Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget

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  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget


  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget


  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget


    decoratingreal-lifeJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    your look, your budget

    Better Homes and Gardens

  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget


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  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget



    Real-Life Decoratingis packed with practical advice to helpdo-it-yourself decorators like you create rooms that fit yourlifestyle and decorating style. We put the real in Real-LifeDecoratingwith case studies of realhomes withreal peoplewho share their decorating secrets and know-how.

    Regardless of your style and budget, hard-working lessonsand easy-to-achieve tips help you decorate your home your

    way with confidence and a fresh perspective. Learn how tomake decorating decisions about color, pattern, furniturearranging, small spaces, storage, and more.

    your look, your budget

    Better Homes and Gardens


  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget


    DECORATINGBASICS ................... 10

    CASE STUDY:Creating Character

    Whats Wrong, WhatsRight:

    Family Room

    Whats Wrong, WhatsRight:


    Whats Wrong, WhatsRight:

    Living Room

    Making Arrangements

    COLOR &PATTERN ............... 34

    CASE STUDY:Decorating by Leapsand Bounds

    How to Pick a Paint Color

    Afraid of Wallpaper?Get Over It!

    How to Mix Pattern

    Escape from Beige Land

    BEFORE &AFTER .................... 70

    CASE STUDY:A Girl Can Change Her Mind

    From Shack to Chic

    Make It Your Own

    New Look, Same Stuff

    Furniture First Aid


    1 2 3QUIZ: What DoesYour Home SayAbout You? .........6


  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget



    BUYMANSHIP ..... 110

    CASE STUDY:I Only Buy if Its on Sale

    How to Buy Sofas

    How to Buy Tables

    How to Buy Rugs


    CASE STUDY:Clutter Control

    How to OrganizeYour Closet

    Order in the House

    Leave It at the Door

    SMALLSPACES ................. 168

    CASE STUDY:Secrets from Apt. C

    Live Large in a Small Space

    The Five-Day Decorator

    RESOURCES ......... 188

    INDEX .................. 190

    4 5 6


  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget


    Displayed on yourwalls, you have:

    A.several framed pictures offamily and friends

    B.only one or two itemsC.items that follow your theme

    (chickens, apples, cows, etc.)

    D.original art pieces by peopleyou know

    *Your kitchencounter is usually:

    A.very cleanyou cant stand tohave even one small appliance out

    B.cluttereda display of oldcookie jars and cookbooks

    C.congestedfull of randomkitchen gadgets and a TV

    D.covered in dirty dishes

    What item is mostprevalent in yourhome?

    A.books and magazinesB.baskets and supplies

    How many items doyou have on yourrefrigerator? to threeB.four to sevenC.eight to many that you cant see the


    If your family invitedyou over for a meal,after eating, youwould be found

    A.taking a napB.drinking and talkingC.filling coffee up

    One item you wouldbring back from a trip is

    A.a stack of picturesB.a good tanC.a souvenir sweatshirtD.a one-of-a-kind piece of local art


    take our

    What Does Your Home Say About You?

    1 2 3

    4 56

    What trait do youvalue most in yourhome?

    A.creative influenceB.aesthetic value and styleC.physical comfortD.pleasing scent

    8If you could identifyone color scheme inyour home, it would be

    A.neutralbeige, white, and blackB.warmreds and yellowsC.coolblues and greensD.too hard to identify

    7How would youclassify your homeorganization?

    A.meticulouseverything is in itsplace hit listwhats organization?

    C.comfortably congestedD.organized cluttertheres a

    method to the madness



  • 7/22/2019 Real-Life Decorating - Your Look Your Budget



    If you had a bit of extramoney, you would all new expensive beddingto impress guests whatever strikes you in thefirst store you see

    C.treat yourself to a smallcappuccino and put the rest away

    in a savings account

    D.go on a trip . . . anywhere

    17 When you shop fordecorative stuff forthe house, it is

    A.anything goesif you like it,you buy it

    B.erraticdepending on theitem, you might make quick or slow


    C.hecticyou get irritatedwith too many choices and

    would rather pick from just a few


    D.slow and deliberateyousearch dutifully for the right thing


    How embarrassedwould you be if afriend stopped overunannounced and yourhouse was a mess?

    A.ready to dieyou would be inshock and might find her rude for not

    phoning first

    B.a little, but you would quickly recoverbecause you love seeing your friends

    C.moderatelyyou would acthospitable, make a lot of excuses, and

    find a reason to move her out fast

    D.totally numbyou would curl upinto a fetal position and suck your thumb


    You find people whospend a great deal oftime on their homes

    A.caringtheir love of life isshown in the heart of their home

    B.boringthere is more to life thanmaking sure your house looks good

    C.responsibleit shows thatthey like to take good care of things

    D.interestingyou admire themand wish to be more like them


    Do you break out ina sweat when youcant get things doneat home?

    A.always C.rarelyB.sometimes D.never


    Do you fret about howothers might view

    your place?A.yesits what you live byB.sometimesyou want them tobe comfortable

    C.rarelyyou like what you likeD.neverwhy waste the energy?


    Does your moodchange when yoursurroundings are notin order?

    A.often C.rarelyB.sometimes D.never


    Do you deny yourselfsleep, food, and funin order to get thingsdone?

    A.often C.rarelyB.sometimes D.never


    Do toilet paper orpaper towel rolls haveto go on the holder acertain way?