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How to write a Quality ProposalPresented by Tammi Hart

Transcript of Quality Proposal

  • 1. Elements of a Quality Bid Proposal for State Government An Overview in State of Michigan Procurement Practices and Procedures Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor Phyllis Mellon, Acting Director


  • A. Elements of a Quality Proposal
  • B. DMB Procurement Process
  • C.Contact Information

3. Elements of a Quality Proposal

  • Specifications/Demonstrate
  • Scope of Work compliance
  • Pricing:Competitive bestprice first
  • Pre-Bid Meetings:Participate
  • Pre- Qualification:Complete in advance
  • Q&A:
  • Acknowledge: Addendums/Terms
  • Forms:Read & complete
  • Follow communication rules

4. Forms:Solicitation Documents RFQ:Request for Quote ITB :Invitation to Bid RFP :Request for Proposal RFI :Request for Information PrequalificationProgram 5. Solicitation Documents:RFQ

  • Informal Competitive Bid, under $25,000
  • Simple solicitation
  • (mail, fax, e-mail, phone, etc.)
  • Price is usually the primary evaluation factor
  • Lower cost commodities with non-complex specifications.

6. Solicitation Documents: ITB

  • Formal Competitive Bid
  • Low complexity
  • Low Bid or Best Value - Price is one of the main evaluation criteria
  • Defined bid due date & time.
  • No Public Bid Openings.
  • (Except Design & Construction)

7. Solicitation Document:RFP

  • Competitive Formal Proposal
  • A more complex purchase
  • Best Value - Price is only one ofmanyevaluation criteria
  • Highly technical commodities like IT and professional services
  • Defined bid due date & time.


  • Two types: Pricing Research or Market Research
  • RFIs can be formal or informal
  • RFI response content may be used to develop an RFP

Solicitation Documents:RFI 9. Solicitation Document:Pre-Qualification Programs

  • Advertised in same manner as RFP
  • Due date and time for response
  • Requirements vary per program
  • Exist for a certain period of time
  • May allow entry on a yearly basis
  • Does not guarantee a contract or sales
  • May just be a list of licensed or certified businesses

10. Element #1:ITB / RFP Components

  • Article 1: Work Statement
  • Article 2: Terms and Conditions
  • Article 3: Bid Process and EvaluationCriteria
  • Article 4:Required Bidder Information
  • Article 5:Recovery Act Terms and Conditions

11. ITB / RFP Components:Article 1

  • Project Title and Description
  • Specifications / Scope of Work
  • Required Service & Delivery Capabilities
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Minimum Order / Palletizing
  • Proposal Pricing
  • Special Terms & Conditions

12. ITB / RFP Components:Article 2

  • Standard Contractual Terms
  • Important Terms Include (but are not limited to):
    • Insurance
    • Payment Information
    • Cancellation
    • Contract Term / Optional Renewal Years

13. ITB / RFP Components:Article 3

  • Pre Bid Meetings and Q & A Period
  • Communication Rules
  • Award Process
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Proposal Format Details
  • Bid Submission Instructions
  • Bid Bond Requirements (If Any)

14. ITB / RFP Components:Article 4

  • Company Information
  • Prior Experience
  • Staffing
  • Past Performance
  • Contract Performance
  • Place of Performance
  • Disclosure of Litigation
  • MIDEAL - Extended Purchasing
  • Article 4.doc

15. Element #2:Specifications

  • Article 1 Statement of Work
  • Many Different Types :commodity specifications, services scope of work, design, installation requirements etc.
  • Alternate Brands: Commodity bids may have a reference brand, indicating equivalentalternates are acceptable. Bidders can submit multiple options.
  • Exceptions: Some exceptions are found to be acceptable.Bidders should submit a question in the Q&A period to determine which may be acceptablebeforesubmitting their bid.

16. Element #3:Pricing

  • Be competitive, submit your best price with your bid upfront
  • Negotiations via email
  • BAFO:Best and Final Offer
  • Discount Delivery Terms
  • Discount Schedules
  • Multi Unit Discounts

17. Element #4:Pre-Bid Meetings

  • May be Mandatory or Optional
  • Walk Through the Site(s)
  • Provide Clarification of Visual Layout
  • Prompt Vendors to Ask Questions

18. Element #5:Question and Answer Period

  • Each Bid has a Q&A Period.
  • Due Date and Time for Questions
  • Buyer will post Q&A as an addendum to the bid.
  • Q&A may revise the bid requirements
  • Bidders are strongly encouraged to email in as many questions needed to submit your best proposal.

19. Element #5:Acknowledgements

  • Bidders must acknowledge:
  • Understanding of the work to be done
  • Addendums, including Q&A
  • Requirements of Bid Package
  • Questions asked in the Bid
  • Have successfully completed pre-qualification, if applicable
  • Statement of Agreement to Terms and Conditions
  • Complete additional RFP forms, if any

20. DMB Procurement Process

  • Evaluation Period
  • Clarifications
  • Internal Approvals
  • Award Notification
  • 5. Debrief
  • 6. FOIA
  • 7. Protest

21. Evaluation Period:Award Type

  • Single Award-Award entire contract to one vendor
  • Split AwardAward by item, or group of items, split among multiple vendors.
  • Multiple source awards Award to multiple vendors among multiple responses.
  • Regional or Zone awardsAward by region or zone

22. Protest

  • Who can protest?
  • Responsive Bidder
  • Who cannot protest?
  • Bidders who No Bid
  • Manufacturers or suppliers selling through distributors, or businesses listed as subcontractors in a vendor's proposal.

23. Contact Information Rebecca Nevai, Coordinator Phone:517-373-8530 Email: [email_address] Buy Michigan First Patrick Mullen Phone: 517-373-0967 Email: [email_address] DMB Facilities Administration Tammi Hart, Coordinator Phone:517-335-4770 Email:[email_address] Supplier Diversity General Email: [email_address] Buy Michigan FirstBusiness Development Unit 24. Contact Information Phone:517-373-9559 Email: [email_address] DMB Real Estate State HeadquartersPhone:616.331.7480 Website:www.misbtdc.org Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Centers (SBTDC) Regional PTAC Phone:734-362-3477 Website:www.ptacsofmichigan.org Procurement Technical Assistance Centers Of Michigan (PTAC) General Information Phone:517-373-9808 Website:[email_address] Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) 25. Contact Information MichiganDistrict Office Phone:313- 226-6075Website:www.sba.gov Small Business Administration (SBA) Nancy Taylor - Williams Phone:517- 241-5952http://www.michigan.gov/msi Michigan State Industries (MSI) Ann Williams Phone:248- 967-0570 ext 211 http://www.michigan.gov/mdot Michigan Departmentof Transportation (MDOT)