be conducted in timely fashion after receipt of the reclaimed material

    3.4 Auditor shall check and verify authenticity of evidence pertaining to the inputs, in terms ofQuantityQualityCompliance with FSC definitions and examples for post- or pre- consumer reclaimedTimely fashion has not been defined, but needs to proceed shortly following use of the inputs for FSC productsCompliance with FSC definitions is the key aspect to the supplier audit program


    4. Verification by the Certification Body4.1 Required documents and other evidence are available to CB auditors

    4.2 Supplier audit records and reports:Include findings of the auditExperience & qualifications of the auditor(s)Are maintained for 5 years

    4.3 Supplier audit records are available to SW auditorsDocuments and other evidence are reviewed for adequacy to support the reclaimed classificationSupplier audit records are reviewed to verify the audit process, auditor expertise, findings to support reclaimed classification


    TOPICS132CB Auditing of Reclaimed Suppliers


    CB shall conduct on-site audits of reclaimed suppliers:

    20% sampling of supplier sites audited in the Organizations sampleImplemented with first annual audit (but not at the assessment phase)

    CB audit functions to confirm the results of the Organizations auditCB audit sampling not necessary when the Organization has hired a CB to conduct all auditsAudit Evaluation (FSC-STD-20-011)


    LINK TO EXERCISE7. ExercisesNote: you must exit presentation mode and double-click on the word icon to open exercise

    Reclaimed Standard (40-007) Exercises

    1. Classify the following inputs

    (Change black shading to None to view product types)




    De-inked pulp

    Pulp processed from waste paper recovered from office/municipal sources; used to manufacture paper



    Chips recovered from the sawing of logs to lumber; used to manufacture pulp


    Flawed timbers

    Timbers, including floor boards, joists recovered from buildings slated for removal; used to manufacture lumber


    Suburban trees

    Trees recovered from cities and towns; used to manufacture lumber

    Virgin; may qualify for RW depending on reason for removal


    End-pieces recovered from lumber cut-to-size; used to manufacture finger-joints


    Recycled paper

    Non-certified paper carrying 100% recycled claims; used by printer

    More information required to determine post- or pre-consumer

    2. Information, documents and evidence described by the Organization for verifying reclaimed inputs (40-007, 1.1, 2.1, 2.2):

    Documented Procedures

    SW Auditor Evaluation

    Purchase post-consumer wood fiber

    More details are needed to understand what the input product type is, and its reclamation source to confirm as post- or pre-consumer.

    Purchase orders will clearly specify post-consumer

    This is good

    Purchase orders will require suppliers to provide assurance the materials meet the requirements set forth by FSC for post-consumer reclaimed

    This is good, but what are these assurances? How is the supplier aware of FSCs requirements and definitions?

    Supplier invoices and shipping documents will be verified for a clear post-consumer product description

    This is good, but not satisfactory for documents and evidence to confirm the post-consumer reclaimed classification

    Supplier audits will be conducted in a timely fashion after receipt of material and annually to verify supplier claims

    Supplier audits are a good way to confirm the reclaimed classification, but company is missing details for what documents and evidence will be verified for authenticity. The only evidence described is supplier shipping and sales documents. Further, if this is the only procedure for supplier auditing, this is not sufficient to meet the requirements of 40-007.



    Some applicability restrictions apply to certain company types:Brokers, traders, distributors of finished products cannot apply the percentage or credit systemsPrinters cannot apply the credit systemThe percentage and credit systems can only be applied to companies that bring materials through physical sites

    During 2008, annual audits and reassessments of existing certificate holders may be against an older CoC standard.Implementation of systems that meet the 40-004V2 requirements are required for existing certs by their 2009 annual audit date. This means companies need to have their systems updated to the new standard in time for the 2009 audit evaluation.In general, minor CARs with one-year (or by the next audit) timelines will be issued for new non-conformances as long as the core CoC system is being implemented without serious issues.Normal requirements apply for change in scope in that a company shall be evaluated and approved first. E.g., if a c