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  • ENGC Families,

    With the end of the school year right

    around the corner, I would like to ask our par-

    ents/guardians to encourage their students to

    buckle down and finish strong in their classes.

    Our state assessments in Biology and Algebra

    One are scheduled for the first week of May

    and Saturday and after

    school tutorials will be availa-

    ble to help students prepare

    for these important ex-

    ams. Students can talk with

    their teachers to sign up to


    Last month, our main

    campus counselors met with

    each student to complete

    their course requests for

    next year. If you have ques-

    tions regarding the classes

    your student has signed up

    for, please contact their


    In the next few

    weeks our counselors will also

    work with students on sum-

    mer school enrollment. Sum-

    mer school runs from June

    5th to June 29th. Students

    may enroll in no more than two

    semesters of course work dur-

    ing the summer.

    Therefore, it is im-

    portant for students to earn all

    of their credits during the reg-

    ular school year. You can moni-

    tor their academic progress

    daily through the home access

    web page. If you need help

    with resetting your username

    or password, please contact one

    of our counselors. Frequent

    contact between parents/

    guardians and teachers will help

    us remain united in our shared

    goal of ensuring your child’s


    Vinson Lewis

    ENGC Principal

     Community A counselor–

    Ms. Hernandez

     Community B counselor–

    Ms. Hamilton

     Community C counselor–

    Ms. Garske

     English I EOC

    (STAAR) was a success

    at ENGC.

     Now it is time to prepare

    for Algebra and Biology

    EOC (STAAR) .

     Algebra I EOC—May 1st

     Biology I EOC– May 2nd

     Students will be able to

    pick up applications for

    summer school from

    their counselors soon.

    Please ask students to

    listen to announcements.

    Counselor’s Corner

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Ram Reader

    ENGC Instructional Leadership Team

    ENGC awarded

    Distinguished Web Award!

    Congratulations Ms. Shelby and

    Ms. Davis


    April 2017



    ENGC Website


    Follow Us


  • My name is Bresean Andre’

    Cockrell and I was born and raised right

    here in Houston, TX. I grew up in a single

    -parent home in the Sunnyside area of

    Houston. My mother, who is now retired,

    was an elementary school teacher and is

    the reason for my early passion and in-

    spiration for education.

    I graduated as salutatorian from

    Evan. E. Worthing Sr. High School in the

    Mighty Colts Class of 2000. Two days

    after graduating from high school, I be-

    gan college at Texas Southern Universi-

    ty in pursuit of a degree in mathematics.

    Amidst several life challenges and

    changes, I was forced to drop-out of

    college in 2005 to help support my fami-

    ly. In the Fall of 2009 I was able to

    return to college and finish my bache-

    lor’s degree in the Spring of 2011.

    My philosophy of teaching is

    quite simple; my job here is not to fix

    children, because they are not broken.

    My job is to meet students where they

    are, accept them for whom they are

    and inspire them to be better than

    they already are. This is done by forg-

    ing meaningful relationships with the

    students, sharing my passion for math-

    ematics and helping to support their

    growth and development on their way

    to become productive citizens in our


    Ms. Green’s ESL class partici-

    pated in the Read Around The

    Planet program. They were

    matched with a school in Ne-

    braska. Her students per-

    formed a puppet show, a fash-

    ion show, a cooking segment,

    and a parade of countries for

    the school in Nebraska.

    Page 2

    Read Around the Planet

    Ram Reader

    Meet ENGC Teacher of the Year

    ALGEBRA Saturday Tutorials

     April 1st, 8th, 22nd, and 29th

     By invitation only!

    BIOLOGY Tutorials

     Afterschool April 3rd, 4th, 10th,

    11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th.

    Our students are preparing for

    Algebra and Biology EOC (STAAR).

    Students must pass these state

    assessments in order to meet

    graduation requirements.

    Algebra and Biology EOC (STAAR) PARENT CENTER:

    Spring outing

    Archbishop Joseph A.

    Fiorenza Park at 4025

    Eldridge Parkway Houston

    TX 77082, from 9:00 am –

    12:00 pm.

    Win door prizes

    and enjoy games.

    Mr. Bresean Cockrell with

    Superintendent Mr. Chambers

    Come support

    Mr. Cockrell at the

    district teacher of the

    year banquet on April

    20th at Taylor HS.

