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Reading ISAT Sample Test Questions. Miss Thompson’s BEST 5th grade classroom!. Fill in the blank. When we went to Cheyenne, we drove __________ a tunnel. A. through B. threw C. though D. thorough. Answer. A. Through. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Reading ISAT Sample Test QuestionsMiss Thompsons BEST 5th grade classroom!

  • Fill in the blank.When we went to Cheyenne, we drove __________ a tunnel.

    A. throughB. threwC. thoughD. thorough

  • Answer

    A. Through

  • Read the sentence and decide which pair of synonyms could be used in place of the underlined word.

    The little girl wore an enormous hat.

    A. huge-largeB. Minute-smallC. Wonderful-greatD. Beautiful-lovely

  • AnswerA. Huge-Large

  • Which group of words means t he same as the word lost? A. missing, misplaced, hidden, vanishedB. Missing, misplaced, returned, withoutC. Found, forfeited, misplaced, weakD. Leave, disabled, sickly, hidden

  • AnswerA. missing, misplaced, hidden, vanished

  • What does the word battered mean in the following passage?

    A. AttackedB. Bread doughC. Baseball equipmentD. latheredPassageAnswer

  • Read the passage.Then he jumped. The head was lying a little clear of the water jar, under the curve of it; and as his teeth met, Rikki braced his back against the bulge of the red earthenware to hold down the head. This gave him just one seconds purchase, and he made the most of it. Then he was battered to and fro as a rat is shaken by a dog--to and fro on the floor, up and down, and round in great circles, but his eyes were red and he held on as the body cartwhipped over the floor, upsetting the tin dipper and the soap dish and the flesh brush, and banged against the tin side of the bath. QuestionAnswer

  • AnswerA. Attacked

  • Read the sentence and choose the best synonym for the underlined word. In the gloom of the rainy dawn, Kayla scanned the horizon searching for the long-promised arrival of the horse-drawn carriage.

    A. SearchedB. LookedC. GlancedD. Noticed

  • AnswerA. Searched

  • Given the word base, which of the following would be an appropriate compound word?A. BaseballB. BaselessC. AbaseD. Bases

  • AnswerA. Baseball

  • Read the definition of each root.chron-timephobia-fearphile-love

    Given the definitions of these roots, which would mean enjoying being afraid? PhobophiliaAcrophobiaChronophiliaChronophobia

  • AnswerA. Phobophilia

  • Read the definitions of the prefixes.anti-againstcon-withpre-beforeGiven these prefixes, which word would mean unfriendly or not wanting to be around others?ContextPredictAntidoteAntisocial

  • Answer

    D. Antisocial

  • RootSuffixstruct--to build ion--nounist--one whoed--past tenses--many

    Given these definitions, which word means a new building? ConstructsConstructedDestructConstruction

  • AnswerD. Construction

  • What word rhymes with bear?TierDearThereBean

  • AnswerC. There

  • Which word ends with the same sound as tough? ThoughCuffFoughtTruth

  • AnswerB. Cuff

  • Read the passage.Then Miss Hopley did a formidable thing. She stood up. Had she been standing when we entered, she would have seemed tall. But rising from her chair, she soared. And what she carried up and up with her was a buxom superstructure, firm shoulders, a straight sharp nose, full cheeks slightly molded by a curved line along the nostrils, ,thin lips that moved like steel springs, and a high forehead topped by hair gathered in a bun. Miss Hopley was not a giant in body, but when she mobilized it to a standing position she seemed a match for giants. I decided I liked her. Which sentence is the best example of the opposite of this description of Miss Hopley?Miss Hopley rose from her chair, soaring over others. Miss Hopley lay motionless on the floor.Miss Hopley had a pointy nose and full cheeks.Miss Hopley was a match for giants when she moved.

  • Answer:B. Miss Hopley lay motionless on the floor.

  • Complete the Sentence.The farmer went into the fields to ______ his seeds.SowSewSoSough

  • AnswerA. Sow

  • An ad for hand cream claims the cream moisturizes and evens skin tone. What does tone mean? Quality of colorMusical soundElegant styleInterval on a musical scale

  • Answer:A. Quality of color

  • Which is a multi-syllable compound word? MotionlessMotoringMulti-purposeMotorcycle

  • Answer:D. Motorcycle

  • From what root word is electioneer made?ElectricElectiveElectElection

  • Answer:C. Elect

  • With the addition of a prefix, which word now means the opposite of do? RedoUndoDoerDoing

  • Answer:B. Undo

  • What suffix added to the word breath changes its meaning?singlessable

  • Answer:C. less

  • It was a cold and chilling night, and the cattle were restless. As the sun dropped behind the mountain range, the animals all started to come alive with anticipation. This was a night of the hunter and the hunted. The wolves were on the prowl for a meal, and the cattle knew they were being watched. Choose the word that is an antonym for restless. ExcitedAnxiousTiredMoving

