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Transcript of Random Reconstruction Government Economy Amendments 50 40 30 20 10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 50 10 20...

  • Amendments 10 Points

    Abolished slavery forever

    Answer: 13th Amendment

  • Amendments 20 Points

    Gave all citizens the right to vote despite their gender

    Answer: 19th Amendment

  • Amendments 30 Points

    Gave citizenship to any person born in the United States

    Answer: 14th Amendment

  • Amendments 40 Points

    Set the Voting Age; must be 18 to vote

    Answer: 26th Amendment

  • Amendments 50 Points

    Granted 3 electoral votes to D.C.; it allowed the people in Washington, D.C. to vote

    Answer: 23rd Amendment

  • Economy 10 Points

    Businesses that specialize in loaning money

    Answer: Banks

  • Economy 20 Points

    Something you can hold in your hand; you can touch it

    Answer: Good

  • Economy 30 Points

    Provides labor in the form of resources, involves families

    Answer: Households

  • Economy 40 Points

    A business not controlled by the government; they can be big or small; they produce goods and services

    Answer: Private Business

  • Economy 50 Points

    The part that controls taxes; they use this money to pay teachers, police officer, pave roads

    Answer: Government

  • Government 10 Points

    A legal system that requires all citizens are treated fairly

    Answer: Due Process

  • Government 20 Points

    Congress proposed a new amendment. Then,

    Answer:2/3 of the House and Senate must pass the bill.

  • Government 30 Points

    After a proposed amendment is sent to the states, what happens next?

    Answer: State legislatures choose to ratify or reject the amendment.

  • Government 40 PointsWhy do so many people have to vote for an amendment to be made?

    Answer: So that small groups of people cannot make changes the majority of people do not want.

  • Government 50 Points

    What is the last step in the amendment process?

    Answer: of the states must ratify the amendment so it can be added to the Constitution.

  • Reconstruction 10 Points

    A system that allowed a land owner to lease his land to several farmers and in return got a share of the crops is called

    Answer: Sharecropping

  • Reconstruction 20 Points

    This helped the newly freed slaves adjust to their new life; it built things like schools.

    Answer: Freedman's Bureau

  • Reconstruction 30 Points

    A law that enforced segregation; African Americans lost all of their rights.

    Answer: Jim Crow Laws

  • Reconstruction 40 Points

    Why was sharecropping used?

    Answer: Because the land owners did not have money to pay the former slaves for their work and the former slaves did not have money to lease the land.

  • Reconstruction 50 Points

    When blacks and whites were forced to be separated is called

    Answer: Segregation

  • Random 10 Points

    A change or addition to the U.S. Constitution

    Answer: amendment

  • Random 20 Points

    Gave all citizens the right to vote despite their race

    Answer: 15th Amendment

  • Random 30 Points

    Ended the poll tax

    Answer: 24th Amendment

  • Random 40 Points

    Name the five amendments that protect our voting rights.

    Answer: 15th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, 26th

  • Random 50 Points

    Something someone does for someone else; an action they perform

    Answer: service

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