  • 3rd nine weeks

    Page 3

    All A's Mobashir Abdul

    Muhammad Affaan

    Johan Batres

    Ariana Brooks

    Khim Crisostomo

    Reina Cruz Castillo

    Ndabahinyuye Danford

    Aaliyah Fleming

    Ailin Flores

    Gabriella Fuentes-Van Fossen

    Alec Garcia

    Jada Gunner

    Md Azizul Hakim

    Tamia Lee

    Andrea Medrano

    Nghi Nguyen

    Truc Nguyen

    Elizabeth Ogolo

    Adrana Oniovosa

    Matthew Onwunumagha

    Ramiro Pineda

    Aliyah Priestley

    Sarah Rosa

    Reynold Santiago Natal

    Sukhraj Singh

    Oriana Tello

    Dan Khanh Tran

    Jenny Tran

    Anthony Truong

    Kevin Truong

    A's and 1 B Karla Aguilar

    Nayeli Aguirre Baide

    Angel Amaya

    Roxana Arias Ulloa

    Daylor Brackens

    Leslie Camacho

    Mayela Cristobal

    Huynh Doan

    KyAira Fonteno

    Maria Gabriel

    Erik Garcia

    Claudia Gonzalez Espronceda

    Alexa Guevara Acosta

    Alana Harris

    Mariela Hernandes

    Rose Hoang

    Vinae' Holmes

    Ailin Hong

    Elisa Hsu

    Andy Lam

    Dung Le

    Wilmer Lopez

    Vinh Luong

    Shelby Maltez

    Derek Nguyen

    Ayomide Ogunbumi

    Prosper Ogwu

    Meyli Orellana

    Desiree Pena

    Roberto Reynoso

    Abigail Rivera Reyes

    Ever Rodas

    Damari Salgado

    Jevaughn Stanley

    Laura Toro Guzman

    Hieu Tran

    Cecelia Traylor

    Alejandro Vazquez-Pantoja

    Andy Velasquez-Ortez

    Mayra Villalba

    Anahi Villaseca

    My Vo

    Xianjie Wu

    A's and 2 B's Cooper Adams

    Karina Aguirre

    Jeanny Alonso

    Princess Anyanwu

    Manahil Asad

    Robert Bravo

    Jeremy Charchalac

    Juliana Estimbo

    Jakai Fields

    Raevyn Fontenot

    Paola Garcia Orozco

    Jazmine Gonzalez

    Jefferson Hernandez Ramirez

    Dayana Hernandez

    Chiamaka Ilochi

    Kamba Kalambayi

    Abimbola Laifa

    Justina Lawrence

    Bao Huy Le

    Elsie Medrano

    Anaya Moore

    Rida Morshed

    Trang Ngo

    Anthony Nguyen

    Ellen Nguyen

    Norwegian Nguyen

    Nicole Nkanga

    Brendan Ohsner

    Maryim Perdomo

    Juliana Perez

    Jade Peters

    Anh Pham

    Jaqueline Sanchez

    Makayla Spencer

    Heavenlei Thomas

    Kiana Thompson

    Jayla Tutson

    Kingsley Uchem

    Khanh Van

    Henry Xic Batz

    Jingwen Ye

  • ENGC Above and Beyond Committee (ABC) Rocks

    ENGC Campus Highlights

    Purpose of ABC committee is to promote a civil and safe learning environment by identifying problems and concerns

    to the school and community and developing solutions to those problems.

    Each month ENGC’s ABC committee awards staff in recognition for their hard work and dedication.

    September: Mr. Crutchfield, Ms. Waters, Ms. Tola, and Mr. Brossard

    October: Ms. Aleem, Mr. Bridges, and Ms. White Henry

    November: Ms. Cross, MS. Trampe, Ms. Ishmael, and Ms. Cabrera

    December: Mr. Dante, Mr. Lambropoulos, and Ms. Boone

    January: Ms. Williams, Mr. Johnson, and Ms. Aleem

    February : Mr. Prince, Ms. Martinez (ESL), Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Garske, and Ms. Hamilton

    March : Mr. Hatcher, Mr. Davis, and Ms. Wells

    Regional Science Fair

     Eight ENGC students qualified for the Houston Area Regional Science Fair.

     ENGC had 5 Regional award winners at the competition.

     This year’s Regional Competition was held at the University of Hou-

    ston Central Campus on February 2