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  • U.S. Research Published by Raymond James & Associates

    Please read domestic and foreign disclosure/risk information beginning on page 2 and Analyst Certification on page 2.

    2014 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC. All rights reserved.

    International Headquarters: The Raymond James Financial Center | 880 Carillon Parkway | St. Petersburg, Florida 33716 | 800-248-8863

    YUM! Brands, Inc. July 30, 2014 (YUM-NYSE) Company Brief Bryan C. Elliott, CFA, (404) 442-5856, Bryan.Elliott@RaymondJames.com Brian M. Vaccaro, CFA, (404) 442-5866, Brian.Vaccaro@RaymondJames.com

    Restaurants _________________________________________________________

    Stock Down ~6% After Hours; Confirms Significant Sales Slowdown in China

    After todays close, YUM filed an 8-K in which it announced that it has seen a significant negative impact to same-store sales at both KFC and Pizza Hut in China over the past 10 days following the recent food scandal involving a major supplier (Shanghai Husi, a division of U.S.-based OSI) to many Western QSR brands in the region. The company also stated that the sales decline, if sustained, would have a material effect on the companys annual EPS and that it would provide additional details on its third quarter earnings call in October. YUM shares are down ~6% in after-hours trading on this news, which is on top of the stocks ~10% decline over the past couple weeks since the companys 2Q EPS release on 7/16. We would also not be surprised if shares of McDonalds (MCD/$95.95/Market Perform) come down in sympathy on this news, though we would expect a much smaller reaction given McDonalds China ops comprise (we believe) less than 5% of global EBIT (vs. YUM at ~40%). Recall that managements annual EPS growth guidance required a strong comp and margin (EBIT +40%) recovery in China and that softer-than-expected 1H rest of world results placed a higher burden on China to achieve managements growth targets. This news clearly limits EPS visibility and will likely weigh on the stock in the near term. Given the early stage nature of the sales deterioration we will wait to adjust our formal estimates. As a reminder, though, our current 2014 ($3.65) and 2015 ($4.15) EPS estimates assume China comp gains of +7.5% in 2H14 and +5% in 2015. We estimate that 1% of comp in China equates to $0.05 of EPS on an annual basis.

    Rating _________________________________ Market Perform 3 Current Price ___________________________ Current Price (Jul-30-14 close) $73.00 52-Week Range $83.58 - $64.08 Suitability Growth Market Data ____________________________ Shares Out. (mil.) 455.0 Market Cap. (mil.) $33,215 Avg. Daily Vol. (10 day) 5,647,202 Dividend/Yield $1.48/2.0% BVPS (Jun-14) $5.15 ROE % 54% Total Debt (mil.)/% Cap. $3,165/57% Earnings & Valuation Metrics ______________ 2013A 2014E 2015E

    Non-GAAP EPS $2.97 $3.65 $4.15

    P/E Ratios (Non-GAAP) 24.6x 20.0x 17.6x

    GAAP EPS $2.36 $3.66 $4.15

    Revenues (mil.) $13,084 $14,210 $15,624

    EBITDA (mil.) $2,783 $3,229 $3,534 Company Description ____________________ YUM! Brands, Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is the largest restaurant company in the world on unit count (~39,000) and the second largest on global system-wide sales (~$43 billion). Eighty percent of units are operated by franchisees/ licensees. The three primary brands are KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. YUM! has a dominant position in the rapidly-growing China market (virtually 100% company owned, ~40% of consolidated EBIT) and operates under a franchise model in most other parts of the world. The company has generated consistent EPS growth of over 10% for the last decade and generates significant free cash flow, which has historically been returned to shareholders via share repurchases and dividends.

    Footnotes: Non-GAAP EPS estimates exclude one-time items (impairments, gains/losses on asset sales, etc.).

  • Raymond James U.S. Research

    2014 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC. All rights reserved.

    International Headquarters: The Raymond James Financial Center | 880 Carillon Parkway | St. Petersburg, Florida 33716 | 800-248-8863 2

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    Additional information is available on request.

    Analyst Information

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    Ratings and Definitions

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