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  • ContactRebekah Gallegos573.310.5369ebb12001@byui.edu259 E 100 N Kaysville UT

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  • Magazine CoverDescription:Create an eye catching magazine cover that is all about me! Incorporate high quality images with eye catching article titles to intrigue your audience into grabbing your magazine off the shelf.

    Date: September 28, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Indesign

    Objectives: Better understand typeography design and layout.

    Process:I sketched on paper a few possible options for layoutsNext I created a shape map of the covermagazine-shape-mapI knew I wanted to use black and white at my text colors because my background was blue and I though simple looked betterThen I found a photo of myself that wanted to useand edited it in photoshop.Next I opened up InDesign and created a new 8.5 x 11 inch page.I then placed in my PSD document.I then proceeded to add text boxes with all the different articles I wanted to include.I chose to make my name the next most prominent title you read because its all about me and who I am which starts by knowing my name.

  • Web PageDescription:Create a web page layout for a new company website to communicate the executive committees vision to the web developer. Your full color, high definition, accurate prototype will serve as the blueprint for the new website.

    Date: November 16, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Photoshop

    Objectives: Use photoshop to create the template for a webdesign.

    Process:I first picked an idea of what I was going to use for the basis of my website. I chose my pregnancy.I then started sketching an idea of how I wanted to lay it out. I came up with a few ideas I wanted it to have several photos and an original lay outAfter I sketched it on paper, I then jumped into Photoshop and opened the 12-column grid. I started to create my wireframe to get me started.After my wireframe, I started to add the actual content and photos.My final design ended up being a little different from my original sketch and wireframe from teacher suggestion about the organization of my header, I decided to center my tag line to the center of the page like my navigation bar instead of the center from the edge of my logo. I also moved my social media links to create more space to add some content.

  • BrochureDescription:Design a full-color, folding brochure to help promote the company product, service or location. The purpose of your brochure may be informational or advertising. You may choose ANY topic. Make this something you enjoy.

    Date: November 30, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Photoshop, InDesign, Illistgrature

    Objectives: Use all three adobe programs to design a folding brochure that is creativeand informative.

    Process:I first created the giraffe logo in Illustrator and other geometric animal images. Originally, I left two of them empty from color but the teacher thought it looked incomplete so I filled them with color.Next I went into InDesign and started to design my brochure. I wrote my body copy and added the body copy so I knew how I want it to fit.I saved the images as Photoshop documents so when I was in InDesign I could edit the original and it would open in Photoshop. Then I could edit the coloring, etc and it would automatically update the link in InDesign.After I had all of my images and body copy text placed I felt that the front and back cover were too plain so I added a pattern at 10% transparency to make it more interesting.

  • InfographicDescription:You have been gathering data on a trending topic assigned by your project manager. Now, you will create any type of infographic to be shared on Pinterest as well as the companys blog.

    Date: November 2, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Adobe Illistrature

    Objectives: Create an infographic that is informative and creative.

    Process: I started brainstorming some topics and ended up with a How To clean your closet.I did some research to find different tips and a few facts about clothes.I then sketched out some graphics that I knew I wanted to include in the infographic (the hanger, dress, and tag).Next I opened up Illustrator and started on my Infographic.I changed the layout several times but felt the flow was best with the how to process first and the fact second followed by the graph dress and another fact.$1700 is left alone to draw attention.I added the gold swirls to help draw your eyes down and create a better flow.

  • MontageDescription:Create a spiritual poster montage using images and type. You can use a scripture, a quote, a thought, whatever you choose, but it must be spiritual in nature. Choose two or more images. You may use your own photos or gather some from the internet since students are allowed rights to use internet images as long as it is for a school project only. Create this montage by using a layer mask to blend images.

    Date: October 19, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Photoshop

    Objectives: Display your ability to design an attractive layout with text and images.

    Process: I decided what my message and meaning would be first Then I found the photos I wanted to use online of pioneers and refugees and the photo of ChristNext I thought of the conference talk from back in April about the refugees and he used the scripture Matt 25:36 so I used this as my inspirationI shortened the scriptures to just a few words to make it more powerfulI then added the two photos around Christ to show the different people suffering at different times but that Christ is equally concerned about both just as we should be. I used the mask layer in photo shop to blend the photos.

  • Business IdenityDescription:The company you designed a logo for in 6C has now asked you to design a business card (front and back) and letterhead using the new logo. Research well-designed letterhead and business cards. Use the new logo to design consistent layouts and branding for a business card and letterhead.

    Date: October 26, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Adobe Illistrature & InDesign

    Objectives: Create a striking logo and unity across several business documents.

    Process: I first created my logos. I knew I wanted some kind of type logo.I did this because in our focus book when it talks about the power of branding I wanted the name of the business to be recognized as soon as you see just two lettersOnce I chose my logo I started with my business card.I did a vertical business card because not many people do that and its more original with my simpler text logoI also added the color green in my logo in the green for my color schemeMy goal throughout the project was to keep it looking professional and simple.

  • HTML CodingDescription:A potential employer requests a web page to review. Theywould like to see one of your logo designs with a description of the design process as well. Use your logo from the Business Identity Project to showcase and create a webpage layout (See examples above) using what you know about HTML and CSS.

    Date: November 9, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Notebook++

    Objectives: Use HTML & CSS coding to design a webpage.

    Process:First I used my logo from a previous project.I resized my logo to be no longer than 500 px on the long side.I created my HTML file and started adding my content and tags.Then I created my CSS file and made sure to link it in the HTML code.I customized my CSS page to match my logo and business colors and fonts.I left my back ground a solid color because I dont have any images and I needed the color to tie into my webpage and create a color scheme.I then made sure to validate my HTML and CSS.

  • Prezi Presentation

    Description:Design a Prezi presentation to persuade a client that Prezi is a viable presentation software to use for an upcoming campaign. Create an instructional presentation with 10-15 frames. Topic ideas should be creative and interesting.

    Date: October 5, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Prezi

    Objectives: Better understand the prezi softwear.

    Process: After I researched, I chose an idea and then started sketching. I sketched out an idea that I had in my head regarding ways to be more creative. I chose to go with a child jumping as my graphic and then work around that I opened up Photoshop to create my background. I used my sketch as my basic foundation. I started by finding a large sized file of a child jumping then added colored shapes around to give it a more fun feel. I added the text and other elements so that they would be solidified in their position when I started working in Prezi.Next I went into the heart of Prezi, added my background, and started edit-ing. I added more of my content on the sides and then worked on the transitions.

  • Photo DesignDescription:Design a photodesign project that includes an original, new quality image, a consistent color scheme based on that image, some text, and a few design elements.

    Date: October 12, 2016

    Corse Instructor: Sister Rodriguez

    Programs/ Tools: Photoshop

    Objectives: Display your ability to design an attractive layout with text and images.

    Process: I decided