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Recent Progress on ISAT. Stephen B. Pope January 25, 2007. Research Group Meetings. Practice talks e.g. for upcoming Combustion Institute meeting Report and discussion of recent research. In Situ Adaptive Tabulation. Particle methods 10 10 particle steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Recent Progress on ISAT

  • Recent Progress on ISATStephen B. PopeJanuary 25, 2007

  • Research Group Meetings

    Practice talkse.g. for upcoming Combustion Institute meeting

    Report and discussion of recent research

  • In Situ Adaptive TabulationParticle methods1010 particle stepsReaction sub-step: direct integration 104 ms108 s = 3.2 yearsX 1,000 speed-up -> 28 hrsISATTabulate results of ODE integration

  • ISAT-CK 5.1Primary retrieveBT, MRU, MFUSecondary retrieveEBT in affine space can afford to be completeGrowEOA/EOIEBTAddEOI initialized to exclude existing points

  • Very Recent Additionsde_nearbyLocation (x) of direct evaluation may be slightly different from the query locationNeeded for ICE-PIC/ISATSlow progressQuery time > DE timeReduce growingWorst case: query time = 2 x DE time

  • Preliminary Testing of ISAT-CK 5.1Systematic testing to be performed by Liuyan

    Study performance as function of parametersError toleranceAvailable storage

  • Test YF: varying error toleranceSkeletal mechanism (16 species)CPU for DI =5,000 msPremixedStorage = 1.2 GbytesIdites=1000 (affects performance)Q=107Etol=2-p, p=1,2,,32

  • CDF of error for etol=1.2e-4

  • Test YF: observationsError well controlled down to 1e-8: confirmed that errors due to ODE

    Timing affected by error testing

    Speed-up on table filling

  • Test YH: varying number of leavesSkeletal mechanism (16 species)CPU for DI =5,000 msPremixedQ=107Etol=10-4Leaves = 16, 32, 64,,2048.

  • Test YH: observationsAs storage decreases, query time tends to DE timeSlow progress avoids excessive CPU timeslow progress if query time > DE timeRet_frac set to Grow_frac set to EOIs not shrunk

  • Test YA: varying error toleranceGRI 3.0 mechanism (53 species)CPU for DI =80,000 ms (x16 cf skeletal)PremixedStorage = 1.2 GbytesIdites=1000 (affects performance)Q=108Etol=2-p, p=1,2,,19

  • Test YA: ObservationsError well controlled

    Even for smallest etol, retrieves dominate in the end; but it takes longer to reach retrieving asymptote

  • Test K: Dim. Of Affine SpaceSkeletal mechanism (16 species)PremixedStorage = 1.0 GbytesIdites=1000 (affects performance)Q=1e7Etol=1e-3Affine space, na=1,2,3,15

  • Test M: Pair CoverSkeletal mechanism (16 species)PremixedStorage = 2.5 GbytesIdites=1000 (affects performance)Q=1e7Etol=1e-4Pair_cover: type of ellipsoid used to cover two other ellipsoids (in EBT)1 spheroid (no shrinking)2 ellipsoid (covariance algorithm)3 ellipsoid (iterative algorithm)4 spheroid (with shrinking)

  • Test YJ: storage and etolSkeletal mechanism (16 species)PremixedIdites=10,000 Q=1e7Etol = 4-p = 1, , 1/16,,1.5e-5Leaves = 4q = 16, 64, 256,,16,384

  • Test YI: varying etolSkeletal mechanism (16 species)CPU for DI =5e3 msNon-premixed, variable time stepIdites=10,000 Q=1e8Storage = 1.2 Gbytesetola = 1, 1/2,...3e-5

  • Future Plans: ISATABSingle precision for ellipsoids



  • Future Plans: ISAT-CKICE-PICCEQ in place of StanjanADIFOR for JacobiansLP for realizabilityConservation correction for sensitivity matrix

  • Future Plans: papersPope (2007) new algorithmsLu & Pope (2007) performance of ISATLu, Lantz, Ren, Pope (2007) x2f_mpiRen & Pope (2007) ICE-PIC/ISAT