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The Finals of QuizInfo

Transcript of QuizInfo Finals

  • 1.


  • 15 questions. Mind it Write it!!
  • Write the answer in whichever cell you like.
  • After 15 Questions exchange sheets.
  • Checkers cross every correct answer.
  • 1 point for every correct answer. 3 points for getting a row. 7 points for getting a pyramid and 15 for getting full house. Max points at stake-40.


Which Indian company will be participating in the 125cc segment of the Moto GP in the 2010-11 seasons as it considers the 125cc segment as the most relevant to the Indian public? 1 4.

Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your lifeWhat am I talking about? 2 5.

1.Michael the Bank Street Canary 2. Major the Saint Bernard dog 3. Billy the Goat 4. "Hoppy" Thorne, the One-legged Wonder 5. Jack Irons 6. __________? 3 6.

Director:Xiao Jiang Cast: Tian Yuan, Teddy Lin, Huang Jianxiang, Li Chenpeng, Zhang Shuai, Xie Hui, Li Kai, Zhang Xuan Also Known As: Mou Sha Zhang Yu Bao Luo Country:China Language:Mandarin Release Date:2010 Genre:Drama Id the movie? 4 7. Id the legend. Between 1981 and 1986 he won 555 consecutive matches, the longest winning streak in any sport. 5 8. The struggle to let women participate in this event was chronicled in the ABC news story, restricted airspace. Id the event, controversially the only Olympic winter sport to not let women compete. 6 9. Id the board game. 7 10. Although having never played a single international football game, he was made the brand ambassador of Euro 2008. He plays regularly for FC Echichens, a team in the fifth tier of the Swiss League. He turned down an offer to join San Marino champions SS Murata a move which could have seen him play the qualifying rounds of the Champions League. Who? 8 11.

Considered to be the most unsportsmanlike conduct ever in the Olympic history, he kicked referee Chakir Chelbat in the face after being disqualified from a bronze medal taekwondo fight at the 2008 games in Beijing. Identify this Cuban player.9 12.

Connect: 10 13.

Connect: 11 14.

Connect a character played by the guy on the left and the person on the right 12 15.

A bespectacled medium pace bowler, a little too tall for his age group was called for chucking by Mohammad Yousef Motorwala during the finals of the BTR Memorial trophy between St JosephsIndian High School. I saw that his action was incorrect and called it recalls Yousef I said that bowl what you want but you are not going to bowl pace as long as I am around. Identify the bespectacled bowler. 13 16.

England vs Australia at Melbourne in 1895 was the first instance of this happening.The first time it happened outside of Australia was only in 1952 when Pakistan beat India at Lucknow by an innings and 43 runs. The recent defeat of England at the hands of Australia by 267 runs was the 36 thinstance. What is being talked about? 14 17.

Connect: 15 18.

  • 3 for direct.
  • 3 for bonus
  • No negatives
  • Arguments will be entertained till the time the QM says this is the limit.


  • Connect:

Connect: 1 20. What infamous incident that rocked the world of football precedes this incident. 2 21. While playing for the MCC vs Germany in 1992, this batsman scored only one run in his teams total of 268-3. After the match, he remarked, I always happen to score one against Germany. Who is this player we are talking about? 3 22.

X was a former schoolboy javelin champion. He was touted to represent Ireland in the Olympics. Martin ONeill noted Xs _______ are equivalent to a free-kick and often range 30-40 meters and can reach speeds of 60km/h. Who is X and what is Xs secret weapon? 4 23.

What nickname was given by the media to the swimmer Eric Moussambini Malonga from Equatorial Guinea after he gained international fame at the 2000 Summer Olympics when he swam his heat of the 100 m freestyle in 1:52.72, more than twice that of his fastest competitors and outside even the 200m world record. Eric had gained entry via a wild card entry designed to encourage developing countries without expensive training facilities to participate? 5 24.

The idea originated with club co-founder Clifford Roberts. Many believe it is because he wanted patrons visiting during the tournament to be able to readily identify members. The real reason was to eliminate competition among the members. He had grown tired of men wearing flashy clothing which he considered inappropriate and decided ___X___ would be the best solution. Until 1967, the jackets were manufactured by Brooks Uniform Co, NY and since have been made by Hamilton of Cincinnati? 6 25.

