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Mornington & Mt Martha East Real Estate Statistics

Transcript of Quarterly Market Update

  • Mornington East

    & Mount Martha Quarterly Market Report

    1st June - 30th September 2014

  • We are the Mornington/Mt Martha

    East Property Specialists!

    Blue Water Bay Real Estate are strategically located at Bentons Square

    Shopping Centre.

    We have chosen our location so that we can offer the best service

    possible to the 6000 houses around us. We know and love the area and

    are able to deliver the maximum selling price for your home as this is our

    area of expertise.

    Some agencies have chosen to market and sell over the whole of the

    Peninsula, some just the townships of Mornington and Mt Martha (over

    45,000 houses)....

    We prefer to service our localised area and ensure our market

    knowledge is 2nd to none!

    Kathy Netherclift, our Director, has helped shape East Mornington and

    Mt Martha, with this as her specialty zone for 22 years! She developed

    blocks for sale and built 100s of house and land packages before

    Bentons Square existed!

    This area is far better served from our Bentons Square location. No one

    buys a property in our area without calling in and seeing what we have

    available. Its more convenient, has easy parking and is in a high traffic

    zone. This ensures the office windows are noticed 24/7.

    While youre relaxing... Our windows are working!



    Ask the experienced team at

    Blue Water Bay Real Estate

    Call now for a professional opinion

    5976 1188 sales@bwbre.com.au

  • Blue Water Bay Real Estate

    Sellers Market, Buyers Market -

    What do they mean?

    Most people have heard the terms buyers

    market and sellers market, but do you

    know what they really mean and how they

    are determined?

    There are many factors which affect the real

    estate market interest rates, employment,

    investment growth, legislative changes and

    new constructions, to name a few. All of these

    factors influence the real estate market in

    some way.

    In a buyers market, there are more homes for

    sale than there are buyers. This could be a

    result of high unemployment, fear of interest

    rate increases or other factors which make

    people think twice about purchasing a home

    for the first time or moving into a larger home.

    The advantage buyers have in a buyers

    market is that they can typically take their

    time and look at all of their options before

    buying. Buyers also have more options

    because sellers are more anxious to sell.

    Overall, home prices may go down in a

    buyers market.

    In a sellers market, there are fewer homes for

    sale to a larger pool of buyers. The factors at

    work could be sustained low interest rates,

    high employment rate, legislative changes

    which make it easier to purchase a property

    - events and conditions that make buyers

    think it would be a good time to buy a big

    ticket item like a home.

    The advantage goes to the seller in a

    sellers market typically home prices will

    rise as buyers are quick to make an offer to

    secure the property; sometimes buyers will

    compete for a property, driving the price

    above expectations.

    Real Estate Agents are the first to notice

    whether we are in a buyers or sellers

    market their business is helping sellers and

    buyers with their real estate needs and any

    change in the market affects how they

    work with their clients and customers.

    There is also a statistical measure we use to

    determine what kind of market exists its

    called the Sales-to-Listing ratio.

    In any given month or period, the number

    of sales is compared to the number of

    listings taken. If the result is 55% or greater

    there are 55 sales for every 100 listings it is

    considered a sellers market.

    If the result is 35% or lower that is 35 sales

    for every 100 listings it is considered a

    buyers market.

    Anything in between is considered a

    balanced market. Do you know which

    market we are in?

  • Area Statistics

    Non Beachside Mornington & Mt Martha...

    Total # of Sales in this area from June 1 to September 30 = 99

    BWBRE # of Sales in this area from June 1 to September 30 = 35

    There are 21 Real Estate Agencies in

    Mornington & Mt Martha, so trust your home

    to the specialists in your area!

    (We also sold 12 Beachside properties this quarter...)



