Rail Network Optimization

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• Serving 75% of US population and all major Eastern Seaports
• Networks reach 65% of US manufacturing and 55% of
US energy consumption
others, 50% intermodal
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similar to cars governed by traffic lights
• Much of our network is bi-directional
single track with meet/pass sidings
Overview Challenges
• Limited routing options, few optimal solutions
• Difficult to anticipate downstream effect of
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Objective Functions
PDS Dispatch and Movement Planner from GE
• Seamless integration between planning and dispatch functions
• Real-time situation awareness of network conditions
• Closed-loop plan execution
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Cutover Dates
Velocity 20.8 mph 8.3% Increase 21.2 mph 10.4% Increase
Expired Crew % 2.4% 50% + Reduction 1.9% 63% Reduction
Schedule Adherence
4 min Early 108 min shift from Late to Early
8 min Early 112 min shift from Late to Early
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• Building on Movement Planner & PDS Dispatch success to tackle the next Network Challenge
• Classification yard optimization is at the heart of every rail operation. Manual planning leads to
inefficiencies in yard operations.
• Yard Planner provides for real-time planning & optimization of a classification yard. It helps train
masters and yardmasters visualize, plan and make optimal decisions.
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• Determine classification tracks cleanliness
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• Displayed via yard crew task list
• Each yard plan individually configurable
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• Calculates future resource usages
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• YP becomes center of planning systems sharing data w/other systems
• Integration with MP … end-to-end network planning & opt.
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