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Recessed Modular

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  • Lighting Controls

    Recessed Modular

    Linear Systems


    Recessed Adjustable



    Concave OfficelytePage 7

    C:M Controller Stand Alone DetectorsPage 37

    Quadrille AcademyPage 45

    LED LED 150Page 85

    Myriad VPage 139

    DecadePage 185

    Recessed LED DownlightPage 226

    StadiumPage 231

    Officelyte XXPage 11

    C:M Controller Control BoxesPage38

    QuadrillePage 53

    LED 150-TEPage 91

    Equinox IVPage 155

    BRA (Beacon Recessed Adjustable)Page 191

    BeaconPage 237

    Kometa 600 & 500Page 15

    C:M Controller DetectorsPage 39

    Ovation 65Page 61

    LED 100-TEPage 105

    Performance ConesPage 163

    Torus RecessedPage 199

    Torus SpotlightsPage 261

    ContinuumPage 71

    Insaver LEDPage 113

    RouteLEDPage 173

    StorelytePage 209

    TeQ SpotlightsPage 280

    Equilibro AdjustablePage 23

    Rana Surface & SuspendedPage 77

    Insaver HEPage 119

    SylfirePage 175

    Lyteframe RecessedPage 213

    TeQ ProjectorPage 286

    Rana RecessedPage 27

    Insaver QuadrettoePage 133

    Instar Trend Swing LEDPage 217

    TeQ LinearPage 288

    Kometa 300Page 135

    Motto LEDPage 223

    Lyteframe SuspendedPage 293

  • Pendant






    Lytespan 1Page 304

    Myriad V PendantPage 333

    DacapoPage 345

    WallLED LEDPage 369

    Sylproof SuperiaPage 374

    Skyline Pole TopPage 391

    Page 406

    Lytespan LPPage 309

    Cassini PendantPage 337

    CassiniPage 347

    HydroproofPage 381

    Sterling BollardPage 395

    Lytespan 3Page 314

    Pento XL & Pento XSPage 339

    OpalinePage 351

    MedisealPage 383

    Brio IP65Page 399

    LytebeamPage 321

    MirachPage 340

    BrioPage 357

    Sylfast T5Page 384

    Sterling BulkheadPage 402

    Lytespan 3 LED EmergencyPage 324

    Fresco PendantPage 341

    FrescoPage 359

    SportsbayPage 386

    MonitorPage 404

    Lytebeam LED EmergencyPage 325

    GiottoPage 360

    Universal Suspensions

    Lumistrip LEDPage 365

  • RECE





    7 Concave Officelyte

    11 Officelyte

    15 Kometa 600 & 500

    23 Equilibro Adjustable

    27 Rana Recessed


  • Office lighting

    Office lighting has progressed considerably since the endless banks of fluorescent fittings, strictly arranged in line formation, seen in the office design from the late 20th Century.

    Partitions have fallen, risen and fallen over the years, furniture has become more ergonomic, particular needs and functions better defined, evolving into the current, more considered workspace where individuality and flexibility reflect the fluidity of technology and changing working practices. Employers have begun to realise that their staff are their most precious resource and that the quality of the working environment has a huge impact not only on attracting and retaining staff, but on increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism.

    The quality of light output from a fitting should always transcend its aesthetic appeal, but as the trend moves to a greater integration of lighting into the architectural structure, lighting systems themselves have become more lithe, streamlined and discreet, largely thanks to the development of the slimline T5 tube. The powerful output of the T5, tempered by sophisticated optics, allow a more even washing of both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

    The recognition that colour temperature and the dynamics of the lighting system have a profound effect on the health, well-being and productivity of employees is also leading to further crucial improvements. Human beings evolved in daylight, and the cool colour temperatures and mercurial quality of natural light have left their imprint.

    The discovery in 2002 of a third photoreceptor in the eye (other than rods and cones) has been central to thinking in this area. This photoreceptor allows light to bypass the

    visual system and for signals on light levels and colour temperature to be sent direct to the pineal gland in our brain, which governs our circadian rhythms, or sleep-wake cycle.

    The realisation that human beings function better under daylight conditions has led to a greater drive to improve the ingress of natural light into new buildings, in conjunction with more advanced solar and daylight-linked control systems. However, there are a variety of scenarios older buildings, deep-plan designs, 24-hour working environments where employees are cut off from daylight for extensive periods.

