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  • 1. 4. How did you use the media tech in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?

2. This the HXR MC2000E sony HD broadcast Video camera. This is a professionalCamera with a 1080p HD resolution. We first used this camera whilst videoing the bandPlay live on stage. We used two to capture both sides of the stage, giving us more footageTo use whilst editing. They have an excellent picture quality, and the sony boom mic thatComes with it worked exceptionally well with the sound of the band. It wasnt distorted or unable to be heard whenplayed back. We used them on all of our interviews, they have a good frequency response so the sound levels in theinterviews are really clear.These cameras work exceptionally well with everything we used them for, you can move them fast without themgoing blurry, the auto focus works fast and doesnt take ages to focus, which could possibly ruin the shot. The manualfocus is very good, it has a very large depth of field and can focus everything in the cameras view.The cameras have an excellent battery storage, so when it came to use videoing the band for a constant 30mins, both cameras held out well and lost hardly any battery. We also went on to video interviews afterwards andvox pops, and the battery was still full.I have also used this camera whilst recording myself evaluate my documentary. 3. Computers. For the computers, we used a dell insperon. These are what we did everything on.We edited our documentary, radio advert, poster and also our blogs. The computers are I7s, 16GB ram, and they are a dell XPS Theses computers ran Photoshop, Premier and Blogger exceptionally well andextremely fast. These are very good to work on because they almost nevermalfunction or freeze, all work is easily saved on them and easy to find becausethey have windows seven. When uploading the videos and watching them back, they had an excellentplayback quality and never crashed or took too long when uploading. 4. Radio Studio In the radio studio, we had to use audacity to record our radio voice over. We usedprofessional standard mics used for the priestley radio station. They are very clearand work well for editing and cutting. The room is small and the mics have an cardioid pickup patter so that the onlysound picked up comes from in front of the mic. 5. Clip mics In some of our interviews, we used the clip mics instead of the attached cameramics. This was done to get just the sound of his voice and minimal room sound. These mics only record in mono, so the sound has to be edited into stereo whenbeing used in premier.Boom Mic The Boom micc attached to the HD camera came in very handy when we recorded the band live. They have an excellent frequency response, and pick up all the sound well. I first expected the sound to come out quite bassy or distorted, but all the sound levels are fairly even and sound really great. 6. TripodsThe HD cameras came with big tripods. These came in really handy when we were videoing the whole band rehearse in the studio. We were able to get a high up view of the whole band, and capture all the features of the room as well as each instrument.Manfroto is the make of the tripod. It is a strong, robust and easy to use tripod that is made specifically for the HXR. USB transfer For the USB transfer we used a USB to Micro USBport to transfer the Media/Video clips over. 7. Adobe Premier. Premier is a movie making software used by filmmakers, production teams and studios. It is an outstandingpiece of software. We used it to edit, manipulate and piecetogether our documentary. It has so many differentfeatures that work extremely well when editing adocumentary. Fill Left is a sound effect we needed andused to fill in one side of the stereo because the clip micsrecord in mono. Some of the clips were too dark, so therewas a feature in the editing folder where we could increasethe brightness and contrast to brighten the visual imagebut also keep it looking professional. There are different sections in the editing section whereyou can line up video clips and over lap them, this is wherewe cut and stuck clips and audio files together in asequence to make our documentary. There are many different tools to use when editing, likesound increase/decrease to change the sound levels. Thereis also a brightness control on the actual video clipitself, and the cut tool to cut up sections of video footage. 8. Photoshop Photoshop is software used byprofessional graphic designers to editand manipulate photos to a professionallevel. We used this in the editing of ourposter. We uploaded the photo ontophotoshop, manipulated the brightnessand contrast to enhance the photosquality, and then added text around theimage to narrate it. Photoshop containsmany different features for editingphotos. You can completely change animage with all features it has, fromchanging the colours, to manipulatingthe subject matter of the image.Distorting, moving, blurring the image.This can be done to set the focus of animage, and make the image eyecatching. 9. blogger/Word/Excell I used word when writing up, as well as blogger because its easilyaccessible and easy to change what has been written. It came in handywhilst doing our audience feedback because you can insert graphs, andthen edit the graphs through excell.Word came in handy when doing our research and planning because youcan copy anything you like, information, archive images and texts andother forms of research to be uploaded onto blogger. Is it a very usefulpiece of software. 10. Dafont. is a website that people upload there ownstylized and designed fonts that people can download and usefor any purpose they like.We used a font from for our poster. We wrote theheading we wanted, took the font from the site, and thencopied into photoshop and edited onto our poster. 11. Blogger is a website that people useto blog anything they like. We use bloggerfor our media studies and use it to postour research and work we have done for aspecific topic.Blogger is quick and easy to use, and isvery affective and looks quite professional.Its much better than a load of written upwork because this can be handled neatlyused in many different ways. Blogger comes in handy very well whendoing our research and planning. We canupload it easily onto blogger so itsaccessible anywhere, and easy tounderstand. 12. Additional information! Camera 1080p HD broadcast video camera. Adobe Premier EQ (to change and edit the soundlevels/frequencies of an audio file)Effects To change and manipulate sound and videofiles to best fit your imagination. Such as,Transitions, cross dissolves and brightness/contrast.Rasterisation This the process use go through whenyou have finished your video editing, to put thevideo/audio files at full quality. PhotoshopLayers are the different images laid on top orunderneath each other with photoshop.