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A portfolio of some of my work that i have put together and presented.

Transcript of Rebekah Turrell Portfolio

  • Rebekah TurrellLevel 2 Portfolio

  • Accesory design and manufactureHand drawn initial designs

  • Accesory design and manufactureDigital flat designs

  • Accesory design and manufactureColour and patteren into my chosen design

  • Accesory design and manufactureconstruction of my bag

  • Garment design and manufactureResearch images that reflect Dolce and Gabbana, colour ideas for dress

  • Garment design and manufactureResearch images inspired by my chosen designer, shape and colour ideas for accessory

  • Garment design and manufactureHand drawn designs

  • Garment design and manufactureDigital colour designs front and back view

  • Garment design and manufactureConstruction of my dress and final product

  • Garment design and manufactureMy dress was shown in a catwalk show, during the bridges (sunderland) fashion week

    Model- Tamzin Cummings

  • Photography and magazine editorial-Trend, and street styling double page spread

    -Magazine cover advertising campaign

  • Photography and magazine editorial-Finished magazine design

    -Lookbook of model images used for photoshoot

  • Photography and magazine editorial-Final magazine cover

    -Primary imagery used as inspiration for photoshoot

  • Photography and magazine editorialUsing my theme of festive, i twisted the idea around and used festivals as research for this project.

    Strongly inspired by festivals from around the world, my idea is based on carnivals this is refelcted throughout my photoshoot

  • Fashion Illustration Hand drawn garments and figures i have developed during a recent illustration project

  • Fashion Illustration Digital illustrations inspired by a Dolce and Gabbana advert, also for a recent illustration project

  • Surface patternDuring my surface pattern project i created my own repeat patterns using adobe illustrator and heat pressed them onto different fabrics

  • Research and brand developmentUsing lanvin as my designer i designed a new collection of perfumes for his collaboration with H&M

    I based my idea around an existing product for this com-pany and used the same colours as the lipstick

  • More perfume bottle designs

  • Rebekah