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Transcript of Rational Rose RealTime - West Virginia hhammar/rts/adv rts/RoseRT/Brief overview...

Rational Rose RealTime

The Real-Time Embedded ChallengeSoftware development teams all face the same software development paradox how todevelop applications faster without compromis-ing quality. Developers of real-time embeddedsoftware face additional challenges. Such soft-ware is highly event driven, concurrent, andoften distributed. Stringent requirements mustbe met for latency, throughput, and dependabil-ity. The capture and effective communication ofdesigns for such systems is a daunting task.

Rational Rose RealTimeRational Rose RealTime is a complete lifecycleUnified Modeling Language (UML) develop-ment environment expressly created to meetthese real-time embedded challenges. It pro-vides a UML-compliant solution to the uniqueproblems of concurrency and distribution.Rational Rose RealTime unifies the project teamby providing an extensive set of tool integra-tions to meet the needs of the entire team, fromrequirements capture through to high-perform-ance code generation, testing, and debuggingfor real-time operating system targets. In comb-ination with the Rational Unified Process, yourproject has a proven pragmatic approach to re-ducing development risk.

A UML model compiler generates complete C, C++, and Java applications for UNIX,Windows NT/2000, and real-time operatingsystem targets. This automated code gener-ation eliminates the need for manual transla-tion and avoids costly design interpretationerrors.

An associated visual UML model debuggerenables observation and validation of hostand target applications. Model execution encourages early design refinement.

A complete UML-based testing facility letsthe user graphically define system behavior,then automatically generate and executetest cases and test suites for complete orpartial models. It supports continuous verifi-cation of quality right from the beginning ofsystem implementation.

The Real-Time EmbeddedDevelopment ChoiceRational Rose RealTime is based on market-leading technology that extends Rational Rose,the worlds leading visual modeling tool, withfield-proven UML model code generation andvisualization.

Rational Rose RealTime's

strengths are in modeling,

code generation, and the

visualization of models during

execution. IDC's opinion is

that these key features cou-

pled with the full complement

of industry-standard UML

support makes Rational Rose

RealTime a major contender

as the de facto standard for

real-time embedded system


Steve Garone, ResearchDirector for International DataCorporation (IDC)

Accelerating Embedded Software Development

UML supports the entire softwaredevelopment lifecycle

Iterative DevelopmentRational Rose RealTime supports an iterativedevelopment strategy that reduces yourdevelopment risks. Reverse engineering enablesyou to understand your existing systems. Codegeneration technology lets you compile and exe-cute your designs at the earliest stages of prod-uct inception. Early execution on the host or tar-get platform provides you with the feedback youneed to discover and correct design flaws earli-er, lower costs, and minimize risk.

Rational QualityArchitect RealTime is an exten-sion to the visual modeling capability ofRational Rose RealTime. It enables RationalSuite DevelopmentStudio RealTime Editionusers to perform model-based component test-ing by generating code automatically from with-in the Rose RealTime model. For the first timeyou can automatically build stubs and driversto use in testing components and classes. And,these generated tests can be executed auto-matically. Rational QualityArchitect RealTimesupports a wide range of testing activities fromdeveloper scenario-based debugging to fullsystem regression testing.

Analyze, Design, Compile, Execute, Debug and Te

Use sequence diagramsto specify design behavior

Advanced model com-piler generates complete real-time C++ and Cexecutables directly fromyour design models

Model debuggers let you trace messages exchangebetween model elements to get a high-level view of modruntime behavior

Automatically verify behavior againstthe suite of specification sequencediagrams at every step of the imple-mentation process.

Accelerating Embedded Software Development

Optimized Design Concepts

With Rational Rose RealTime, you model arch-itectures and designs in a natural way that mir-rors how real-time embedded systems actuallywork. For example, concurrency is inherent insuch systems, and the resultant interactionamong concurrent threads of execution raisesmany design challenges. A best practice solu-tion to handling concurrency is the activeobject design pattern. Active objects encapsu-late their own thread of execution thus prevent-ing thread interaction problems. Since theycommunicate through message-based inter-

face ports, like the pins on hardware integratedcircuits, they adapt well to various reuse anddistribution situations. Active objects can beflexibly mapped to operating system threadsand processes.