    This has led first to a rethinking on the trend in past years towards warmer white fluorescent, with a growing emphasis now on cooler, daylight temperatures, even to the degree of adding more blue to the mix which limited studies have shown increases alertness and productivity among employees.

    But probably one of the most exciting developments in office lighting in recent years has been the emergence of daylight-simulation systems. Using a control system, different temperature white fluorescent tubes, or in some cases, red, green and blue (RGB) systems, combine at varying levels of output to change the lighting from cool to warm white throughout the course of the day, reflecting the changing quality of daylight outside.

    With its varied meeting rooms, cafes, break-out areas and hot-desking spaces, the contemporary workspace couldnt be further from the gloomy late 20th Century office environment. Today lighting is a key tool in helping to delineate different areas and to define individuality.


    Control Gear: Standard: Integral electronicDimmable: Integral electronic PCA ECO Switch DIM

    & DSI CompatibleIntegral Sensor: Integral sensor for controlling 10 digital

    dimmable ballasts, with passive infra red motion detector and light sensor for constant light regulation

    Emergency: Integral 3 hour maintainedReflector: Micro Cellular foamed polyester sheet > 99%

    reflective > 96% diffuseDiffuser: Central Refractor: Conical De-glaring prisms CDPWings: Highly Transmissive Satine PolycarbonateHousing: Powder Coated Steel RAL9016

    Concave officelyte Recessed Modular

    Following the success of the original Officelyte system, introduced in 2008, Concord has now developed Concave Officelyte, a totally flush recessed version of Officelyte, providing an alternative solution to the dropped wing design of the original model. While Concave Officelyte introduces a new design concept, it incorporates the winning, patented components that have made the original Officelyte such a success whilst also adding a number of other new features. Concave Officelytes unique performance is based on three innovative technologies. Firstly there are the two curved wings, in extruded satin polycarbonate, mounted inside the luminaire above the ceiling line. These are 20% more light transmissive than ordinary polycarbonate and the material does not degrade over time. Secondly, the inside body of the luminaire is lined with a brand-new Japanese micro-cellular foam polyester material, which is >99% reflective and offers >96% diffusion. This means that the new luminaires are ultra-efficient with an LOR of up to 80%. Finally, Concave Officelyte features the same conical multi-prism diffusing panel below the lamp but here it is twice as wide as in the original Officelyte, for even greater minimisation of visual discomfort glare and homogenous light distribution.

  • EF


    LOR = 0.73 2047223

    LOR = 0.67 2047227

    LOR = 0.73 2047219

    LOR = 0.74 2047231




    30 0 30









    30 0 30









    30 0 30









    30 0 30






    Concave officelyte 600, 625 & Master Control Modules

    Concave Officelyte is a completely flush recessed luminaire Unique design utilising two incurvated highly transmissive satine polycarbonate wings Low glare optics based on double width conical de-glaring prism refractor technology Provides an increased level of visual interest and a higher perceived level of brightness Ultra energy efficient luminaire incorporating innovative Micro Cellular foamed polyester sheet >

    99% reflective > 96% diffuse Enclosed design reduces dust ingress and improves Luminaire Maintenance Factor (LMF) Slot-in wing design allows for quick and simple installation, maintenance and cleaning Master control luminaire is complete with Mini occupancy & daylight sensor offering both passive

    infra-red motion detector and daylight management sensor for maximum energy savings Master Control luminaire can control up to 10 digital dimmable ballasts Supplied complete with 840 4000K Sylvania lamps

    Concave officelyte 600/625/Master Control


    600 x 600 Module 1 x 40w TC-L Standard 2047223 6.8 kg1 x 40w TC-L Emergency 2047224 8.8 kg1 x 40w TC-L DSI Dimmable 2047225 6.8 kg1 x 40w TC-L DSI Dimmable Emergency 2047226 8.8 kg

    600 x 600 Module 1 x 55w TC-L Standard 2047227 6.8 kg1 x 55w TC-L Emergency 2047228 8.8 kg1 x 55w TC-L DSI Dimmable 2047229 6.8 kg1 x 55w TC-L DSI Dimmable Emergency 2047230 8.8 kg

    600 x 600 Module 2 x 24w T16 Standard 2047219 6.9 kg2 x 24w T16 Emergency 2047220 8.9 kg2 x 24w T16 DSI Dimmable 2047221 6.9 kg2 x 24w T16 DSI Dimmable Emergency