Real Estate Lead Generation Tips

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description - Would you like to increase your real estate commissions? This presentation shows you 3 strategies that you must consistently implement to put your lead generation and lead nurturing on auto-pilot. This tips work whether you represent buyers or sellers.

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  • 2. The fact is ... The average agent is making less than $60,000 a year orking between 40-59 hours per week* 90% of home searches begin online* Brokers and agents need to make their website their #1 priority. Julie Reyolds of * Source: 2
  • 3. We know what youre going through Your costs have gone up Your margins are razor thin You care about your business and your customers And youre looking for answers to ignite growth! 3
  • 4. The good news? Growing a business involves just three key strategies! 4
  • 5. Now The Three Keys to Explosive Business Growth In Your Real Estate Business 5
  • 6. Get more people to see your business (Get found by more prospective customers!) 6
  • 7. Upsell & cross-sell your current customers (Get them to spend more) 7
  • 8. Follow up with customers and prospects (Stay in touch with them and their circle) 8
  • 9. Dont make it hard! Focus on these three fundamentals and you will see results! 9
  • 10. Now lets take a look at the tactics that drive each of these strategies 10
  • 11. Get more people to see your business (Get found by more prospective customers!) 11
  • 12. Be found! Through: Blogging & SEO Social Media Video 12
  • 13. Get more people to see your business Search engine optimization 13
  • 14. SEO Over 1 billion searches daily Every day Google answers more than one billion questions from people around the globe in 181 countries and 146 languages! 14
  • 15. SEO How important is it? 15
  • 16. SEO The basics Know your target audience Use the correct keywords Create and share compelling content 16
  • 17. SEO Use video! 17
  • 18. Video: Its where people look 18
  • 19. Some eye-opening video stats Video search results have a 41% higher click through than plain text results. 90% of 2014 web traffic will be video. Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page rank in Google than plain text results. Sources in order: Aimclear, Cisco Systems, Forrester 19
  • 20. SEO Real world example Insurance agency Marketing genius! About 20 locations 20
  • 21. Get more people to see your business Social Media 21
  • 22. Facebook Two ways to attract followers on Facebook: 1.Organically 2.Through paid advertising (PPC) 22
  • 23. Facebook First: Build it organically: Step 1. Create a Facebook Fan Page 23
  • 24. Facebook 2. Create a Facebook App 24
  • 25. Facebook 2. Create a Facebook App 25
  • 26. Facebook 3. Create a Facebook Group 26
  • 27. Social Media Add value Offer value for people to like your page Create offers specifically to your fans Use Facebook groups to build brand loyalty, and then send them to like your fan page 27
  • 28. Get more people to see your business Blogging 28
  • 29. Blogging Blogs that you write appear in relevant local search results Once on your blog you can capture that person as a lead 29
  • 30. Blogging for motivated leads Your blogs are much more likely to appear in search when you target smaller, specific groups of people! Only people who are most likely to be interested in becoming clients will visit your site/ Customize your blogs so that they are attractive and appealing to the audience youre trying to reach 30
  • 31. Blogging = precise targeting Location (ZIPs, area code, etc.) Topic (first time home buyer, vacation home buyer, etc.) Interests (particular neighborhood or school) 31
  • 32. Blogging is cost efficient Precision = efficiency Measurability means you can track the traffic to your site each month Dollar for dollar, theres no better way to get attract leads with relevancy AND adding value 32
  • 33. Upsell & cross-sell your current customers (Get them to spend more) 33
  • 34. Sell more and get referrals Want fries with that? After a person buys or sells a home with you offer to represent them again Ask for a referral at this time as well. The content you share on your blog and social media will also sell for you BUT you have to do it consistently! 34
  • 35. Sell more and get referrals Make it a consistent activity in your business! Design your marketing funnel so that it automatically moves clients from one purchase or referral to the next First referral request should happen at initial point of purchase 35
  • 36. 36
  • 37. Sell more and get referrals Some suggestions: Look for logical ways to increase or extend the benefit of the original purchase Offer a down-sell option Follow up with customers after they leave! 37
  • 38. Follow up with customers and prospects (Stay in touch with them and their inner circle) 38
  • 39. Follow up with customers The majority of customer value comes AFTER the initial purchase! Send a Thank You note Invite them to follow you on social media Send out birthday cards and holiday cards/gifts Customer anniversaries Customer appreciation offers 39
  • 40. Follow up with customers eMail Marketing 40
  • 41. eMail works! People are *glued* to their phones and check their email constantly through out the day eMail is still a fresh, untapped resource Other channels (banner ads, PPC) are saturated and overrun with junk and people tend to tune them out 41
  • 42. eMail works! 80% of all email marketing texts are opened by recipients Most are read within 2 hours of receipt 42
  • 43. Big takeaway? Business growth requires you to focus on just three things: 1. Get more customers 2. Get each of them to spend more on average 3. Get them to buy more often 43
  • 44. So whats next for your business? 44
  • 45. What can LFIRE360 do? Explosive business growth, does not happen by accident We implement proven marketing systems that help you leverage the three keys to explosive business growth in your business. 45
  • 46. Wed love to help. Just get in touch! Contact us: [email protected] 46