Recital Picture Days- LinoLakes Studio:April 20th April ... Arrive Dressed in full...

Recital Picture Days- LinoLakes Studio:April 20th April ... Arrive Dressed in full costume/accessories,
Recital Picture Days- LinoLakes Studio:April 20th April ... Arrive Dressed in full costume/accessories,
download Recital Picture Days- LinoLakes Studio:April 20th April ... Arrive Dressed in full costume/accessories,

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Transcript of Recital Picture Days- LinoLakes Studio:April 20th April ... Arrive Dressed in full...

  • Recital Picture Days - Lino Lakes Studio: April 20th & April 21st Hugo Studio: Fri. April 24th

    *Lino class schedule change durin this week/or lessons held on April zo: & 23rd All student class pictures for group and individual for Lino Lakes are on Monday, April 20th and/or Tuesday, April 21 st, 2015. Hugo Studio Class Pictures are Friday, April 24th as stated on Bulletin notices & website. Students must attend the following classes prompt for picture day/times. Arrive Dressed in full costume/accessories, shoes, tights, hair, make-up completed. Picture Day & Rehearsal times are approximate as all goes welL Note: Jfyou are late on picture day, we will not be able to take group picture over. Group pictures are taken for each costume and Individual Pictures are for those that want to purchase separate Costume Poses. Also any SOLO, DUET OR TRIO that wants to take their professional photos in costumes may do so as well and we squeeze them in around their class times!

    Wordancers in 2 or more routines, arrive to studio in costume on picture day in this costume order:1 1) Tumbling or Combo Costume 2) Ballet Costume 3) Tap Costume 4) Jazz/Funk Costume

    Note: Regular Dance Classes Wear your Ballet Costume first, otherwise follow order above.

    Lino Studio Only: All Wednesday Classes will attend Monday Classes for Pictures and All Thursday Classes will attend Tuesday Classes for Pictures (with some exceptions). All regular class for lessons will be held on Wed. April 22nd and Thurs. April 23rd. (See schedule on back for day & times). These classes are going to give the students a chance to get some extra experience to perform in front of other classes & students and show off their routines that will help with their recital performance.

    Please car pool if possible due to space and much more action going on this week at studio. Must Label all items; PLEASE put your initials inside of each shoe, costumes and accessories! Lorenz Dance & Tumbling Studio, LLC and any Teacher/Instructor or Assistants are Not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Any costume or shoes missing at recital day will not be allowed to perform and are non-replaceable at this time. Please don't wait to check all your belongings day before - Get items ready weeks before rehearsal/recital dates.

    Space is very limited in lobby/studio this week. Please Do Not arrive until your class time posted for each class- This is a must due to space and time provided per each class. Also bathroom and office will be in use full time so will not be available for others until your class time listed.

    Teresa, Rosann and assistant teachers will help dress and make any costume changes on Picture Day. Ifthere is still space available to help at recital for any other classes for Class Mom's or Lobby helpers (you don't have to be Mom for that class). (Recital Ticket Order Forms were handed out week of Mar 31't- Apr 2Dd) Ticket Orders Due Week of April 13-16th & Sign up sheets for Class Mom's/Lobby Helpers available during your lesson & class time Only week of April6-9th. If you sign upfor Class Mom- Warning: lots of patience needed on these days and helping all kids in class not just focusing on your own please. Please do not cancel or back out after you have signed up to help. We don't always get enough Mom's for all classes as is, so your help on these important days are needed. You Do Not Order a Ticket for the Show you are Working! All Class Mom's must be at Dress Rehearsal. Class Mom's arrive 15-30 min Prompt prior to Rehearsal. Show Time you must arrive 1 hour prior (No earlier then posted times). ONLY Class Mom's at Rehearsal & Assigned Staff - No Exceptions! *All Final Details for Rehearsal & Recital Shows will be handed out in May with your Pictures/Tickets you ordered. All information for summer classes will be posted on website mid-April, so please read all important information before emailing your questions as many times they are posted and available inside lobby as well. Please allow 24-72 hours to get through emails and I answer in spurts in order I receive them. Thank You!

    HAIR & MAKE-UP (Wear for Picture Day, Rehearsal & Recitall)ays) Rehearsal Day: All Costumes/Shoes/Accessories Must Have and correct color shoes. Practice with your Hair & Make up on Rehearsal Day but still must have hair up and offface. Full Dress Rehearsal means performing and dressing in Full Costumeslhair & make up. We do take photos and video clips from rehearsal for our D VD 's

    Hair: Wear hair Y, up Y, down or all up in ponytail. Wear lots of curls and/or may purchase hairpiece that matches your hair that already have curls (Claire's or Sally's Stores). Use lots of bobby pins with gel and hair spray and keep any bangs out of eyes iflonger then eyebrows. Cross 2 bobby pins through each other for extra security! Better to have more bobby pins then a mess and falling out hair. No hair wisps flying, lots of gel © Competition Teams - wear just like we do for competitions! Make-up: Cheeks: (Foundation/Powder prior to blush to prevent blotching) Wear blush that is more them normal to show up under lights.

