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  • 1. Real EmotiveCan be very useful to entice action and gain attention5 basic Emotions and how to usethem to make your presentation more engaging !

2. Emotions is what your right brain understandsbetter than logic, All assured decisions are oftendriven by the right side of brain! 3. A well balanced presentation is a perfectbalance, it Appeals to both to the left andright side of the brain 4. It is a known fact that we tend to matchthe emotional state of the person in frontof us unconsciously (NLP) 5. Emotions are infectious Just like laughing ,RealEmotive helps to surface those emotions youneed your audience to feel to drive decision inyour favour. 6. Meaning of EmotionsAnger : reaction to AVERSIONDisgust : reaction to REVOLTINGFear : reaction to DANGERHappiness : reaction to the POSITIVESadness : reaction to DIFFICULTY OR LOSSSurprise : reaction to UNEXPECTED 7. ANGERObjectiveInduce ReactionBuild SeriousnessBuild CaseCommon phrases What led us here What is the cause of . Status quo now is . How could we let this happen 8. HappyObjectiveAssurance,Getting by in on planSharing results of aninitiative Common phrasesThe good news is .The next step is 9. Surprise Objective Presenting a solution Too good to be believed Unexpected occurrenceCommon phrasesWhat if you could have thegoodness of Cheese and health ofsaladHave you ever thought what willhappen when .. 10. FearObjectiveMake Danger RealWorst Case Scenario Common phrasesWhat will happen when .What are we going to do when 11. DisgustObjectiveInduce ReactionBuild SeriousnessBuild Case to moveaway from status quo Common phrasesWe have not been able to analysethe data even when we have allfacilities and dedicatedprofessionalsIs this how we want to conductourselves and our business ? 12. Effectively used for Story TellingWho Moved MyCheese ?Was that you ? 13. Get real emotionsto suit your More than 20messagedifferentemotionsConfident Surprised Confused Evil Disappointment Sad Smiling 14. Let Learning Be FUN !