  • Answer:C. Tired

  • It is fear, Mr. Holmes. It is terror. She raised her veil as she spoke, and we could see that she was indeed in a pitiable state of agitation, her face all drawn and gray, with restless, frightened eyes, like those of some hunted animal. Her features and figure were those of a woman of thirty, but her hair was shot with premature gray, and her expression was weary and haggard. Sherlock Holmes ran her over with one of his quick, all-comprehensive glances. In this paragraph, what does the word agitated mean? UpsetMixed upConfusedTired

  • AnswerA. Upset

  • Suddenly he wished that he hadnt left his bed, that hed stayed away from the Hatching Ground. Now everyone would see his ignominious failure. So he scrambled as desperately to reach the shadowy walls of the Hatching Ground as he had struggled to cross the bowl. He mustnt be seen. Which word in this story means the same as shameful? Desperately IgnominiousStruggledShadowy

  • Answer:B. Ignominious

  • Stunned for only a moment, the youth invented a tale that only giants, the most gullible creatures on the earth, would believe. Unfortunately it is a quirk of supernature, a paradox of the cruelest kind, that whatever giants believe becomes their truth. What was your last job? asked the boy, knowing full well that giants never do manual work and havent the intellect or dexterity required for other types of employment.From the context of this passage, which pair of words are opposites? gullible, supernaturegiants, paradoxcruelest, kindinvented, truth

  • Answer:D. invented, truth

  • Read the passage and answer the question. The sun was shining in the g bright, blue sky. It was beautiful weather for this time of year. Beads of sweat formed on Roberts face as he pedaled up the street. I cant wait to swim when we get there! he called to Sara, who was riding ahead of him. Yes, It will feel wonderful!What are Robert and Sara going to do? Go shoppingGo swimmingGo to schoolRide the bus

  • Answer:B. Go Swimming

  • Which of the following sentences is an opinion?Oregon is a larger state than Rhode Island.Crater Lake is in Oregon.Crater Lake is the prettiest lake in the United States.Roxanne is a good reader.

  • Answer:C. Crater Lake is the prettiest lake in the United States.

  • Which is a fact, not an opinion?Roxanne kept a daily diary.Roxannes handwriting is very sloppy.Roxanne is a good friend.Roxanne is a good reader.

  • Answer:A. Roxanne kept a daily diary.

  • Read the following passage.Mary seems to enjoy reading in her free time. Mary must be a good reader. She read 35 books in eighth grade. She will probably read more in ninth grade.Which statement is a fact, not an opinion? Mary seems to enjoy reading.Mary will probably read more in ninth grade.Mary read 35 books in eighth grade.Mary will probably grow up to be a writer.

  • Answer:C. Mary read 35 books in eighth grade.

  • Which sentence would not be a part of a factual news article? Crime in the U.S. has steadily dropped in the last decade.Murderers are bad people.Violent crimes include murder and robbery.There were 15,180 murders in 2001.

  • Answer:B. Murderers are bad people.

  • Read the words listed.Jacket, jackknife, jack, jackhammer, jackalAlphabetize the list of words.jackal, jacket, jackhammer, jackknife, jackjack, jackal, jacket, jackhammer, jackknifejackknife, jackhammer, jacket, jackal, jackjackal, jack, jacket, jackhammer, jackknife

  • Answer:B. jack, jackal,jacket, jackhammer, jackknifeJ-a-c-kJ-a-c-k-a-lJ-a-c-k-e-tJ-a-c-k-h-a-m-m-e-rJ-a-c-k-k-n-i-f-e

  • Mr. Green told Amanda, Kelly, and Veronica to place the candy bars in the concession stand in alphabetical order. Only Kelly put them in the right order.Which is the correct order of candy bars?Snickers, Twix, Baby Ruth, Kit KatBaby Ruth, Kit Kat, Snickers, TwixKit Kat, Twix, Baby Ruth, SnickersTwix, Snickers, Kit Kat, Baby Ruth

  • Answer:B. Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, Snickers, Twix

  • Definite is to _________ as uncertain is to guessed.DirectMisledVerifiedConfirm

  • Answer:C. Verified

  • Read the sentences.The engine coughed.The wind sighs.Fortune smiled on her.The photograph leered from the wall.

    These are examples of:SimilesMetaphorsPersonificationSymbolism

  • Answer:C. Personification

  • Read the story.Mary left her pencil case in a classroom. The next day it was in the lost and found. All the pencils were gone. What does Mary know for sure about her pencil case?Someone stole it and then returned it.It was turned in to lost and foun