Reading1 Getting ready for Halloween

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Reading1 Getting ready for Halloween Unit 3

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Unit 3. Let's celebrate!. Reading1 Getting ready for Halloween. By Rachel Dong. Which is your favourite festival?. Chinese New Year. Mid-Autumn Festival. Dragon Boat Festival. Thanksgiving Day. Christmas. Halloween. Good news:. We can celebrate one of them this month. pumpkin lantern. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Reading1Getting ready for Halloween

    Unit 3

  • HalloweenThanksgiving DayChristmasDragon Boat FestivalMid-Autumn FestivalChinese New YearWhich is your favourite festival?

  • Good news:We can celebrate one of them this month

  • pumpkin lanternsharpcut outtoothee

  • wear special costumes mask costumewear masks

  • dress updress up as a ghost

    paint faces

  • play a game called trick or treat

  • From ? To ?WendyMillieOctober 15th

  • Para. 1: A. pumpkin lanternsPara. 2: B. Halloween partiesPara. 3: C. When is Halloween?Para. 4: D. trick or treat Para. 5: E. dressing up F. ghosts

    Match() the headings with each paragraph(.

  • 1.Which is Wendys favorite festival? When is it?

    2.What do people in the USA do on that day?

    Para.1Halloween.They have a special party.On October 31st.

  • Para.2If they do not give us a treat, we can play a trick on a trick on sbgiveas a treatshoutknock onRetell()

  • Para.31.Wendy likes to dress up at Halloween.2.Wendy and her friends always paint their faces at Halloween.3.Wendy will wear a lion costume this year.TFFsometimestiger

  • How do they make a pumpkin lantern? Para.4They cut out the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth on the pumpkin.

  • Para.5The family always have a _______ __________________________. It usually starts _____________. They eat a lot of special Halloween__________ and ________.They have ____________and eat lots of ____________.They do not eat_________.partyon the evening of October 31stat about 8 p.m. chocolatescandieshot drinksnice, hot foodmooncakesFill in blanks()

  • Time for exercises

  • A.1.Mum gives a ___________() present to me on my birthday every year.2.Be careful. This knife is very ____________().3.Please___________() on the door before you come in.4.Dont ___________() in class.5. Do you think the film is ____________()


  • 6. The workers ____________() the wall to make our city more beautiful.7. Can you ____________() Halloween with us?8. The little baby has four___________() in his mouth.9. Look! He is _____________() out the eyes on the pumpkin. 10Do you know the girl ____________() Lily in our class?

    paintcuttingteeth celebratecalledEXERCISe

  • Fill in blanks with correct prepositions():1 Thank you for telling me _____ Mid-Autumn Festival.2 We dont go to school _____ October 1st.3 Listen! Someone is knocking ____ the door.4 Usually, they give us some candies ____ a treat.5 Its impolite () to play a trick _____ your father.


  • Wendy and her friends always dress up _____ Halloween.7 We wear special costumes _____ masks. How do you make a pumpkin lantern? Cutting ____ the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth. I often get some cards _____ the morning of May 10th because it is my birthday.10 I usually get up ____ 6 a.m.


  • 1. Make a pumpkin lantern by yourself2. Read the passage and try to recite it.3. Finish the exercises P42-43

  • 1 We should _____ the policeman _____ his help.2 My friend _____ us some chocolates ______. EXERCISe

  • 3 1031 My family always ____ a ___ party __ ___ _____ of October 31st. 4 , We do not celebrate ____ but we celebrate _______ ______ . EXERCISe

  • 1.His aunt gives him a CD ______ a present.2.We are reading a story _____ A cock and a fox.3.At _____________ people usually eat turkey.4._______ do you like the book? Very much.5.The girl likes _______ () her mother ______ her school life. 6.Thank you for ______ (give) my baby a lovely dog.7.The party usually _______ (start) at 9pm.8.He wants _______ (buy) a computer.9.Dont use my bike. Use your _____ ().

    asThanksgiving How abouttellinggivingcalled starts to buy own

  • I want ___________________the Mickey Mouse at the party. Please tell me _______________________in America. We can play a _____________ trick or treat ___Halloween. Why not ________________________your desk mate? Listen! Someone is _____________________________. What will you give your foreign friends ______________?