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  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    Rahat bake`rsProject of managerial accountingUniversity of central Punjab.

    Submitted to:prof.tariq hussain

    Group membersSaliha javed

    Faiza amen

    Zoya murtaza

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project



    Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and the most merciful whose

    blessings are abundant and favors are unlimited.

    As a mater a fact, people tend to forget those who are behind there achievements and have

    stood for them whenever they need assistant. Our gratitude will be meaningless if weare not

    grateful to almighty Allah for his indness upon us. His benevolence and blessings have

    made us capable. !e are also very thanful to our Sir. "ari# Hussain for theirind andsympathetic behavior and for giving us this pro$ect, so that we learn a lot from this pro$ect.

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    Table of contents Acknowledge




    Companies detail

    Companys Mottos

    Swot analysis

    Cost breakdown



  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    Introduction%ahat baery has very high standards in all around the &aistan. "hey are

    offering couple of items all are very very #uality products, some of the best are'

    ( Arguably the best pi))a in all branches.. it is woring for the betterment ofeconomy and have opened yet *+ branches witch are woring tremendously

    and are following all the a#ccounting standards .and also maintain tthir records

    according to the software that they specifically designed for their business.their

    main products ion gu$$ar han are'




    !edding caes



    &ie pastries

    VissionAfter providing best services to their customers in gujjar khan citiy.they

    will expand their business in MANDRA !"#$AM region.


  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    To satisfy their customers by providing best services and quality


    Who are they?%ell& they are members of the management& what surprised andimpressed us during the meeting with Rahat's management is thevitality and self(confidence found among the whole team. in the times ofchaos and crisis we have become so accustomed to gloom and doomthat we are not used to hearing upbeat optimistic talk specially in ourpart of the world& #ere is a sweet encounter we had with the Rahat'sManagement&

    DirectorsA jolly team of young directors says that people can hold themaccountable for the general rising weight in the public& we do not blamethem for giving in to the temptation of Rahat)s cakes& pies& cookies&breads... %e ourselves are addicted to the relishing baked stuffprepared at Rahat& *Don)t worry about the weight increase& stick to aregular exercise routine and keep enjoying both the life and Rahat)s

    baked stuff opines one of the directors& *Manage your health as +manage the firm& intelligently& i.e. eat nutritious Rahat)s baked instead ofgorging your self up with unauthentic products on the market& ,says theother. -eems fair enough advice.

    The Teamhe dynamic workforce at Rahat bakers is headed by the more dynamicpersonality& Mr javed i/bal 0 1eneral Manager2& #e has Manager sales

    in 3epsi 1roup and employs this experience the best advantage atRahat 4akers. 4eing extremely methodical. %e tries to develop step(by(step approach to basics in all his affairs. No matter how well theperforms. #e is not satisfied because he is the type who would keep onstriving for still greater achievements +n life . And indubitably he iscapable of doing so.

    Mr. !aved +/bal opnes that an organi5ation can work miracles onlythrough a dedicated& motivated team of workers. #e is proud to have

    such a team that includes members. 6ew of whom have been in servicesince last 78 yearsand by now have become a valuable asset for the

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    firm& hese distinguished members +nclude

    Mr. Akhtar Awan { Admin Manager}Mr. Khalid Rasool {Purchase Manager}

    Mr. Nasir Qureshi { Store Supervisor}

    hey have been associated with -ales Marketing for good period oftime and are responsible for impressive performance and increasinggrowth rate of the firm.

    This is the motto they all follows :We, the Rahat Bakery Company from akistan. out of our convictionfor our profession and motherland . do hereby proclaim that collectively!e !ill uphold ethical and moral values ,produces the highest qualitybaked good products possible sell them at an honest price " maintaine#ceptional customers.

