Railroads Evaluate the growth of railroads and railroad abuses

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Transcript of Railroads Evaluate the growth of railroads and railroad abuses

  • RailroadsEvaluate the growth of railroads and railroad abuses

  • APKWhat methods of Transportation do you use today?AirplanesCarsSkateboardsFeetBikes

  • Westward ExpansionBefore and After Civil War focus on tying nation from Sea to Sea Manifest DestinyControl IndiansForce them to move across country Take land and give it to AmericansGave Indians land with oilooopsKill buffalo and massacre IndiansDarker skin so inferior classCFU:Was our view of Native Americans the same as Slaves?

  • Westward ExpansionGovernment gave land grants to RR10 sq miles for every mile of track in a state20 sq miles for every mile of track in a territoryRR went to Europe to bring immigrant to USSold land for $2-10 an acre1880 40% of Nebraska were immigrants1880 70% of Wisconsin & Minnesota were immigrantsPair Share:What would happen to the Mid-west with the massive land grants?

  • Materials/ManufacturingBessemer ProcessQuickly produce high quality steelTakes impurities out of iron by injecting airUsed Civil War Vets, Irish, Chinese, Af. Ams. to build RR1888 2000 killed & 20,000 injuredFirst year of record keepingDisease and accidents

    CFU:Why were immigrants used over Americans that lived here?

  • Time & Space1869 C.E. Dowd - divided the Earth into 24 time zonesUS got 4 time zonesStandardized travel and life1869 - Transcontinental RR linked East & West1890 180,000 miles of track5 transcontinental routes

    Pair Share:What do you believe the main reason for having standardized time helped with?

  • Promontory Point, UtahMay 10, 1869

  • LifeSold as a dream of Traveldiverse destinationRomanceFresh startGeorge Pullman created a town for his employeesProvided basic needsCut payDidnt lower rentBig riots in 1894Pair Share:Is this similar to the American Dream

  • Pullman CarGeorge Pullman invents a sleeping car known as a Pullman car

  • Functions of RailroadsSocio-politicalTied sprawling nation together A communication networkOpened the countryRailroads moved settlers to new locations.

    CommercialCreated and serviced a national (and eventually an international) marketBrought raw materials to manufacturersTook finished goods to consumersWere huge consumers themselvesPioneered new management techniquesUnfamiliar items appeared locally.Mail arrived faster.Railroads brought new jobs.Local stores profited from train traffic.Sales were not limited to local markets.

    Pair Share:Are these effects still caused by the railroad today, or has it shifted to a new tchnology?

  • Problems of the Railroad EraToo many railroads were built.Over-expansion frequently ended in bankruptcies.Failures spread economic disaster to workers, businesses, and farmers.Railroads resorted to discriminatory practices

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