  • Mornington East

    23 Bay Rise

    $465,000 30/8/14

    586m2 land


    Mornington East

    125 Bentons Road

    $Undisclosed 1/9/14

    566m2 land


    Mornington East

    2/15 Coimadai Court

    $367,500 7/8/14

    326m2 land


    Mornington East

    27 Coney Hurst Crescent

    $630,000 11/8/14

    702m2 land

    Mornington East

    12 Cottage Place

    $600,000 22/8/14

    1235m2 land

    Mornington East

    3 Crowea Way

    $717,500 1/9/14

    934m2 land


    Mornington East

    2/15 Darcy Street

    $205,000 21/7/14

    801m2 land

    Mornington East

    28 Dorothy Crescent

    $555,000 3/9/14

    560m2 land


    Mornington East

    37 Dorothy Crescent

    $475,000 5/8/14

    545m2 land


    Mornington East

    22 Ellinbank Crescent

    $530,000 6/8/14

    660m2 land


    Mornington East

    21 Kent Street

    $Undisclosed 7/8/14

    696m2 land


    Mornington East

    6 Kenworthy Rise

    $560,000 8/9/14

    713m2 land


    Mornington East

    27 Kiandra Street

    $427,000 28/7/14

    593m2 land


    Mornington East

    33 Longwood Drive

    $540,000 12/8/14

    708m2 land


    Mornington East

    10/10 Maxwell Street

    $497,000 15/9/14


    Mornington East

    2/10 Maxwell Street

    $510,000 16/7/14


    Mornington East

    5/10 Maxwell Street

    $514,000 23/7/14


    Mornington East

    4/10 Maxwell Street

    $521,000 15/9/14


  • Mornington East

    19 Kent Street

    $Undisclosed 14/8/14

    Mornington East

    2/100 Maxwell Street

    $420,000 9/8/14

    227m2 land


    Mornington East

    7/14 Maxwell Street

    $490,000 23/9/14

    238m2 land


    Mornington East

    3/28 Maxwell Street

    $515,000 16/7/14

    285m2 land


    Mornington East

    14 Meadow View

    $Undisclosed 2/9/14

    407m2 land

    Mornington East

    89/150 Mornington Tyabb Rd

    $480,000 27/8/14

    137m2 land


    Mornington East

    3/1034 Nepean Hwy

    $310,000 15/7/14

    207m2 land


    Mornington East

    21 Nicholas Drive

    $680,000 3/9/14

    576m2 land


    Mornington East

    14 Noah Close

    $680,000 5/8/14

    749m2 land


    Mornington East

    25 Pamela Place

    $460,000 12/8/14

    599m2 land


    Mornington East

    29 Pamela Place

    $441,000 28/8/14

    598m2 land

    Mornington East

    14A Parkside Crescent

    $647,000 15/8/14

    1000m2 land


    Mornington East

    9 Pender Avenue

    $595,000 1/9/14

    752m2 land


    Mornington East

    22 Robin Hill Drive

    $495,000 24/9/14

    679m2 land


    Mornington East

    1 Ruby Cove

    $545,000 30/7/14

    558m2 land


    Mornington East

    2/10 Maxwell Street

    $575,000 30/7/14

    542m2 land


    Mornington East

    32 Ruth Road

    $1,255,500 31/7/14

    2335m2 land


    Mornington East

    8 Scott Street

    $542,500 30/8/14

    909m2 land


  • Let us come to

    the rescue and

    get your

    property sold!

    Mornington East

    42 Seaview Avenue

    $Undisclosed 19/9/14

    713m2 land


    Mornington East

    52 Seaview Avenue

    $385,000 8/8/14

    371m2 land


    Mornington East

    7 Seaview Avenue

    $457,000 10/9/14

    685m2 land


    Mornington East

    27 Serenity Way

    $760,000 30/7/14

    1295m2 land

    Mornington East

    9/4-6 St Catherines Court

    $Undisclosed 30/9/14

    211m2 land


    Mornington East

    5 Summerfield Drive

    $735,000 25/8/14

    1290m2 land


    Mornington East

    2/13 Van Ness Avenue

    $495,500 22/7/14

    1113m2 land


    Mornington East

    11 Wandella Road

    $405,000 9/9/14

    572m2 land

    Mornington East

    6 Warilda Court

    $470,000 1/9/14

    570m2 land


    Mornington East

    30 Wensleydale Drive

    $540,000 30/7/14

    634m2 land


    Mornington East

    43 Wensleydale Drive

    $480,000 14/7/14

    664m2 land


    Mornington East

    61 Wensleydale Drive

    $510,000 18/7/14

    708m2 land


    Mornington East

    12 Van Ness Avenue

    $395,000 8/8/14

    536m2 land


    Mornington East

    16 Waltham Drive

    $490,000 23/9/14

    627m2 land


  • Mount Martha

    4 Bannie Lane

    $Undisclosed 12/9/14

    4712m2 land


    Mount Martha

    6 Bayfield Co