Anti-clockvoice 26.

Q) Whose biography reads as follows Name: ______________ (but I'm not that old!) Age: 84 Height: 5'4" (6'6" if you include all the ___________) Hobbies: Watching cricket; meteorology Likes: Cricket; 'Tweeting' to all my friends; WG Grace (a great cricketer and very chatty still - for a statue) Dislikes: Lightning and balloons? 7 answer 27.

answer 28.

Honorary members of team known for their buffoonery Henry Kissinger (1976) Bob Hope (1977) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1989) Whoopi Goldberg (1990) Nelson Mandela (1996) Jackie Joyner-Kersee (1999) Pope John Paul II (2000) Jesse Jackson (2001)8 29.

  • A brief summary of rules of the game are as follows
  • - Grow at least three extra legs. You won't need them, but it keeps the crowds amused
  • - Find one good player and clone him off a few times. This saves an enormous amount of tedious selection and training
  • Put your team and the opposing team ina large field and build a high wall round them
  • The reason for this is that, though the game is a major spectator sport, the frustration experienced by the audience at not actually being able to see what's going on leads them to imagine that it's a lot more exciting than it actually is
  • -Throw lots of assorted items of sporting equipment over the walls for the players. Anything will do - cricket bats, basecube bats, tennis guns, skis, anything you can get a good swing with
  • -The players should now lay about themselves for all they are worth with whatever they find to hand. Whenever a player scores a 'hit' on another player, he should immediately run away and apologize from a safe distance
  • Apologies should be concise, sincere and, for maximum clarity and points, delivered through a megaphone
  • -The winning team shall be the first team that wins

9 30.

Connect: 10 31.

Give funda 11 32.

Identify the team and the driver 33.

  • Team A bats[answers]. Team B bowls[the QM throws questions on their behalf]
  • Team A[all three teams work together] can claim to give the answer after the QM tells them the category of the question. If then the batting team gets the right answer they[all sub-teams] get 6 points.
  • If Team A gets it wrong[without options]its a wicket. The bowling team chooses which sub-team's wicket they want to take. The team does not score any points now.
  • Team A gets 4 points on answering correctly if they did not opt for a sixer. However, if Team B gets it right too[write it] Team A gets 2 points. Dot ball if nobody gets it right.
  • Team A misses and Team B gets it right then Team B gets 1 point.
  • 2 wickets only. No last man batting. 6 balls/over. Winning team gets 3 bonus points
  • Shahpurians dont give extras nor do they give away easy singles.
  • Toss ka boss please..


1 35.

What is Grand Chelem in Formula 1? 2 36. Connect: Moshe Weinberg, Yossef Romano, Ze'ev Friedman, David Berger,Yakov Springer, Eliezer Halfin, Yossef Gutfreund, Kehat Shorr, Mark Slavin, Andre Spitzer and Amitzur Shapira.3 37.

Why this celebration? 4 38.

He belongs to the Ahari tribe and because of poverty was used to hunt animals and birds in the jungle. In 1992 at Barcelona Olympics he missed the Bronze medal by one point in the 70-meter segment and finished with 10th rank. In 1995 he stood with second rank and team won Gold medal in Commonwealth Games[of the sport] held at New Delhi. In 1996 he was National Champion with Asian Record. He joined the TATA group in 1996 but lost his job due to under performance. In January 2009, the Indian news media reported that he was almost homeless, living in the garage of MLA Arjun Singh Bawania. Identify? 5 39.

Ademonstration sport is a sport which is played to promote itself, most commonly during theOlympic Games, but also at other sporting events.Which demonstration sport was played in Beijing Olympics 08? 6 40.

2 NDINNINGS 41. Connect:1 42.

Designed by Future Systems which building was awarded theRoyal Institute of British Architects Stirling Prizefor architecture in 1999? Originally sponsored byNatWest, it has been sponsored byInvestecsince 2007. ANSWER 2 43.


An advertising agent who was born on 25th June 1983, at the exact moment that India won the Cricket World Cup and lives in Karol Bagh in Delhi with her father and his three brothers' family. She has a dog called Meeku. She works as a client service rep with the AWB advertising agency. Whenever she eats breakfast with the Indian Cricket team they win the next match. Who am I talking about? 3 45.

Kop is a colloquial name or term for a number of terraces and stands a