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  • 1. Copyright2013-2014 TEACHERS DAY QUIZ - PRELIMS SEPTEMBER 5, 2013

2. Copyright2013-2014 1. Identify the sports personality. 3. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 1 DHYAN CHAND. His birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day all over India on August 29. 4. Copyright2013-2014 2. Identify this Mahendra Sandhu acted movie, which had a remake. 5. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 2 The movie is AGENT VINOD. Remade and released with SAIF ALI KHAN as the protagonist. 6. Copyright2013-2014 3.* The national sport of Bangladesh gets its name from the Tamil words for hand (kai) and catch/hold(puddi). Identify the game. 7. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 3 The game is KABBADDI 8. Copyright2013-2014 4. Code written on something regularly transported and used in Mumbai. 9. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 4 The coding used by the DABBA WALLAHS on the dabbas transported by them 10. Copyright2013-2014 5. Which sports association does this logo represent? 11. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 5 ALL INDIA CARROM FEDERATION 12. Copyright2013-2014 6. Identify This former Chief Ministers family had a tradition in which after a baby was born, the mother was asked what delicacy she would like to eat, which would become her name. Her sisters, therefore, are named after the Jalebi, Paan and the Rasgula. Who is being mentioned here? 13. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 6 MS. RABRI DEVI, FORMER CHIEF MINISTER OF BIHAR 14. Copyright2013-2014 7. Fill in the blank, with a place. 15. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 7 BITS, PILANI 16. Copyright2013-2014 8. In March 1941, after assuming the guise of a Pashtun insurance agent called Ziaudddin to reach Afghanistan, he changed his guise and travelled to Moscow on the Italian passport of an Italian nobleman "Count Orlando Mazzotta, using a diplomatic car. From Moscow, he reached Rome, and from there he travelled to Germany. What Bond like person are we talking about? Later in his life, he had also adopted a Japanese alter-ego called Ichiro Okuda. 17. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 8 SUBHASH CHANDER BOSE 18. Copyright2013-2014 9. This was created in 1874, by an English bakery to commemorate the marriage of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh. It became popular throughout Europe, and also has a great fan base among the young and old of India. After the Spanish Civil War, this became an icon of Spains economic recovery after bakers made these in large numbers to finish the surplus of wheat. What was so created? 19. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 9 MARIE BISCUITS 20. Copyright2013-2014 10. Dont underestimate this question. 21. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 10 HALWA 22. Copyright2013-2014 11. Each year, particularly during the period of Makar Sankrant, you will hear this exclamation from the rooftops of Gujarat. If you cut a kite, you can shout this Gujarati phrase to indicate your achievement. What Gujarati phrase, made famous by a 2013 Bollywood movie, is this? 23. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 11 KAI PO CHE 24. Copyright2013-2014 12.* This place is(was?) Asias largest market square. This was built by Princess Jahanara, the daughter of Shah Jahan. The marketplace derives its name from the canals filled with water that sparkled brightly in the moonlight. 25. Copyright2013-2014 ANSWER 12 CHANDANI CHOWK IN DELHI