Recalling Old Skills

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Recalling Old Skills. Chapter 3. The women went back in time to recall the skills and knowledge that had been taught from early childhood. They began by making snowshoes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Recalling Old Skills

Recalling Old Skills

Recalling Old SkillsChapter 3The women went back in time to recall the skills and knowledge that had been taught from early childhood. They began by making snowshoes.

The work was hard, but despite their aching fingers the women continued until they finished the task. Then they walked atop the snow with their snowshoes to check their rabbit snares.

They were cheered to find they had caught another rabbit. The People had tried to snare rabbits in the area without success. This made the women feel proud but superstitious about their good luck.

That night the women talked about their plans. They agreed they could not stay in the fall camp where they had been abandoned. There were not enough animals to survive the long winter. They were also afraid of other bands of people finding them. They feared their own people because of broken trust.

The two women sat in the shelter, thinking about where to go. Suddenly Chi burst out, I know of a place! Where? Sa asked. Do you remember the place where we fished long ago? The creek where the fish were so abundant we had to build caches to dry them? The two women agreed it would be a good place to go.

Where should we go?I know!

The following morning they packed. Their caribou skins served many purposes. That day, they served as pulling sleds. They used the skins as a tent and to pack their things. The two women began their journey.

Temperatures had dropped, and the cold air made the womens eyes sting. They walked late into the night. They had not gone too far but they felt as though they had been walking forever. They decided to make camp and fell fast asleep.

Morning arrived, and the woke up but could not move. They realized they had pushed their bodies too far. Finally, the younger, more determined Sa managed to move. Finally Chi made her way out of the shelter and they continued their journey. The women continued to push on for 3 more days. They suffered from aching limbs, stiff joints, and swollen feet.

Finally on the fourth night, the women almost stumbled onto the slough. They walked down until they came upon a large river. They carefully inched their way across making sure the ice did not crack. When they reached the other side the women used their remaining energy to build another shelter. They were mentally and physically exhausted.