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EFFECTIVNESS OF AUDIENCE FEEBACKOverall, the use of audience feedback has definitely benefited me throughout the whole process of planning and constructing my media products. It allowed me to gain constructive criticism which helped me develop my skills, knowledge and creative products as the ideas are not just my own. Gaining feedback is vital as your own opinion is not always the best and you may not criticise yourself enough, and so letting other people review your work may allow them to view something from a different perceptive which could be better than what you had thought of. Also this means that gaining a variety of feedback is the best as you are able to gather everyones ideas and criticism to develop your products or work in the best way.I used audience feedback on four tasks in the research, planning and construction stages. One of the first pieces of work I used it for was to look at previous students examples. I found three videos of different marks/grades and showed them to a range of people to get their feedback from what they liked and disliked. Also when we filmed our lip sync video we gained feedback on what people thought to allow us to develop what we had done into a full music video while taking everyones comments in consideration. In the early stages of planning I interviewed a variety of people of different ages to get initial ideas on what people thought about a variety of digipaks. This was useful as it showed me if people knew what digipaks were and what they expect to see on one. The Initial pitch ideas was the latest task Id done which required audience feedback and proved to be very useful for our music videos. This is because people could comment on what they thought about our narrative, characters, etc. which even made us completely change out whole music video idea!.


RESPONSESAfter sharing the questionnaire to a variety of social media websites I have got around 20 responses. However, as the most important questions are in the form of a comment box, I will take a stratified sample and analyse a total of five altogether. Realistically, not every single person is going to say different and there is going to see some similar answers and so not all will be necessary. Also you will not be able to make everyone say its perfect as there will always be something to work on, but focusing on some of the feedback means that you can work on these equally because if you had a wide range of things to work on they all wouldnt happen and work well together.The questionnaire that I set up was relatively simple to answer as it only contained six questions. Three of the questions were multiple choice and the other three were comment boxes. They asked what the person did/didnt like and if they have any other comments to add. When I received the feedback I realised that not everyone understood the question which asked Did you prefer the narrative or performance part of the video because some people didnt know which was which.

The photo on the right shows the variety of ways that the questionnaire could have been and was shared to an audience.


From the selection of 5 people, 80% of them happen to be females and only 20% of the male. Our music video is designed to appeal to both gender and so this works out fine, but itll mean that maybe not all of the males who watch this will agree with the females comments. This may not be the case but it needs to be taken into consideration for what improvements would be made if we had to make them and still appeal to the target audience which we have.Throughout the whole questionnaire the gender was nearly 50/50 split but more females did take the questionnaire.


From the selection of five people, 80% of them were aged 15 to 24 and 20% were ages 45 to 54. As this questionnaire is open to anyone, anyone of any age can take it, watch the music video and review what they did and didn't like like but our target audience was mainly focused on the 15 to 24 year olds. Thankfully this was the most popular age group on the questionnaire which will mean that most of our other responses will come from people in the correct target audience. This is important as older people may enjoy different styles of music and may have not be brought up in the culture of music we have today which will definitely influence the responses they had put on the questionnaire.


From the selection of 5 people, 60% of people said they enjoyed the narrative while 40% said they enjoyed the narrative. As I have said previously I didnt make it clear what part of the music video was the narrative and vice versa as people said afterwards that they have thought the narrative was the performance because of the dancing. This means that this question is not a question that should be taken into consideration as its given false information and doesnt match for what peoples opinions were. However, I did hear a mixed response from people as they enjoyed both parts.


From the selection of 5 people there is a large variety of answers for what people did like about the music video which passes over a positive vibe as you know that people did enjoy what you have put time into and created over the last couple of months. Overall the people have said that they like how the narrative fits in with the performance which is a very positive thing to hear. We tried to edit it on certain words as well as to the beat of the song which proved to be difficult at times but it seems like we accomplished this well. One people also commented on the band which is usually unlikely to see as mainly people focus on thenarrative as they think its the most important part but its not. Also two of the five people said they liked the location of the performance part which is another good thing to see. For example one of the people said they like the the beach and the grey room, while the other person said they like the wheat on the sunny but cold day.

RESPONSES QUESTION 5From the selection of 5 people there is not a large variety of answers for what people didnt like about the music video which passes over a positive vibe as you know that people mostly enjoy it and didnt pick out loads of faults. One of the main thing that people spoke about was colour! One person said that there was a lack of colour in the performance and another person said that there was too much shadowing through the performance. This is only a small thing and can easily be changed on iMovie with the use of editing. A piece of constructive criticism that we received was that someone Enjoyed the performance so much that they wanted to see more, and perhaps not even have the performance. This is very unusual but a good thing to hear as we have disobeyed the rules by having a dance narrative and a male character but this one person enjoyed it so much they wanted the story to develop further. Also there were some small criticisms on the editing, camera and lip sync too and a brief comment from someone who didn'tt like the ending. It would have been good if they expanded on this.

RESPONSES QUESTION 6From the selection of 5 people there is not a large variety of answers for what other comments people had left on the video. Also not all of these five people answered this question its not vital and some people may have said everything they wanted to in the other question previously. Most of the comments from this question are compliments which is good to see that people enjoyed the music video overall. For example one person said that generally its a very good video and another person said that they liked how the narrative went well with the song. This tells me that we had the right idea for the meaning of the songand adapted it well for the narrative of our music video. This allows the lyrics to fit in with the narrative which did tell be beforehand that me made the right choices for the order of our narrative and the storyline which is based on the Todorov theory.However, one person did mention that everyone may not understand what is going on when the main male character on his own. For example people will recognise he is dancing, but may not realise that he failing at it. We did think about this beforehand and did insert the clips when he looks frustrated to definitely show that he is failing at the dance moves he is trying.