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Princess Elizabeth with her younger sister Margaret.

A young Princess Elizabeth

Charlie Chaplin at his daughters wedding in 1969.

Bruce Springsteen - 12th Grade

Johnny Cash - 12th Grade

Jim Morrison, of "The Doors" - 12th Grade

Madonna - 12th Grade

Gwen Stefani - 12th Grade

Janis Joplin - 12th Grade

Dot Rhone, right, Paul McCartney's first real girlfriend, told him that she was expecting his baby in 1960 aged 16.

Elton John performing in 1971, the year that his appearance at the Troubadour Club in Los Angeles made him a critical success.

Elton John with his mother.

Diana Ross with Dolly Parton.

Prince - 1977

Prince - 1977

Greta Garbo - 1935

Ingrid Bergman, 1939

Henry Fonda and his third wife, Susan Blanchard, in a restaurant in New York in 1950. They divorced in 1956

Susan Hayward - 1939

Paul McCartney with young fans - 1967

Paul and Linda McCartney.

Paul McCartney gazes lovingly at his wife Linda.

Paul McCartney seeming to bungee jump while holding his guitar.

Sigourney Weaver

James Brown in 1967.

Muhammad Ali - 2016

Jean Harlow, 1936

Katharine Hepburn, 1936

Prince Charles and Diana, pose with their sons William and Harry in the wild flower meadow at Highgrove in Tetbury.

Lana Turner, 1943

Madonna - 1984

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

Paul Newman and his second wife Joanne Woodward - 1962

Paul Newman at home sitting on a tricycle - 1962