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Question 3

INITIAL AUDIENCE RESEARCH Focus GroupTRAILER - Main Findings:1. hate clichs2. Horror - very predictable3. Jump scares cheap but effective4. Paranormal - very popular

Action TakenDidnt use jump scaresChoose paranormal as our sub-genreLimited the amount of narrative we showed to make it less predictable

EvaluationChoosing paranormal meant that we could create horror without gore which made it practical. However, it can make the trailer repetitive.

Initial Audience Feedback- Focus GroupMAGAZINE Main Findings:

Mainstream was liked the most had the most informationUse of colours is important - makes a magazine look better

Action TakenWe decided that our magazine would be mainstream lots of writingUsed the same features puff and a large masthead

EvaluationWe had to spend a lot of time adding and designing lots of cover lines to the cover however it actually helped make our cover look more like an actual magazine.


Initial Audience Research Focus GroupPOSTER Main Findings:

The use of red made it more clear that the film was a horrorWithout the main image the poster could be mistaken for a thriller

Action TakenWe tried to use a small amount of red on our poster and something to reflect the horror element however we didnt use any other dark colors

EvaluationIt is easy to incorporate red to a film poster mainly through the textWe wanted to try and develop the idea of a person in middle by putting Stephanie in the frame of a computer however the audience were unable to see the link

Production Feedback Class FeedbackMissing anything implying horrorLoved the scenes filmed on a hand-held cameraCouldnt tell the trailer was about students with a blogIn Kamilas vlog scene it didnt look like she had a sincere reactionPeople were confused about why the paranormal was in the house and at schoolROUGH CUTTRAILER

Action TakenRe-filmed Kamilas scene so her reactions were more realisticshe said I think its following us to confirm to the audience that the paranormal is from the house. A title slate was used at the beginning to say that they were students with a blog. Added a scene at the end with a character screaming to imply the horror

EvaluationWe realized that we had lost sight of our original plot and a lot of our scenes added nothing to the narrativeWe also picked up on the comment that our trailer was more like a thriller

Production Feedback Class Feedback

ROUGH CUTIt looked mainstream but there could be more textStephanie looks very photo-shoppedThe title isnt bold enoughThe puff looked really nice but not in the right placeHaving only Stephanie looks like shes the main character

Action TakenAdding more text to fill up the pageMoving the puff further down and making the color darker Included 3 characters to avoid confusion Changed the font of title to fit the trailer

EvaluationWe understood that mainstream magazines need to have more informationHowever we were pleased with the features as although it needed work it did actually look like a magazine cover which was our aimUsing Stephanie as the main image is confusing to the audience.

ROUGH CUTProduction Feedback Class Feedback

A lot of our audience couldnt see the link between the computer and our trailer.The use of blood is confusing as this isnt shown in the trailer at all.The poster didnt really look like a horror film at allThe font of the title doesnt relate to the trailerThe shadow behind Stephanie is effective for a horror poster

Action TakenWe re-did the whole thing all over again. Using all of our characters holding their phones to suggest the technological part in the trailer. We changed the font to one that looked like a computer hack instead of blood.

EvaluationThe feedback was useful telling us that the film poster wasnt right for the trailerWe couldnt use any blood if it wasnt in the trailerIt is too simple for a horror poster