Quantum Dots

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Transcript of Quantum Dots

  • 1. Matt Kennedy - 2008

2. Index

  • Quantum Dot Presentation
  • The Quantum Dot
  • Background
  • Where We Are Now
  • Future

3. The Quantum Dot

  • Basically asingleelectron trapped inside acageof atoms
  • When the dot is exposed to apulseof light at the right wavelength and time, the electron is raised to anexcitedstate
  • Asecondburst of light causes the electron to fall back to itsgroundstate
  • These dots then have the ability toglow

Light Emitting Quantum Dots The Quantum Dot 4. The Quantum Dot

  • Quantum dots, are a special class of materials known assemiconductors
  • Semiconductors are acornerstoneof the electronics industry and make possible personal computers
  • Quantum dots special because they are so small,4,000,000dots take up 2cm

Semiconductor Wafer 5. The Quantum Dot

  • At thesesmallsizes quantum dots enable never before seenapplicationsto science and technology
  • New markets and applications emerge as we continue toinnovate , work andmasterthe quantum dot technology

6. Background

  • The early semiconductor work of Bell Labs in 1947 led to a wholerevolutionin electronics
  • When wediscoveredquantum confinement in nanocrystals in the early 80s, we knew this would be an exciting area of scientific exploration and discovery Dr. Alexander Efros

7. Background

  • Explorations into the science of quantum dotsbegandecades ago
  • The technology is finally gainingmomentum

8. Where We Are Now

  • We are at the beginning stages of the quantum dotfuture
  • Researchinto harnessing the dots potential is well underway
  • The following illustrate what technology's are to come

9. Future

  • Displays
  • Unlike traditional LCDs, which must be lit from behind, quantum dotsgeneratetheir own light
  • Depending on their size, the dots can be "tuned" to emit any colour in therainbow

Light Emitting Quantum Dot Solution 10. Future

  • Displays
  • Thecoloursof light theyproduceare much richer than that of other sources
  • The dots in the near future will be used for extremelythin , bright flat-panel displays
  • Later on the dots will be built intoflexiblescreens

11. Future

  • Displays
  • Imagine afoldablewide screen TV, or a truly foldablephone , right in your pocket
  • Image a future where instead ofpaint , you have walls which are screens

12. Future

  • Foldable Display Example

Foldable / Solar Cell Phone 13. Future

  • Displays
  • Imagine walls that candisplaymovies or the latest TV show
  • Walls that canchangecolours to your mood, and help you get to sleep
  • Furniturecoatedwith a paint, which can be programmed to show act as a computer or TV

14. Future

  • Theopportunities areendless

15. Future

  • Solar Cells
  • Thesolar cellindustry is advancing at a rapid pace, spurred on by the increasing need for new and clean sources ofpower
  • Quantum dot based solar are poised to play aleadingrole in this revolution

16. Future

  • Solar Cells
  • Leading researchers and institutions areinvestigatingvarious ways in which quantum dots can beincorporatedinto semiconductor surfaces
  • Or inks anddepositedonto low cost materials

17. Future

  • Solar Cells
  • Quantum dots are costeffectivelyproduced inbulkvia chemical manufacturing techniques
  • This willultimatelylead to lower cost higher output cells

18. Future

  • Solar Cells
  • Imaginepaintingon your roof, ainvisiblelayer of quantum dot solar cells
  • This couldeffectivelypower you whole house, in rain or shine

19. Future

  • Solar Cells
  • Imagine devices that use electricity, have their own solar cellcoating
  • This would enable truly wireless power andindependence , away from being stuck near a power outlet
  • Or cell phones and other portable devices, never needing to bepluggedinto the power sockets

20. Future

  • Computer Storage
  • Researchers are looking into asolutionto vastlyincreasea computers hard drive space, as well as fast writing speed
  • So far ananswerto this is the Quantum Dot
  • These quantum dots are tiny islands of semiconductor which comprise memory, and are capable of creating storage which islarge ,fast , and longlasting

21. Future

  • Computer Memory
  • Researchers have recently shown that so far quantum dot memory iscapableof storing oneterabyte(1000 gigabytes) of data per square inch
  • They have also shown that its possible to write information to this memory in just 6nanoseconds
  • Thats blazingfast !

22. Future

  • Programmable Matter
  • As semiconductor technology and nanotechnology haveadvancedthe use of the term programmable matter has changed
  • This is now used to reflect the fact that it is possible to build an ensemble of elements which can be " programmed " to change their physical properties in reality not just in simulation

23. Future

  • Programmable Matter
  • By themanipulationof quantum dots - "artificial atoms" - we can create materials that have some of the properties of real elements
  • Change the electronpopulationin the quantum dots and you change the material

24. Future

  • Programmable Matter
  • Imagine materials with unheard-ofdurability , hardness,conductivityand insulation abilities, and the ability totransitionfrom one mode to another when needed
  • So effectively you could have a light weight breathable "leather"jacket thatturnsinto high carbon steel when you fall off your motorcycle.

25. Future

  • Other Areas
  • These Include :
  • Medical Dyes, with the ability todiagnosediseases well ahead of time
  • Security Tags
  • And many more, as the technology continues toevolve

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