QUIT PIANO LESSONS (a digital strategy for Playground Sessions)

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for Playground Sessions by BBH ZAG via #digistrat by @JulianCole

Transcript of QUIT PIANO LESSONS (a digital strategy for Playground Sessions)

  • becca taylor for #digistratLast seen: planning intern at CP+BFree agent until January 2013PLAYGROUNDSESSIONSA DIGITALSTRATEGY
  • Its a dark time for piano lessons.
  • Dread.Fear.Punishment.Its no wonder 9 out of 10 kids quit piano.generally accepted statistic cited by John Aschenbrenner ,pianoinstructor/Emmy winner Source: http://EzineArticles.com/675631
  • But it doesnt have to be like this.
  • What is Playground Sessions?ROSETTA STONE MEETS GUITAR HEROINSTRUCTORSONGSFun, interactive piano tutorial software you can record,share & compareSelf-taught pianist & YouTubecover celebrity, David SidesLearn from a library of radiohits & popular favorites
  • Problem: Low Awareness -They wish learning piano was likePlayground Sessions, but theyre quitting because they dontknow such a thing exists.Objective: 750,000 qualified visitors (conversion rate > 0.75%)to the Playground Sessions site in the next 12 monthsTimeframe: November 2012 - October 2013 - Capitalize onholiday gift giving.Budget: $200,000Recapping the Client Brief
  • Target: Teens who want to quit piano
  • Ugh. These teens are so over it.They dont want to learn piano, they want to play songsgood songs. These arentaspiring pianists, theyre wannabe performers. Theyre 12-16 and have hit thefated Grade 5 Piano Hump so few make it over. With middle school came moredemanding classes and sports coaches, plus this instrument is really cramping theirsocial lives: Instead of being at the most exciting volleyball game of the century Iwas at piano lessons. #K #thanksmomAs awesome as PS may be, these kids dont have $149 to pay for it, but theirparents whove been shelling out hundreds for lessons do, and theyll do anythingto keep their kids from quitting like they didespecially if it means saving somecash.
  • Reasons they want to quit:dislike teachertoo hardsick of classical musicschedule conflictscriticism & examsReasons they havent:1. Parentschilds feelings range from guilt sheer terrorparents actions range from bribery brick wall (youll thank me later)2. Cultureno quitters ideology + its good for you + fight for music in schools3. End Goalreally want to be able to play the piano
  • How Pre-Quitters Navigate MediaThose who actively want to quit:1. Search Google for advice & alternatives2. Send a warning/threat on TwitterBut most dont even see quitting lessons as an option.These grin-and-bearers just:1. Complain about it on Twitter2. Find pop music piano tutorials on YouTube
  • Whats the single thingPlayground Sessions shouldcommunicate to these kids?
  • Quit piano lessons.
  • NO.Wait. What?
  • Force-feeding of Motzart, Bach, &whoever wrote Hot Crossed BunsMean/satanic teacher whohates on your stumpy fingersConflicts with schoolCramps social lifeDeferred gratificationPlaying of Beyonce, Kanye, &BieberYouTube superstar with seriouspiano swaggerWhenever you can pencil us inShare skills on social networksInstant gratificationPlayground Sessions are not piano lessons.LESSONS SESSIONSlearnpiano
  • p. lessonsfrustrated pianolearnersP. Sessionsnewly-inspired pianoplayersFROM TOepidemic of regretfulpiano quitterspopulation ofmusical dream-livers
  • Okay, but how do we tell them toquit lessons and switch toPlayground Sessions?
  • ImQuittingPiano!Awareness I want PS!Teens who wantto quit pianoMOM / DADTeens JourneyTeens make the switchto Playground SessionsCURRENT BEHAVIOR DESIRED RESPONSEEasy enough,right?
  • ImQuittingPiano!Awareness I want PS!Teens who wantto quit pianoTeens JourneyTeens make the switchto Playground SessionsCURRENT BEHAVIOR DESIRED RESPONSENOTQUITE.
  • So, lets plan for the parental hurdle.These teens cant (successfully)quit lessons and switch to PSwithout their parentspermission and money.
  • ImQuittingPiano!Awareness I want PS!ResearchBuyingMomentTeens who wantto quit pianoMOM/DADTeens Journey Parents JourneyMake successful switchto Playground SessionsCURRENT BEHAVIOR DESIRED RESPONSE
  • Teen Digital Ecosystem1. SHOULD I QUIT PIANO?TwitterSearchYouTube ads
  • Teen Digital Ecosystem2. AWARENESSTwitterSearchYouTube adsOwned SocialWebsiteMusic Blogs
  • Teen Digital Ecosystem3. WILL MOM/DAD BUY IT?TwitterSearchYouTube adsOwned SocialWebsiteMusic BlogsMicrosite
  • Mom/Dad Digital Ecosystem4. RESEARCHTwitterSearchYouTube adsOwned SocialWebsiteMusic BlogsMicrosite EmailWebsiteSearchOther Parents
  • Mom/Dad Digital Ecosystem5. BUYING MOMENTTwitterSearchYouTube adsOwned SocialWebsiteMusic BlogsMicrosite EmailWebsiteSearchOther ParentsPoint of Sale
  • What could some of theseideas look like?
  • Search
  • YouTube Tutorial Hijack(Banners & In-Stream Ads)
  • Engaging Quitters/Complainers on Twitter(See also: hundreds of relapsed quitters tweeting about #regrets)
  • What will success look like?
  • productawarenesscool newtech toyculturally-relevant,leader of piano lessonmutinycustomers
  • Success can be measured too.
  • $200,000 Budget BreakdownMicrosite:Search:YouTube Ads:Banner Ads:Blogger Seeding:Potential Earned Media:----------------------------Total Allocated: $125,000$75,000 remaining to target first-time piano learners$50,000$20,000$30,000$20,000$5,000FREE