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Introduction to RAKURAKU : A group messaging solution

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Mobile based Group Messaging solution for pre-primary, primary and residential schools.

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  • 1. Introduction to RAKURAKU : A group messaging solution
  • 2. Scenario 1 Parents What are the alerts, announcements and activities that my child undergoes? I WANT TO BE UPDATED 1 3 2 I try to call you many times: you are out of coverage 5 The parent are TOO BUSY to attend to the teachers communication. Class Teacher I send mails regularly I have written a note asking for your sign. 4
  • 3. Lets add some more Scenarios
  • 4. Scenario 2 He is smart! Message sent through the child and through leaflets Leaflet was torn by the kid/lost in transit Assistant teacher/ caretaker Parent is UNaware Where is my child ? Whom to contact for status? OH MY GOD! What is this confusion Why should I Tell??? What should I do now?? Teacher
  • 5. PTA MEETINGS TEACHER Dear Sir, WE informed you by mail WHEN WAS THE MEETING??I was not informed PARENT
  • 6. The Overall picture
    • PARENT: Is not updated, hence dissatisfied.
    • TEACHER : Had performed the responsibility of informing the parents but the message has not reached all parents.
    • CHILD : The innocent child is not able to communicating effectively.
  • 7. RAKURAKU Collaborating parents on a single platform of communication PP GL Plants Shop Floor Sales HR FA AP AR Purchasing Group all the parents into one group Payroll Treasury Marketing Mfg.
  • 8. WHAT is RakuRaku?
    • Raku is a Japanese word that means Happy, Comfort and Easy.
    • RakuRaku is the latest SMS application that enables & encourages to connect with your network, friends, like-minded people and groups with common interests.
    • Group communication was never so effective & easy.
    • RakuRaku facilitates convenient news dissipation.
    • RakuRaku is a product that people can join to participate in the group communication activities
  • 9. WHY RakuRaku???
    • Effective and time saving communication.
    • Enables you to send messages to all at one click of button which eliminates sending individual messaging, calling and mailing.
    • Flexible application :- unified from MOBILE and WEB .
    • User friendly : Ability to perform day to day communication very easily. The teachers need not remember all the points of contact to reach the parents. Just send SMS to 57575 to reach all at one go!
  • 10. RakuRaku benefits Single Messaging Platform (57575) Teacher 1.Send msg to all Parents at one Time. 2. Cost sharing Model 3.Get Delivery of Msg sent.
    • Parent
    • Subscribing to
    • Group to get daily
    • updates in school.
    • 2. Keep a close
    • check on
    • child
    Child An inclusive and an overall development of child
  • 11. RakuRaku feature list
    • Basic Features:
    • Not a bulk messaging but a group messaging solution .
    • Moderator can create groups and send messages to stay in touch with all .
    • User friendly user interface .
    • Advanced Features:
    • Moderator enjoys the facility to ban or delete an existing member .
    • Makes communication possible across the whole group even when on the move and away from the web .
    • Receivers also enjoy the capacity to send messages to both moderator and other members of the same group.
    • Supported by Web interface (facilitates organize & manage your group, check logs, edit personal profile).
    • Also helps to communicate when stuck in low network coverage area where you face call drops.
    • Premium Features:
    • A closed group where maximum security can be maintained.( Other messaging service like SMSgupshup, Munu SMS offer open group services where vital information from the profile is visible to other people which can create issues).
    • Reaches multiple recipients at the cost of a single SMS.
    • Moderator has the facility of Approval on/Approval off (ensuring security & helps in filtration of spam messages).
    • Generate a poll, send event invitations , conduct a Q&A session and get statistical views of the same.
  • 12. Steps to start using RAKURAKU
      • ITS VERY EASY!
    Using Your cell phone Today mySAP ERP Register your group on to RAKURAKU SMS: RAKUT REG [group name] [nick name] to 57575 Any GSM/CDMA phone Invite Parents to join group SMS: RAKU INVITE [group name] [mobile#1] [mobile#2] [message] to 57575 Using Internet Register yourself on www.rakuraku.com Use the new group registration option to create your own group Invite Parents to join group by feeding in mobile numbers. Invite Parents to join group SMS: RAKU INVITE [group name] [mobile#1] [mobile#2] [message] to 57575
  • 13. Mutual Pricing Solution
    • We offer a mutual pricing solution as RakuRaku offers immense value add for parents as well as teachers.
    • The teacher pays 3/- Rs. for sending 1 messages to all parents and the parent pays subscription charges which may be volume/time based.
  • 14. Where else can RakuRaku help you?
    • Internal School communication
    • The principal will be the moderator who can keep in constant touch with all teachers, administration when on the go and on one click of button.
  • 15. Getting Started
    • Using your cell phone
    • Creation of groups to avail RakuRaku services is a simple three step process.
    • All you need is a cell phone & a connection with an Indian service provider
    • For Creating your own group be a Moderator
    • To Create your group
    • SMS: RAKUT REG (group name) (nick name) to 57575
    • To Invite members
    • SMS: RAKU INVITE (mobile#1) (mobile#2).(mobile#10) (message) to 57575
    • For Joining an existing group be a Member
    • To Join a group
    • SMS: RAKUT JOIN (group name) (nick name) (message) to 57575
    • Visit www.rakuraku.com for registration from web