Rainy days

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A self-published comic book short

Transcript of Rainy days


    TRINE COMICS #0010

  • youre not going out in that storm missy!

    Georges mother called, she said shell drive him over later in the afternoon

  • you should really pack up after yourself, and stop leaving things in the hallway!

    and remember what you promised to do today. since youll probably forget, ill remind you again:....

    theres a special A class deliever to the RHUDOK EMPIRE. Urgent...

    ...before you ask, the cargo is classif ied.

    they want it buy this afternoon too. ill brief you on the way to the hanger

    classif ied and express? these guys must be made of money. well, you know the RHUDOCK

    EMPIRE, everyone kinda survives by them,

  • christmas just came early: youll be taking the xv-003

    its being loaded and refueled as we speak.

    remember, this is a class A. They want it there, quickly and cleany.

    everything clear?

    errr...yeah, just one...

    ...it says here this is also a code 53.

    who knows? im just the dispatcher.

    what on earth am i carrying that they bought such a huge insuprance policy as well?

  • so...whos going to be insurance broker? better not be that douche mercenary like last time. he almost got me killed.

    in that case, i have bad news.

    your friend george should rendevous with you 5km from port.

    last time i made a run with george being my wingman, ended with me loosing the package to a bunch of messontainian bandits.

    he better be on time at the rendevous point. with a code 53 package, were bound to run into the bandits again.

    all systems check out.

    green light from control.

    beginning launch routine.

    tunnel is clear.


    godspeed clink


  • powering engines.

    repulsar lifts active.

    awaiting catapult.


  • right on time and no escort. lets RIDE

    5kms already and no radio call from george.

  • I knew it! this just my day!

    god damnit george where are you?

  • yyyyaaaaahhhhooooooo!!

    boy, am i glad to see you!

  • did you see that! one pass and two hits! DAYUM, you should have seen the looks on their faces when i tore them a new one.

    sorry bro.

    theres the RHUDOCK empire. that was quick.

    George, where were you while i was getting ambushed anyway?

    i grew up with you dude, i know youre a crack shot in that thing. just be more timely.

    jesus christ george, could you not have come sooner?

    christ, this is a code 53 package, george. things could get real nasty

    taking out the second ambush they were chasing you to.

    its cool bro, always got your back.

    really? my bad man for getting so heated.

    this place is huge!

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    feed us

    there are so many of them

    weird lot arent they.

    what exactly did we just bring them?

    ...special class A...

    ...code 53, express package.

    so that...

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    cluck! bwak


    oh, just chicken feed.