Reach Stacker vs Loaded Container Handler

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Transcript of Reach Stacker vs Loaded Container Handler

Reach Stacker vs Loaded Container Handler Comparative Analysis


#ContentsIntroductionReach Stacker vs Loaded Container HandlerSANY Reach Stacker Features #Reach StackerIntroductionGreater lifting capacity, wider range of applications and more attachment options.

Container HandlingDumpingIntermodalLog HandlingBulk CargoPlate IronRegular PipeOversize Pipe# Functional overview Multi-row stacking ability Can stack three rows deepCan stack from -2 to 8 containers highSeriesModelAbilityLoaded45/31SRSC45C1~200~5L/3R45/35SRSC45350~5L/3R45/40RSC45450~5L/3R45/45-2~5L/3REmpty1009SRSC1009-6E~8E6~8L/3R

Reach Stacker#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerKey ComponentsReach StackerLoaded CHDifferenceModelSRSC45FTHDC-975N/AEngineCummins QSM11 (Tier)Cummins QSM11 (Tier)N/ATransmissionDana HR36000Dana TE32N/A

AxleKessler D102AxleTech PRC7534N/A


SpreaderSany SDJ450 /ELME 817 / Bromma RSX40TaylorN/A

Container20 - 4020 -40N/A

Center of GravityCenter of mass at middle of machine(Pitching: 0 - 60)Center of mass at front of machine(Pitching: 5 or 10)Lighter mass of Reach Stacker increases stability.#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerCapacityReach StackerLoaded HC Maximum capacity: 50 USt (100,000 lbs) Stack Range: -2 - 6Layer (-2 for barge work) Maximum capacity: 45 USt (90,000 lbs) Stack Range0 6 Layers

36T36T36T40T40T#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerAbility to Cross Over ContainersReach StackerLoaded HC 3 Rows 1 Row

#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerMachine StabilityRSLCHDifferenceWheelbase (Y)6000mm5994mmSameWeight 78 USt83 USt RS is lighter and uses less gasRear Load (Empty) (P)42 USt30 UStRS has greater rear load and balanceOutreach (X+C)1965+8131651+813Stability Factor (Q=45 USt)2.051.65RS is 24% more stable than LCH

LoadCenter #Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerWorking EfficiencyRSLCHDifferenceTraveling Speed (E/L)25/21km/h24/23 km/hSame Lifting Speed (E/L)0.42/0.25 m/s0.30/0.24 m/sRS is fasterLowering Speed (E/L)0.36/0.36 m/s0.30/0.30 m/sRS is faster

#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerReach StackerLoaded CH Wider vision, less fatigue, higher efficiency Straight mast blocks front view, and pitching cab makes operator tires easily .

Operation Visual Fields #Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerOperator Field of View Reach StackerLoaded CH Wider Field of Vision Less Fatigue Higher Efficiency Straight Mast Blocks Front ViewPitching Cab Exhausts Operator More Quickly

#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerOperation CostReach StackerLoaded Container HandlerWith a rotatable spreader and telescopic arm, a reach stacker can move a container from truck to destination in a single movement.To move a container from truck to destination, an LCH must travel a complete round trip.

#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerMaintenanceReach StackerLoaded CHReach stacker lift containers by hydro cylinder, which has more stability and low maintenance cost. Loaded CH lift containers by link chains, which is wearing parts and has potential safety hazard.

#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerSpreaderReach StackerLoaded CHRotate from +105 to -195Easily aligns containersRotate 20 containers 180for door access Rotates +9.5 Must maneuver LCH to rotate a 20 container 180

#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerLoad Center of Gravity ControlReach StackerLoaded Container Handler Sideway distance: +800mm Easily handles off-balance containers Sideway distance: +305mm

#Reach Stacker VS Loaded Container HandlerTransportabilityReach StackerLoaded CHHeight(D): 4500mmEasily enters warehouses for maintenanceMeets highway height restrictionEasily transfers between yardsHeight(A): 9100mmMust service outdoors due to mast heightDisassembly for transfer costs time and money

#SANY Reach Stacker Unique FeaturesDynamic Roll Over Protection System Real-Time Roll Over Protection System Uses Electric Lock and Mechanical HookDetects Boom , Angle, Arm Length, Cylinder Pressure and Container Weight to Calculate Torque

Acoustic and Optical AlarmControl Boom


Roll-Over Sensor

Electric LockMechanical HookBalances the Machine by Hooking the Truck Body to the Counterweight CAN-Bus#SANY Reach Stacker FeaturesAutomatic Reverse Brake

The Reach Stacker sounds an alarm and automatically slows down when detecting an obstacle.Long-range ultrasonic scanning facilitates automatic braking#SANY Reach Stacker FeaturesFire Prevention and Automatic Fire Extinguishing Technology

Automatic Fire ExtinguisherFire ExtinguisherIn CabFlame Retardant Material

Multiple Fire Prevention Measures#SANY Reach Stacker FeaturesHydraulic Suspension DampeningEnhances driving comfort and prolongs service life.Hydraulic suspension absorbs shock to chassis and axles.

Hydraulic Suspension Traditional Suspension0.1903g0.1272gShock decreases by 30

#SANY Reach Stacker FeaturesSolid TiresCannot burst;Dramatically reduce wear;Maximize performance;Significantly reduce maintenance costs.

#SANY Reach Stacker FeaturesInteractive HD Monitoring SystemHD ScreenReal-Time Monitoring of Vehicle ConditionOne-Touch Control

#SANY Reach Stacker FeaturesReal-Time Diagnostic SystemDisplays troubleshooting instruction upon fault detection; Real-Time diagnosis of electrical and other faults.

#SANY Reach Stacker FeaturesIntelligent Maintenance SystemSimple step-by-step instructions;Real-Time presentation of maintenance information.

#SANY Reach Stacker FeaturesAdvanced Ergonomic DesignSpacious and Convenient LayoutCab Noise Reduction Technology

Twin brake pedal Floating handle seat Adjustable Suspension seat steering wheel

#Thank You