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Reading Workshop Redefined. Emily Moncion. Background Information. My role Detroit Enterprise Academy http:// 24 students. Introduction & Statement of Problem. Research Question. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reading Workshop Redefined

Reading Workshop RedefinedEmily Moncion1Background InformationMy roleDetroit Enterprise Academy students


Introduction & Statement of Problem

Research QuestionWhat effect will the implementation of the reading workshop model have on urban third grade students who are below grade level in reading?

Literature ReviewReviewed 12 sourcesCommon themesAbility grouping vs flexible groupingSmall group instruction One on one instructionSchools that beat the odds

MethodsOne novice third grade classroom of 24 studentsThree instructors, one certified teacher and two highly qualified paraprofessionalsThree curricular programs Open CourtShurley GrammarWordly WiseTaught in small groups according to levelsData analysisMAP reading testing scoresBi-weekly fluency checksGradebookTeacher and student surveys

FindingsMixed Resultsgradebookfluency testsMAP reading test

DiscussionDespite the mixed findings, the reading workshop model does make a positive impact on the growth of students reading as proven by the MAP test results. Factors such as breaks from school and snow days could have affected student growth. A study looking into the effects of student growth over breaks such as summer to fall and fall to winter, where longer breaks occur would add insight.

Further ReflectionsHaving more than one instructional educator in the classroom allows teachers to hone in on student growth goals and needs. Five students who were not proficient in the spring MAP reading assessment are now proficient.