Radical Revolution and Reaction - Weebly

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Transcript of Radical Revolution and Reaction - Weebly

• The New French Republic faced enemies at home and abroad
Move to Radicalism What group is in charge of France?
Paris Commune led by the ....
Sans-Culottes (ordinary working patriots without fine clothes)
wanted revenge on those who helped the King because it threatened the success of the revolution
Thousands massacred (French citizens accused of helping the King killed)
Fate of the King
The people of the NC distrusted King Louis XVI
Sept. 21 à abolished monarchy
-establish French republic
(Nat’l Convention break into factions over fate of the King)
Factions of France
•Mountain – Kill the King
Crisis and Response
Committee of Public Safety
-Maximilian Robespierre -formed to protect France from European Royalty who wanted to overthrow the new Gov’t of the Revolution!
The Reign of Terror
Committee of Public Safety is formed to prosecute “internal enemies” of the Republic
*40,000 killed
-16,000 guillotined
The Republic of Virtue
• Women wore Long dresses that resembled Roman dress
• Slavery abolished
• New calendar established (Sept. 22nd,1792) 1st day of French Republic
A Nation in Arms The entire French Nation
goes to war
*Nationalism*-pride in ones own country
(peoples war)
By the Summer of 1794
France defeats its foreign enemies because of it large army and the success of its mobilization
Robespierre is obsessed with ridding France of all its corrupt elements
- Deputies in government feared Robespierre
*condemned him to guillotined
The Directory New Constitution (1795)- reduces the power of
the CfPS and keeps one group from gaining control of the gov’t.
Establishes a system of checks and balances =
Legislature - elect an upper house & lower house
*elect 5 directors to act as executive (DIRECTORY)
The Directory relies heavily on the military to maintain control
The Coup
•General Napoleon Bonaparte seizes power