    Cost breakdown

    Variable Cost

    Wages " Carriage charges Rs.$%,%%%

    Fixed Cost

    Rent Rs.&%%,%%%

    'tilities Rs.()%,%%%

    *nsurance Rs.(+,%%%

    Web hosting Rs.(%,%%%

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    alaries Rs.-+%,%%%

    dvertising Rs.(+%,%%%

    Selected products




    0ruit salad

    Product cost1)Pizza (monthly 900)


    0lour )%%2+%3-+,%%%

    Chease )%%2+%3-+,%%%

    Chiken )%%2+%3-+,%%%

    4ther ingredients (+%2)%%3(,5+%%%

    6abour &%%2)%%3(7%,%%%

    048 (+%2)%%3(5+,%%%

    Total cost +7+%%%

    er 'nit cost +7+%%%9)%%3Rs.:+%

    rofit3selling price;cost price

    (5% 3 $7%;:+%

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    Cost volume profit analysis

    Contribution margin3selling price;variable cost

    3 $7%;+%%


    Breakeven oint3fi#ed cost9contribution margin

    3 (7%,%%%9&7%

    3-7& units

    Breakeven to get targeted profit

    Targeted income3sales revenue;variable cost;fi#ed cost

    3 -%%,%%%3$7%#;+%%#;(5+%%%

    3 )-: units

    2)Cake (Monthly Production) 450

    1aterial3 :$+%%9&$%


    Targetted *ncome 3selling price;variable cost;fi#ed cost

    &%%,%%% 3:+%#;57%#;:$+%%


    >3 (5&+%%9&$%


    Rolls(180dozzens p.m)


    0lour :%2(7%3(%7%%

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    chiken (%%2(7%3(7%%%

    ?agetables (%%2(7%3(7%%%

    auses (%%2(7%3(7%%%

    4ther ingredients :%2(7%3(%7%%

    048 (%%2(7%3(7%%%

    6abour (+%2(7%3&$%%%

    Total cost 3(&%:%%

    er unit cost3(&%:%%9(7%3Rs.:$%

    rofit 3selling price;cost price


    Cost volume profit analysis

    Contribution margin3selling price;variable cost


    3&5% 3sellin

    Breakeven point3selling price;variable cost;fi#ed cost





    Targeted profit3 selling price;variable cost;fi#ed cost

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project







    Salad (270packs p.m)


    0ruits +%2&$%3(5+%%

    casto sugur &%2&$%3+-%%

    0resh cream 5%2&$%37(%%

    4ther ingredients &%2&$%3+-%%

    6abour -%2&$%3(%7%%

    048 &%2&$%3+-%%

    Total cost3-7:%%

    er unit cost3-7:%%9&$%3Rs.(7%

    rofit3selling price @cost price



  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    Cost volume profit analysis Contribution margin3selling price;variable cost



    Breakeven point3 selling price;variable cost;fi#ed cost





    Targeted profit3 selling price;variable cost;fi#ed cost






    Rahat bakersCost of production reportFor the month june 2 13tepA(

    'nits started (7%%

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    Completed n transfer (:+%

    Work in process (+% (7%%

    tep A&

    1aterial conversion cost

    'nits completed (:+% (:+%

    Work in process (%+ (%+

    Total units ($++ ($++

    tep 5

    1aterial cost conversion cost

    -+)%%% &:&.&7

    +55$%% 5%-.(%

    Total ))&$%% +&(.%)

    tep -

    Completed !ork in process

    1aterial -5&$:& &$+5).-

    Conversion cost +%($:+ 5()5%.+

    1 Reviews for Rahat Bakers

    R9:A;;A A: Revie!s(5;%:;&%(&+ tar Rating

  • 7/22/2019 Rahat Bakers Project


    Best bakery !ith lavish food item/... no one can doubt about itsquality... thumbs up for the salad bar...

    dnan + Revie!s(&;%:;&%(&+ tar Rating

    =#cellent food quality and variety. ou must try the Rahat i//a.*f ur hungry and u need some fast snacks, find ur !ay to Rahat asapD

    oman 1( Revie!s&7;%(;&%(&+ tar Rating8o! can * not comment on something !hich about R8T BE=RF*n fact * created a login on this !ebsite to comment on Rahat Bakers.4ne of the finest in to!n @ * am a big time fan of it. 1ost likes are theirsalad, bro!nie, mousse and cakes. * kno! they are not paying me for

    their marketing but * al!ays keep on doing that @ a local brand and agreat quality @ !e really need to appreciate such honest businesses. *donGt hav