Quatrain - Stanza AP VOCABULARY QUATRAIN Definition: A poetic stanza of four lines. Example:...

download Quatrain - Stanza AP VOCABULARY QUATRAIN Definition: A poetic stanza of four lines. Example: “Leap Before You Lookâ€‌ – W.H. Auden The sense of danger

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Transcript of Quatrain - Stanza AP VOCABULARY QUATRAIN Definition: A poetic stanza of four lines. Example:...

AP Vocabulary

EX: 1000Question:What term is emphasized in this example:Can I ask you a question?AnswerRhetorical questionBackFinal JeopardyTask:Create an example which uses at least three of the terms mentioned in this presentation.AnswerSay your exampleBackRealismDefinition: The practice in literature of attempting to describe nature and life without idealization and with attention to detail.Example: Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass.RefrainDefinition: A repeated stanza or line(s) in a poem or song.Example: In another life I would be your girlWe keep all our promises be us against the worldIn another life I would make you staySo I don't have to say you were the one that got awayThe one that got away. Rhetorical QuestionDefinition: A question that is asked simply for stylistic effect and is not expected to be answered.Example: May I ask a rhetorical question?

RhymeDefinition: The repetition of the same or similar sounds, most often at the ends of lines.Example: The Mountain by Donna BrockThe mountain Frames the skyAs a shadow of an eagle flies byWith could hanging at its edgeA climber proves his courage on its rocky ledge

RhythmDefinition: The modulation of weak and strong (stressed and unstressed) elements in the flow of speech.Rising ActionDefinition: development of actions and problemsExamples: Huckleberry Finns adventures on the riverSarcasmDefinition: verbal irony designed to lampoonExample: dialouge SatireDefinition: work which makes fun of a person, society, culture, tendency, or eventExamples: Candide, The Infernohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aix7tQMdJ3sScansionDefinition: graphical analysis of meter and rhymeExample: The Raven

SettingDefinition: place and time in which the story takes placeExample: The Brothers KarmazovShakespearean Sonnet3 4-line units1 final 2-line unitabab cdcd efef gg ryhme schmeExample: Sonnett #127

Shaped VerseDefinition: poem written to resemble and objectExample: adaptation of The Raven

The Raven Edger Allen PoeSimileDefinition: direct comparison using the word like or asExample: I am like a grave Dmitri Karamazov, The Brothers KaramazovSoliloquyDefinition: a characters monologue to themselvesExample: Hamlets soliloguySpeakerDefinition: person speaking in a poemExample: A Study of Reading HabitsStanzaDefinition: section of a poem organized by thought and designated by addition line breaks and usually by changes in rhymeExample: Inferno

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