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  1. 1. Radial Landscape Mapping (a revolution in brand mapping)
  2. 2. Why we need brand maps?Knowing how your brand is perceived in the market place is of paramount importance.Brand strategists are always keen to understand how their brand aligns against a battery of perceptual equity and image statements.Existing brand maps generated through statistical correspondence analysis are thought by many to be confusing.
  3. 3. IntroducingRadial Landscape Maps (A revolution in brand mapping) Radial landscape mapping is based on a statistical data reduction technique* designed to measure the extent to which a set of brand personality attributes are associated with a set of known brands. Analysis results are illustrated using a Radial Landscape Map where brand personality attributes are positionedout around the perimeter depending on their mutual association/correlation. Individual brands are positioned inside the map. Brand personality attributeFamily CaringBrand YBrand W: Close to the centre - it is almost equally associated with all the personality attributes, but has a marginally higher association with vibrancy, expert and fun.Brand X: Has a significantly higher association with fun, vibrant and expert.Brand XExpert Vibrant FunBrand Y: is being pulled towards family and caring.Brand Z: Is regarded as a basic, tired and boring brand.Brand WIn some cases, the brand attributes start to cluster together representing an underlying theme or latent construct.Boring Basic Tired Irritating* Adapted statistical correspondence analysisBrand Z
  4. 4. Mapping Brands & Attributes
  5. 5. Brand Personality within a competitive context - Clothes Caring EngagingEco-friendly and caringFamily ExpertAuthentic and trustworthyHelpful Over-pricedGenuine ReliableNatural EthicalEfficientVibrantExciting and livelyFunClient: Household cleaning good manufacturerDisappointing Boring IrritatingTired Basic Over-promisingDull and tiresome
  6. 6. Case: Restaurants (competitive brand positioning) Crave Menu ItemsAuthentic Mexican FoodThe MenuFood QualityVariety of menu items Simple menuGreat Tasting FoodBrand A is perceived to be a convenient offering and to lesser degree a value offering.Has drive-thruConvenienceBrand DBrand D is differentiated by the quality of the food.Brand AConvenient nearby locationHigh Quality Ingredients Food from scratch Clean/comfortable atmosphereModern up to date Personable. Friendly employees Treats you like a valued customer Gets order rightFood timely/fastBrand BOpen late night/24 hoursService Delivery Healthy nutritious itemsBrand C Food prepared how you want it Low prices Good value for moneyValueHas large portions
  7. 7. Case: Drinks brand (evolution in image through time) Value & AffordabilityIs affordable Worth what is costsPersonalIs genuine and authenticFor someone like meGamma (2012)Quality Has a premium qualityDelta (2011/12)Alpha (2007)Comforting & RelaxingGoes well with food Delta (2007)Gamma (2011)Sophisticated drink Always doing new thingsAlpha (2011)Beta (2012)For football fans Beta(2011)Good when having with friends Makes moments funGamma (2007)Great tasting Thirst quenching brandAlpha (2012)Is an uplifting drinkYouthful brand Is very refreshingYouthful & CoolCool & edgyBeta (2007)Social & Fun Inspires OptimismBase: Daily Drinkers of Alpha only Adapted Statistical Correspondence AnalysisAssociate with music Would like to be seen drinking
  8. 8. Moving beyond the brand/attribute space
  9. 9. Client budget size VS what is considered very important from suppliers. EXPERIENCE & Consultation on best practices and methodology effectivenessCONSULTATIVE SKILLS Listens well to client needsDELIVERY AND FINANCIAL STABILITY$450K - $749KFamiliarity with client needsCompletes research on agreed timingsLength of experience/time in business$750K - $999KFlexibility on changing project parametersBreadth of experience in target segmentGood relationship with supplier Company is financially stableHas an access panelUnderstands new consumer communication channels & technologiesAlso does quantitative research$1M + $100K - $249KHigh quality analysisLess than $100KLowest Price Familiarity with industryHas knowledgeable staffPRICE & ACCESS TO MARKETRapid response to requests Uses sophisticated collection technology/strategiesKNOWLEADGE & RESPONSIVENESS$250K - $449K Offers a unique methodology/ approachPrevious experience with supplierProvides high data qualityProvide data analysis services Use the latest Good Use the latest data collection reputation analytical QUALITY DATA COLLECTION technology packagesTECHNIQUES
  10. 10. What data can we use Structured survey questionsUnstructured social media dataAny two-way table will work to produce a Radial Landscape Map
  11. 11. Our unique approach to measuring social engagement Note: Off the shelf sentiment metrics are based on automated word counting and volume of conversation.Our Approach: Is built upon a validated Linguistics based approach known as Stance Shift Analysis Uncovers the meaning of conversations. Generates a metric called the Semantic Closely maps hard sales data.Engagement Index (SEITM)
  12. 12. Case: Beverage chain (400K social media conversations) StylishCoolness, funky, style, DcorArtwork/DecorFunkyIn-store customer experienceToiletsCool brand Seating/chairs Brand VStaying in Brand Y is least differentiated by social conversations.Good value Coffee PriceBrand Y Brand XBrand WBrand Z stands out v. competitors for the taste & rich flavour of its beveragesFood pricesRichness Brand ZValue and Price Bubbles represent conversational clusters, whilst size indicates level of engagement.LatteAmazing taste Like no otherTaste and product quality
  13. 13. Brand positioning using socially engaged chatter PerformanceSafety & ReliabilitySpeedGreat AccelerationReliablePower Safety BMW is uniquely positioned on performance qualities.Durable Acura is least differentiated by social chatter Audi and Jaguar are differentiated by social conversations around style and design.Elegant FeelingGas MileageInterior Design Classic Styling To Be Seen DrivingEmotional Note: Separate analysis - Adapted Statistical Correspondence Analysis Bubble size represents the buzz/volume of chatter (SEI Conversational Clusters)Curb AppealStyle & Design
  14. 14. What is so special about the Radial Landscape Maps? 1. The maps provide a means of visualising reams of cross tabular data on brands. 2. They provide a powerful window into the positioning of brands within a competitive landscape. 3. The maps are designed with simplicity in mind. 4. The maps serve different audiences researchers, brand managers/strategists/planners, creative and product-experience designers. 5. The maps have multiple applications outside of the immediate brand/attribute space. We can capture large amounts of unstructured social media conversations and represent in a powerful map.
  15. 15. I was immediately impressed by the elegance of the visual, the ease of understanding it, and the power of the statistical analysis behind it Leonard F. Murphy Chief Editor & Principal Consultant | GreenBook Research Industry TrendsGreenBook blog article - Radial Landscape Map A Revolution in Brand Mapping and Data Visualisation. Click Here
  16. 16. Masood AkhtarMichael WolfePartner, Analytics (EMEA) Bottom Line Analytics E: ma@bottomlineanalytics.com M: +44 7970 789 663CEO Bottom Line Analytics E: mjw@bottomlineanalytics.com M: 770.485.0270www.bottomlineanalytics.comwww.bottomlineanalytics.com