    Eyes: Eyeliner -Thin liner upper and lower (Do not make thick lines) Please try to wear waterproof so they don't end up with raccoon ~es. Almay for sensitive eyes.

    Mascara -Waterproof will not smudge or smear but needs to be taken of with oil base ("Expert Eyes" by Maybelline).

    Eye Shadow - Wear Brown Blending from lower to middle of eyelid. Add Cream color upper eyelid closer to eyebrows to make eyes stand out.

    Lips: Red Salsa Color or as close as a deep red (not pink, or maroon) If you get the stay on lip products by Maybelf ine Lips "Outlast" will not have

    to be touched up except by lip gloss and will not smudge or bleed even after eating or drinking. You put on the color and let dry for BO seconds and then put clear gloss over. Works great! I

    *Follow Class Picture Schedule/Class Change ~

  • "Picture Days - Lino Lakes Studio" Find Your Class Here q Attend Picture Day - Mon. April 2Uh

    Wed. 4:15 (StudentsAges3to6yrold-BurgundyLeotISkirt.) Mon. 4:15-4:35 PM Tumbling Mon. 4:15 & Wed 4:15 (Students Ages 7-12 Teal Biketard) Mon. 4:40-5:10 PM Tumbling Summer FunklHip Hop & Mon. 5:15 Mon. 5:15-5:55 PM S. Funk/Tumbling Wed. 6:30, Tues. 6:45 & 7:15 Camp Teams Mon. 6:00-7:00 PM Lyrical/Tap/Prod'n/Open/Lyrical Solo/Duet/Trio's Routines (or take photos at Elite time) Mon. 7:05-7:30 PM Competition Performers Mon. 6:15 (Combo) Mon. 7:40-8:00 PM Jazz/Tumb- (1 Group pic) Wed. 5:15 (Combo) Mon. 8:05-8:25 PM Jazz/Tumb- (1 Group pic) Mon. 7:30 Mon. 8:30-9:20 PM Ballet/Tap/Jazz

    Thurs. 5:15 Tues. 6:00 Tues. 5:00 Thurs. 6:00 Thurs. 7:00 & Thurs 8:00 Elite, Teacher Asst. No Pictures for Boy's Only-Hip Hop Class

    Tues. 5:15-5:55 PM Ballet/Tap Tues. 6:00-6:45 PM Ballet/Tap Tues. 6:55-7:50 PM Ballet/Tap/Jazz Tues. 7:55-8:30 PM BalletlTap/Jazz Tues. 8:35-9:35 PM Lyrical/Tap/Jazz Group Picture Taken at Last Lesson by Studio Only.

    nFind Your Class Here q Attend Picture Day - Tues. April 21st

    "Class Lessons - Lino Lakes Studio" [llFind Your Class Here q Attend Lesson Times - Wed. April 22n1 ~ Mon. 4:15 & Wed. 4:15 Wed. 4:15-5:25 Tumbling Classes Mon. 5:15 & Wed. 5:15 Combo Wed. 5:30-6:45 Tumbling & Combo Class Mon. 6:15 & Wed. 6:30 Camp Line/S.Funk (optional) Wed. 6:50-8:15 Camp. Line/S. Funk Mon. 7:30 & SololDuet/Trio Students (optional) Wed. 8:20-9:30 Dance/Solo/Duet/Trio

    Thurs. 5:15-6:15 Dance Classes Thurs. 6:20-7:20 Dance Classes Thurs. 7:25-9:15 Camp. Line/S. Funk Thurs. 7:25-9:15 Dance Class/Elite Team

    Find Your Class Here q Attend Lesson Times - Thurs. A Tues 5:00 & Thurs. 5:15 Tues. 6:00 & Thurs. 6:00 Tues. 6:45 & 7:15 Camp Line Thurs. 7:00 & Thurs 8:00 Elite Team

    "Picture Days - Hu 0 Studio" Find Your Class Here q Attend Picture Day - Fri. April 24th

    Wed. 5: 15 (Students Ages 3-6 Burgundy Leot/Skirt.) Fri. 5 :00-5 :20 PM Tumbling Thurs. 5:15 Fri. 5:25-6:00 PM Ballet/Tap Tues. 6:15 Fri. 6:05-6:35 PM Ballet/Tap Thurs. 6:00 Fri. 6:40-7:35 PM Ballet/Tap/Jazz Mon. 6:15 Combo Fri. 7:40-8:00 PM JazzlTumb-(1 Group pic) Mon. 5: 15 & Wed 5: 15 (Students Ages 7 & up-Fushia Biketard) Fri. 8:05-8 :25 PM Tumbling Tues. 7:00 Fri. 8:30-9:00 PM Ballet/Tap/Jazz Mon. 7:30 Fri 9:05-9:30 PM Tumbling I (Note: All Summer Funk & Camp Line Team group pictures are held at Lino Studio on Monday, April 2(Jh (Follow Lino Times Above for Pictures).


    Note: Recital Ticket Orders will be sent home mid May inside an envelope with all your Final Details for the Rehearsal & Recital Shows.