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  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    PortfolioRebekah Cockrell

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    ContactRebekah Cockrell30 College Ave.Rexburg, ID 83440702 835

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    Table of ContentsMontageEvent AdImagingLetterheadBrochureLogosBusiness CardWeb PageFlier

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    MontagePrograms Used : Photoshop

    Description: I have always loved Musicals, they are a big part of who I am. Inthis project I wanted to show that part of myself. This one line in particular stuckout to me, Fairytale should really be updated from the Musical Shrek . I foundthat was my inspiration for this assignment. I wanted to create an image showingthe power of this statement.

    Date : Saturday October 26, 2013

    Course : Visual Media; section 2

    Instructor : Julie Peterson

    Objectives : Learn to use and manage Photoshop layers, learn how to blendmultiple photos together to create one picture.

    Process : I went online and found a picture of an old fairytale book and a pictureof Shrek and Fiona. First I went in to Photoshop and place the image of the book.I then added the picture of Shrek and Fiona and masked it so that you could stillsee their faces clearly, but also so they were blending into the book. Followingthat I added the text. I placed the text on the other side of the picture to add a

    ow throughout the image. I then went back to my background, the book, andadded a lter to make my book seem older looking.

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    Event AdPrograms Used : Microsoft Word

    Description: I used to be part of a performing group called Ovation. WhileI was in it we started a Halloween carnival to raise money for our shows and

    performances. So for this project, I wanted to create a creative event ad for thisCarnival.

    Date : Saturday October 12, 2013

    Course : Visual Media; section 2

    Instructor : Julie Peterson

    Objectives : Learn to nd and scan pictures into the computer. Learn to edit pictures and design in Microsoft Word.

    Process : I went to the store and found a magazine picture that I wanted to usefor this project. I wanted to nd something in the spirit of Halloween, but notscary so I could appeal to all audiences from children to adults. After, I went andscanned my picture in the computer and opened up a new document in Word. I

    placed my picture and then I added a lter to sharpen the colors and the image.Following that I used the text tool to add in all my text.

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    ImagingPrograms Used : Photoshop

    Description: I wanted to design something cool and in the spirit of Halloween because of the time of year. So I chose to do it of some of my own personalHalloween decorations in my apartment.

    Date : Saturday October 19, 2013

    Course : Visual Media; section 2

    Instructor : Julie Peterson

    Objectives : Learn basic photography skills. Learn to resize an image. Learn toadjust image qualities such as hue, decolorizing, saturation, etc.

    Process : I set up the words Wicked and placed them next to my dragon candleholder. I followed the rule of 3 for this picture. After I took the picture I went intoPhotoshop and sized my picture to 6x6 with 150 resolution. After I went in aused the quick selection tool to select the letters. After I nished that, I inversewhat I had selected and desaturated the background to be black and white. Iwanted to keep the letter white for contrast. After that I used the lter palette andselected a lter and applied it to my back ground. Following that I used my quick

    selection tool again and selected the re ection of the letters. I then added a colorand hue to them to make them greenish.

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio



    Programs Used : Illustrator and InDesign

    Description: I have always loved bow shooting and thought it was really fun.My husbands family are all bow hunters. I thought it would be cool to createa business around that. A business where people would be able to learn how toshoot a bow and have the opportunity to participate in tournaments and thingslike that.

    Date : Saturday November 9, 2013

    Course : Visual Media; section 2

    Instructor : Julie Peterson

    Objectives : Learn to use InDesign and Illustrator together. Design a letterheadthat is very professional.

    Process : First I drew out my design on a paper to get the idea that I wanted to do. Next, I went into in illustrator and started my stationery. I used the symbols toolfor the arrows on the top and bottom of the page. I had to re ect all the arrows onthe bottom. After I picked my text and choose two different texts for contrast. Ithen added the arrows to the C and as the underline, using the symbol tool again.

    Then I went in a used my text tool for my contact information.

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio



    Rebekah Cockrell30 College AvenueRexburg, ID 83440

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    BrochurePrograms Used : Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

    Description: I did a brochure for a company in Las Vegas that I used to performat and work for. It is called Hollywood Kids Academy. This company is all aboutthe performing arts on the stage. My idea behind this is to promote this businessthrough creativity. I wanted to make a two-fold project that would open ascurtains on a stage would.

    Date : Saturday December 7, 2013

    Course : Visual Media; section 2

    Instructor : Julie Peterson

    Objectives : Learn to make a professional brochure.

    Process : First I took a piece of paper and fold it and recored the measurements so thatI could make a template for my project. Next, I went in to InDesign and using my rulerI make my template that I would be working with. Following that step, I placed my

    picture of the curtains in my brochure on page one. I used the rectangle tool too makethe box that I wanted my image to t in. Following that I placed it on the left side of my

    brochure to ll that corner. I then copied that and pasted it on the other side, making thecurtains so they would open in the middle. After, I placed a rectangle in the middle andused my color palette to make the rectangle red. Following that, I used my text tool to

    place the contact info as well as the location. I also placed my logo there for repetition. Idecided to keep the inside white for contrast against all the red on the cover. I began by

    placing the pictures in the document and moving them with the selection tool to whereI wanted them to be. After that I went into Photoshop and cropped my logo so that inwas in the shape of the stars rather than a box. After I used the text tool to put in all myinformation. I decided to use line spacing paragraph style because it looked best. Ithen went to my text wrap tool and wrapped the text in the center around my star logo.

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    LogosPrograms Used : Illustrator

    Description: I wanted to do something for a company that I used to be a partof, so I chose Hollywood Kids Academy of Performing arts. This company is allabout performing on the stage so I wanted to give it the feel of a Broadway sign.

    Date : Saturday November 2, 2013

    Course : Visual Media; section 2

    Instructor : Julie Peterson

    Objectives : Learn to think of several different ideas for a logo. Better developskills in Illustrator.

    Process : First I sat down a sketched a couple different options and then got theopinions of some friends to see which 3 I should attempt. After that I beganwith my rst logo. I used the shapes tool to draw the rectangle and four circleson each corner. Following that I used the path nder tool to take out the littleclips of the edges that I removed. After that I used the pen tool to do the inside

    boarder and the text tool for the text. For my second logo, I started by usingthe rectangle tool and drew the top and bottom lines. I used the text tool for the

    inside text. Then I used the shape tool to draw a circle and used my color paletteto make the circles yellow. Then I copy and pasted enough circles for me to linethe two black lines with to give the appearance of twinkle lights as it would lookon a stage in a Broadway play. My last logo I used the text box to create the bigletters. I then used a drop shadow in the background to give some de nition andcontrast. Then I used the shape tool to make the circles and copy pasted. Afterthat I used the text tool again to create the contrasting font at the bottom of thelogo. At the end I selected each logo and grouped all the elements together.

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    Hollywood Kids


    Performing Arts

    Hollywood Kids Academy

    H ollywood K ids A cadmey

    HK Academy

  • 8/13/2019 Rebekah Cockrell Portfolio


    Business CardPrograms Used : Illustrator and InDesign

    Description: I designed this around the business that I created for my letterhead.This is what the Business card would look like for that same business.

    Date : Saturday November 9, 2013

    Course : Visual Media; section 2

    Instructor : Julie Peterson

    Objectives : Learn to