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  2. 2. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYHOW How can Faab Multi Channel help you? Faab Multi Channel is a SaaS e-commerce solution that enables retailers and merchants to scale their profitability in multiple marketplaces by opening doors to global sales. Merchants and retailers takes full control of online selling with powerful, effective system that automates duplicate processes and saves you time and money. Our system integrates across all departments including but not limited to Product Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, Shipping Management, Bundle and Variation tool and Social Media Management. FaabMCS is fully integrated with EBay, Amazon, Play, Pixmania, Bubbles, Flubit, Facebook and many more.
  3. 3. www.FaabMultiChannel.com Amazon, EBay Play and other marketplaces such as Buy.com, Sears, Bonanza and others account for over25%+ of total online retail sales, and are growing on daily basis. Retailers of all sizes are recognizing the benefits of building brand awareness and profit potential of these marketplaces. Importance of aligning your business with a solution partner such as FaabMCS is even more critical for your online success.
  4. 4. Marketplaces
  5. 5. Features FaabMCS platform supporting Amazon, eBay, Play, Pixmania, Bubbles, Flubit, Rakuten, Sears, Bonanza, Facebook and other marketplaces. Product management across all marketplaces Schedule multiple Product Feed and Inventory Feeds View Top Selling Products and Categories across all Marketplaces on a single screen. Inventory management across all marketplaces Bulk update prices for Whole Catalogue, Category, Brand, Individually or by setting rules. Full Price Management across all marketplaces Automatic Identification of miss-match ASIN's on Amazon Sell your product listings against multiple ASIN's Create Variation product from single screen. Create your own Bundle Products. Bulk EBay Category, Feedback, Shipping, Payment and Listing Duration management Automate full post-sale activities. Product / Category Sales reporting. Individual and Channel comparison reporting Full Facebook Integration for your Social Media Marketing Use our System Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow. Secured, Reliability and full Scalability
  6. 6. Product Management Features Upload Multi-supplier Product Feeds. Upload Multi-supplier / Warehouse inventory feed. Automate by Setting Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Schedule for Products & Inventory Manage / Edit Products Update Inventory Change status of a Product View Sales History of a product across all channels including price history. Each products shows Margin %age. Original Product Feed price shown.
  7. 7. Multi Channel Features Multi Channel Product View is a unique feature that helps merchants manage Products, Category and Brand on a single page view. Ideal for instances where you want to disable a category instantly from showing on a Selling Channels. This feature is useful if the Brand is no longer available or if there is a temporary supplier / account issue. Or it could be that some category products are expensive to send by Post or by Courier, and as such its not economical to sell that product. Multi Channel Price Variation is one of the Best and Unique Feature of FaabMCS that empowers merchants to maximise their sales and take control of their own margins. Set your own individual prices in bulk by Brand or by Category for each Channels. You could in theory have all your selling channels selling all your products at different prices. Bulk process means no need for individual time consuming process.
  8. 8. Order Management Order Management of all your Orders from all Selling Channels is just half the battle. You have to ensure that the Order is picked, packed and fulfilled as quickly as you can. This in turn will ensure you have a repeat customer and a positive feedback. Manage the post sales buyer experience through automated communication. Personalise each invoices as per your Selling Channel Branding. Third-party Shipping Integration Drop Shipping / Direct Ship orders - Automatically send your order by email or by FTP to the suppliers. Manage Returns, customer communication and Update order with tracking number. Flag the order for future communication.
  9. 9. Dashboard Dashboard provides you an instant overview of all your channels. Display number of products live in each channels. Show number of active channels and what the Average and Total order value is. Display the Top 100 Products and Top 100 Categories. Create and Download the reports to share with your colleagues or view it in your own time.
  10. 10. facebook facebook one of the Worlds most popular Social Media platform. Create Facebook Shop. Full customisation to your Branding. Create Posts, comments on Posts. Create FB Deals using your product data. Schedule Posts Worlds first and Unique Feature by FaabMCS. Insert Products, Prices, and Link to your website, Product Images and Custom Tag automatically. Set your schedule and thats it. Our system will update your Facebook Status as per the schedule.
  11. 11. Additional Features Multiple Account creation - You may trade as XYZ on Amazon, ABC on EBay with different Branding. Print orders with this custom individual branding automatically. For UK customers add Royal Mail PPI to your invoice / label. Set and manage your currency exchange. Import Data from Selling Channels. Set Users and User roles. And much much more. Visit www.FaabMultiChannel.com today. No Commissions No Limitations on number of Listings About Us Well its not ALL about us, is it? Its about YOU. Its ALL about you choosing a multi- channel management system that will assist you in managing your business, in freeing up your valuable time: to buy better, to market better, to allow a system to do all the hard work. Its about us providing you with a solution that will allow you to focus on customer service. A solution that does not require any IT persons help. A solution that does not require an IT team to manage our system and more importantly YOUR BUSINESS.