In Rational Rose RealTime, active objects aremodeled as UML-compliant capsules.Capsules can be hierarchically decomposedinto collaborating sub-capsules, and thus canbe used throughout the development cycle from executable architectures to lowest-leveldesign elements. Capsules enable your teamto design real-time embedded systems the waythey really operate.

Productivity Depends on Clear CommunicationReal-time embedded systems often requirelarge-scale development teams to handle thecomplexities of design and construction.Without good communication and the clearcapture of system architecture, developing insuch an environment can be disastrous.Rational Rose RealTime can help you avoidsuch pitfalls.

Improve communication between all members of your team through the power of the UML.

Integration between Rational Rose RealTimeand Rational Requisite Pro ensures that norequirements get lost in translation from requirements to design.

Capture your architecture more effectivelyand make it part of the implementation.

Publish your designs to the Web usingRational Rose RealTimes Web Publisher.You can automatically generate documentsvia the integration between Rational RoseRealTime and Rational SoDA.

Software Configuration Management and Version Control tool integration allows you to use products like Rational ClearCase

to more effectively manage your UML application development.

A Complete Embedded SolutionThe Rational Embedded Solution includesRational Rose RealTime and Rational TestRealTime. Test RealTime supports thoroughverification of mission-critical and safety-criticalsystems at the unit, object and system level. Itprovides full trace, coverage, memory analysis,and performance observation both on thedevelopment host system and the target sys-tem to ensure complete testing in the mostdemanding applications.


State machine model debugger withstate change animation and model-levelbreakpoints lets you diagnose UMLdesigns directly

Integrated symbolicdebugging on host andtarget

Observe model execution, with integratedsymbolic debugging, on host and target

An Open Platform EasesIntegration and AdoptionRational Rose RealTime is designed for sim-plified and streamlined insertion into your soft-ware development environment, processes,and workflows. Seamless integration with otherRational Software products and support for adiverse set of commercial real-time operatingsystems offers development teams a completesolution that no other vendor can match.

Support for leading compilers and symbolicdebuggers keeps you in control of your design.These integrations let you focus on the designof your software, rather than on the develop-ment environment or on tool interoperabilityissues.

Rational Alliance Complete YourDevelopment SolutionWhen Rational solutions are combined with the complementary products and services of over 500 alliances, customers are afforded the most comprehensive development environmentavailable today. Rational's alliances with IBM,Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard,Intel, Borland, BEA, Vignette, WindRiver,TimeSys, GreenHills, and Tri-Pacific ensurebroad product compatibility and a smooth tran-sition to rapidly changing technologies.Through the Rational Unified Partner Program,Rational and our partners are dedicated tomaking you more productive, optimizing yourinvestment, and giving you the freedom ofchoice you expect and deserve. Whether it isfor business process modeling, document gen-eration, or architecture frameworks, our exten-sive network of technology and serviceproviders are there to help.

Accelerate Success with Rational ServicesLike all Rational tools, Rational Rose RealTimeis supported by an extensive, worldwide serv-ice organization. Explore more than a thousandarticles, white papers, courses and artifactsonline at the Rational Developer Network. Buildyour teams capability through expert consult-ing and technical support services. And takeadvantage of more than 60 courses availablefrom Rational University to speed technologydeployment and accelerate your projects delivery. Available where and when needed,Rational Services improve self-sufficiency asthey build a foundation for continuous softwaredevelopment improvement.

Unify the Team with Rational SuiteRational Rose RealTime is a member of theRational Suite product family, available in both Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio andRational Suite Enterprise Editions. The RationalSuite family provides a comprehensive softwaredevelopment platform that will unify your team,optimize individual productivity, and simplifyadoption of the Rational solution.

The Choice for Embedded e-deve