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RECENT IELTS TEST1.Writing task 1 (a letter)You are taking a course at college, but you are not happy with it. You would like to change to a different course. Write a letter and include the following: - What course are you taking? - Why arent you happy with the course? - Which course would you like to take instead? Writing Task 2 (an essay) There is a trend in some countries to get married at an older age and also to have children later in life. Why is it happening? Discuss positive and negative aspects of such trend.

Speaking testInterview - Please say your full name. - What should I call you? - Are you currently working or studying? - Do you plan to stay in this job for a long time? Cue Card Talk about a country or town you would like to visit. Please say - What country / town is it? - With whom would you like to go? - How do you plan to get there? - Why do you want to go there? Discussion - Will people be traveling more in the future? Why or why not? - Is technology helping to improve travel?

2.SpeakingInterview - What do you do, studying or working? - Do you like your present job? - Would you like to continue in the present job? Cue card Describe one of your days off, please say - Where would you go? - With whom would you spend the day? - What activities would you do? - Please explain why you like a day off. Discussion - Do you think people need a day off? - Do you like to spend a day off with friends or family? - Who is more important in life, friends or family? - Do you prefer just one long holiday or many days off? - Do you think money is important in life? - Which is more important in your life, money or the relationship with family / friends? - Do you think nowadays people are working more hours than before? - What should be more important for people: earning money or building relationships within their family? - Do men and women have different ways of spending leisure time?

3.Speaking testInterview - What is your name? - Do you work or study? - What part of your job is exciting? - Which is more important your job or the people you work with? Cue Card

Describe an adventurous person that you know or read about. Please say - Who is this person? - Why do you find him/her an adventurer? - What can you learn from him/her? Discussion - What do you consider adventurous/challenging?

4.Writing testWriting task 1 (a letter) You have read an article in a newspaper about someone you know. Write a letter to the editor as follows: - describe the article, - explain what details were wrong in the article and what the correct ones are, - suggest what he/she should do about the article. Writing Task 2 (an essay) Nowadays we see an increase in social problems involving teenagers. Many people believe that it is because parents spend more time at work and less with their children. Do you agree or disagree?

5.Writing testWriting task 1 (a letter) You want to work in another country. Write to your friend who lives there and ask for information about work in that country. Include in your letter the following points: - why you want to work there and - what kind of work you are looking for. Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Some think that giving a weekly allowance to children will help them to face less problems when they are adults. Do you agree or disagree?

Speaking testInterview - What is your name? - Where are you from? - What do you do for living? - Do you enjoy it? - Do you plan to continue? - Do children swim in your country? - Why do you think they are swimming more/less there? - What are the benefits of swimming? - Do you like swimming? - Why do/dont you like it? Cue Card Talk about an unusual activity that you did recently. Please say - What was that activity? - With whom did you do it? - Why did you do it? - How did you do it? Discussion - Do you think activity is good to improve relationships between parents and children? - What are the reasons for parents and children not being connected nowadays? - How can parents be more connected with their children?

6.Writing testWriting task 1 (a letter) You have moved to another city to do a short term course. Write a letter to invite a friend to do the course with you. Please say - why you want your friend to join the course, - what the benefits of this course are, - how joining the course will help your friend.

Writing Task 2 (an essay) Many historic buildings are being destroyed or damaged. What are the reasons for this? What should be done to preserve these buildings?

Speaking testInterview - What is your full name? - What should I call you? - Do you work or study? - Do you enjoy your work? - Would you like to change this job? - Do you like your name? - Who gives a name to a baby in your culture? - Describe the naming ceremony in your culture. Cue Card Talk about a day off and how you would like to spend it. Please say - Where would you like to go? - What would you like to do? - Whom would you go with? - How do you usually feel at the end of a day off? Discussion - Would you like a single long holiday or many short holidays in a year? Why? - Do you think men and women have different activities to do in their free time? Why?

7.Speaking testInterview - Do you work or study? - Lets talk about your work. What kind of work is it? - Do you enjoy your job? - How were your science classes at school, did you like them? - Is there anything you didnt like about science? - Why is science important in everyday life?

- What kind of musical concerts are popular in your area? - Do you think that musical concerts are the better option to enjoy music? - What other options are there? - Do you go to the musical concerts? Why? Cue Card Talk about a house or an apartment you would like to live in. - describe that house or apartment, - say why you like it, and - explain where it should be located. Discussion - Would you like more to live in a large city or in a rural area? - What are the differences between the village and city living? - Why are villages becoming popular? - What will be the future trends in lifestyle? - What can be done by people themselves to minimize pollution? - Will the governments eventually ban large cities?

8.Writing testWriting task 1 (a letter) You need to read a book that cannot be found in the book shops in your area. Write a letter to a bookshop in another city asking for the book. In your letter - describe the book, - explain why you need the book, - and how you would pay for it. Writing Task 2 (an essay) Today many people tend to move to another country or a different region of same country after their retirement. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such move.

9.Speaking testInterview - What is your name? - What is your job? - What are your responsibilities at work? - Please describe your city. - Have you been to a live concert before? - Can you describe it? - Are there any differences between live music and music played on a CD? - When was the last time you watched a concert on TV? - How do you manage your time? Cue Card Describe a situation when you helped somebody. Please say - Who was he/she? - When did it take place? - How did you help him/her? Discussion - Are there families that need help? - What help does the government provide for such families? - Are there non-government organizations that can help people in your country? - Did you experience help coming from the government?

10.Writing testWriting task 1 (a letter) Write a letter to a friend in a foreign country. Ask him/her - What kind of job would you be able to get there? - Why would you want to work there? - What are the working conditions there? Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Some people believe that giving a weekly allowance will help children to succeed in life when they grow up. Do you agree or disagree?

Speaking testInterview - What is your name? - Please state your full name. - Do you work or study? - What city are you from? - Do you think this is a good place to live in? - Do you like movies? - When you were a child what kind of movies did you like to watch? - What do you think about art? - Did you like painting when you were a child? - What were you writing as a child? Cue Card Talk about an activity that you do to keep yourself healthy. You should say: - what this activity is, - when you do it, - where you do it, - whether you would recommend this to others and why.

11.Speaking testInterview - What is your full name? - What do you like about your house? - Is there anything you dont like about your house? - What would you like to change about your house? - Do you like your name? - Would you like to change your name? Cue card Describe your regular walks, please say

- Where do you walk? - Whom do you walk with? - What do you see on the way? - Explain why you are walking regularly. Discussion - Why does walking make people healthier? - Why do people like walking in the morning? - Do you think different ages have different ways to exercise? - What activities are better than walking for people who want to keep healthy?

12.Speaking testInterview - Do you live in a big city or in a small town? - Do you like flowers? - For which purpose are flowers used in your country? - What do you do with flowers on festivals? Cue Card Describe a leisure center in your city (a park, a cinema, a shopping mall or similar). Please say - Where is it located? - What amenities does it offer? - How often do you go there? Discussion - What are the common leisure activities in your country? - What activities do teenagers do in your country? - Why do teenagers prefer to spend more time at home?

13.Speaking testInterview

- What is your full name? - Are you working or studying? - Do you enjoy the job? Why? - Where do you study? - How do you travel to school? - Is it a good school? - Do you like birds? - Do you think birds are important in our