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Ramboll India employee Newsletter

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    ISSUE #03 APRIL 2016


  • 2At the outset, let me thank all of you for living Ramboll Indias values and contributing to the society through some excellent projects.

    In 2015, Ramboll India made significant strides and continued to strengthen its position in the market. Last year we welcomed the Environment & Health colleagues to our Gurgaon office, and this year we aim to expand our portfolio to include Planning & Urban Design. We will also focus on deepening and broadening our offerings in Transport, Telecom and Buildings sector in the domestic market.

    One of the key milestones included the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. This recognition is a testament to Rambolls commitment to achieve outstanding levels of client satisfaction. It is important that we stay focused on our commitment to Clients and stakeholders to amplify our capabilities and contribute to their success.

    In the last 20 months, Ramboll Engineering Centre (REC) has become a 200+ member strong Centre of Excellence. The new organizational set-up is aiding the development of deeper collaboration capabilities between Principal Business Units (PBUs) and REC. I firmly believe that the new structure will empower REC to deliver its services more swiftly and efficiently to all PBUs. Recent meetings and interactions with the PBU Managing Directors and managers reaffirm this faith and their confidence in RECs capability to execute complex projects.

    Social responsibility is a priority for us in Ramboll and we aim to fulfill this goal with a broad range of community based activities and volunteerism. Our support to Water for People, a global NGO focusing on issues of drinking water and sanitation was a step in this direction. Further, we appreciate the solidarity from you to come forward and contribute to the Chennai flood-relief fund.

    In 2016 we will continue to nurture a high performance culture and strengthen our delivery. We are always keen to hear your views on how we can make our workplace more happy, healthy and productive. It is heartening to see some of you come forward and share interesting suggestions at platforms including the Open House. Keep your ideas coming!

    Message from MDs Desk

    Dr. Pawan MainiManaging DirectorIndia and Ramboll Engineering Centre

  • 3Introducing the Ramboll India Communications team

    Anshul MadaanHead of Communications and Branding, India

    Dhwani TandonSenior Consultant

    Amit GuinCommunications Coordinator

    In 2014 the communications department was created to support our business needs at Ramboll India. Over the course of two years we have been continuously evolving, and making course corrections in order to be the best platform for all our stakeholders.

    As of 5 April 2016 we are pleased to announce that we have an entire team on board in Ramboll India to carry out the communication activities for the organisation. Meet the team:

    Anshul Madaan, Head of Communications & Branding

    Anshul joined Ramboll India in February 2016 to head the communications department where he leads the external and internal communication activities in the country as well as the Ramboll India communications team.

    Anshul is responsible for developing and implementing an India-specific communications strategy, including REC, and will also be personally involved in the day-to-day delivery of communication products and services in alignment with the companys goals and delivery plan. His overarching aim is to contribute to raise the profile of the Ramboll brand through brand and media management (includes media relations, thought leadership, advertising and sponsorship) and help to support an environment which externally enhances our reputation with Clients, partners and other stakeholders. Internally, Anshul through his team will work with other departments to strengthen employee engagement in India.

    When hes not working you can find him at the movies with his wife or spending time with family and friends.

    Dhwani Tandon, Senior Communications Consultant

    Dhwani joined Ramboll India in July 2014 and has worked on a number of big projects during this period. Dhwani is accountable for managing and delivering the communications projects aligned to the business strategy. Her role also incorporates external communications including media relations, social media, CSR communications, external events and employer branding. Dhwani is also the communications partner for the Ramboll Engineering Centre (REC).

    In her free time, Dhwani loves to spend quality time with friends and family, planning her next beach vacation or listening to some heady music.

    Amit Guin, Communications Coordinator

    Amit joined Ramboll in April 2015 and is primarily responsible for content writing to support India communications. His tasks include internal communications, copy writing, internal events, maintaining the intranet and website. Amit is also the communications partner for Quality.

    When not in the office, you will find Amit experimenting with his culinary skills and is a sleepy bedtime reader.

    Akansha Mehta, Senior Graphic Designer

    Akansha is the newest member of the team. Her primary responsibilities include designing graphics of all marketing collaterals, digital, advertisements, external and internal branding, and presentations.

    When she is not busy designing creative, you can find Akansha playing with computers and technology or capturing her travels on camera.

    Akansha MehtaSenior Graphic Designer

  • 4My team gives an accurate picture of risks and viability related to a project. We are neither optimistic nor pessimistic. We are realistic and this makes us the team that Clients prefer for advisory services, said Srinivas Chekuri, Head of Transport Planning department at Ramboll India. That very much sums up the teams position on the work they do.

    Led by Chekuri, the 17 member team is made up of transport economists, transport planners and traffic supervisors based in the Gurgaon and Hyderabad offices.

    The Work

    With increasing urbanisation, there is an urgent global need for an effective and efficient transport system. In order to bring it to reality, several factors need to be taken into consideration the interaction between transport system and land use, and how best to fine-tune the movements of different modes of transport. To achieve this, the team broadly provides three types of services which includes planning and traffic forecasting, comprehensive traffic modelling and micro-simulation studies to test transport infrastructure designs.

    The planning and traffic forecasting assignment encapsulates the team providing advisory on traffic growth projection and revenue estimation for projects based on Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework. The modelling projects deal with traffic estimation on various roads for a town or a city with multiple route options and variable demands. Examining the transportation constraints of small localities and advising areas of improvement comes under the purview of simulation studies.

    Cohesive collaboration

    Projects from countries including Sweden, Norway and Finland are mostly related to urban transport modelling tasks to understand the traffic situation in these countries and plan for additional improvements in transportation sector. Owing to the teams technical expertise in the field, the Principal Business Units (PBUs) want to ramp up the kind of work we do for them, said Sanjeev Kapoor, Transport Director, Ramboll India.

    It is not only the faith reposed by the PBUs which makes the team proud, the fact that the team gets repeat work orders from the Clients in India reflects

    Experience, expertise and exposure has unleashed the Transport Planning team to give its best in the market

    on the great quality of work being delivered. Delivering beyond Client expectations is an integral part of Ramboll DNA, added Sanjeev.

    The Integrity

    In the past year the team has completed 20 projects in India and around 10 international projects (and a further 10 are in progress). The members of this team understand that their work influences the pattern of growth and economic activity in a project location. They also know that their work bridges the needs of transportation and other societal goals. As a result, it is important for them to undertake an independent and detailed process of achieving the results.

    A clear understanding of the upsides or risks associated with the investment of a Client is very important. This requires the whole team to have a holistic understanding of the area under study and also the proposed developments in that area. For this, we provide the Clients with a realistic scenario of the project and do not get influenced by their opinions, noted Srinivas. And this is what makes the team a unique one in the industry as well.

    The transport planners, in an urban context, come up with a perspective of how aesthetically a city can be built from a sustainability point of view. Working in tandem with the urban planners, the team members are eager to work on Smart Cities projects in India, with the good thing being that the team has the support of the Ramboll PBU employees where these cities have already been developed.


    Connecting people to cities

  • 5The team understands the intricacy of the transport factors that influence modern developments as well as its commitment to develop holistic solutions for the society. The team ensures to integrate planning for transport at the development stage and carry the principles to the