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Q U A L I T Y O F W O R K L I F E IN BHEL By DESH RAJ Roll No. : - 1284 SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT Submitted to the FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SHOOLNI INSTITUTE OF LIFE SCIENCES & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOLAN Under the Guidance of Mr. D. Pant SILB-School of Business Management 2

DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project entitled Quality of Work Life in BHEL submitted for partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration is my original work and the observations and suggestions in this report are based on the information collected by me during the training. The matter presented in this Project Report has not been submitted by me for the award of any other degree of this or any other University. Place: SOLAN DESH RAJ Date: 24 Dec. 2009 M.B.A. (Final Year) SILB-School of Business Management 3

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT There is always a sense of gratitude one expresses to others for the helpful and needy service they render during all phases of life. I have completed his training with the help of different personalities. I wish to express my gratitude towards all of them. First of all I would like to thank the Management at BHEL for giving me the opportunity to do my two-month project training in their esteemed organization. I owe profound sense of regards & gratitude towards Mr. K.S. Bhandari (Sen. Manager-HR), Mr. D. Pant (our training coordinator) who has Continuously guided & supported me in all the tasks by giving me valuable insight into issues like The meaning of HR practices, its uses, objectives and tools as well as steps to be considered in Developing and studying an organizational structure. I am thankful to my Faculty Guide Mr. Kuldeep Rojhe, Mr. Udey Mttal, Ms. Salochna Rojhe, Ms. Nisha & Ms. Yasmin Janjhua for the continual support and guidance extended towards the resultoriented approach for the completion of this project. My heartfelt gratitude and warm salutations are also due to Prof. J.B. Nadda, the Director of School of Business Management, for creating an enabling environment for carrying out such a pragmatic project. I would also like to thank my sister Miss Priyanka Bhandari, Executive HR-ITC Ltd., for providing me valuable help all the time during my summer training in BHEL. Her constant inspiration and guidance helped in the development of this project. Lastly I would like to thank my parents and friends for their constant support during the duration of my training. DESH RAJ SILB-School of Business Management 4

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As the work culture changes drastically in the recent years, the traditional concept of work to fulfil humans basic needs are also facing out. The basic needs are continued to diversify and change according to the evolution of the work system and standards of living of a workforce. So with this reference the project titled Quality of Work Life has been conducted, in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Ranipur-Haridwar. QWL provides for the balanced relationship among work, non-work and family aspects of life. In other words, family life and social life should not be strained by working hours including overtime work, work during inconvenient hours, business travel, transfers, vacations, etc. The project is aimed to cover maximum knowledge of the HR practices followed in the organization for maintaining a balance between work and non-work life of employees. How the work culture affect the performance of employees, what motivates the employees to work. This report is formulated after a thorough research and is based on the information given by the company personal, through questionnaire filled by the employees & by observing all the activities taking place in the H.R. department. With reference to the HR Practices brief knowledge has been gained how the Recruitment cycle functions, Selection done, the steps of performance appraisal. BHEL support and provide facilities to their employees to help them to balance the scales. In this process, BHEL are coming up with new and innovative ideas to improve the quality of work and quality of work life of every individual in the organization. Various programs like, alternative work schedules, education for childrens of employees, medical services, community centers, health clubs, sports clubs, shopping centers, telecommuting etc., are being adopted by BHEL. SILBSchool of Business Management 5

Contents Chapter - 01 Introduction Aim of the Project Objective of Project Need of Project 08-11 09 10 11 Chapter - 02 Company Profile Introduction to BHEL 12-42 16 Chapter - 03 Quality of Work Life (QWL) 3.1 What is QWL 3.2 Defining QWL 3.3 Factors that influence & decide the QWL 3.4 Specific issues in QWL 3.5 Major QWL issues 3.6 Strategies for improving QWL 3.7 QWL through Employee Involvement (EI) 3.8 QWL in BHEL Haridwar-An Overview 43-66 44 50 52 54 55 57 58 59 Chapter - 04 Research Methodology Chapter - 05 Data Analysis & Interpretation Chapter - 06 Conclusions 6.1 Observations 6.2 Findings 6.3 Suggestions 67-69 70-79 80-85 81 82 SILB-School of Business Management 6

6.4 Conclusion 6.5 Limitations 83 84 85 Bibliography Appendix 86 87-90 SILB-School of Business Management 7

Chapter - 01 SILB-School of Business Management 8

AIM OF THE PROJECT The aim of the study was to understand the quality of work life of employees in BHEL Haridwar. This involved study of functioning and operations at BHEL Haridwar with special emphasis on the different activities related to management of Human Resource at BHEL such as training and development, compensation and rewards, welfare activities, job security etc. SILB-School of Business Management 9

OBJECTIVES OF PROJECT The objectives of the project To get an overview of the company.were mainly: To know the details of products and departments of BHEL. Human Resource Department functioning. To get an account of the welfare activities being laid down for the employees. Employee level of satisfaction, both inside and outside the office. To find out effects of quality of work life To gain an insight into current workinginitiatives on employees life policies and practices, as well as work-life To find out way to improvebalance issues. quality of work life. SILB-School of Business Management 10

NEED OF PROJECT BHEL is a large public sector organization, which has an excellent record of making profits over a number of years. It is an interesting subject to study the quality of work life in such a large organization. It if felt that the organization is concerned mainly with the activities going on during the office hours. The employees responsibilities and various benefits go hand in hand. Everything that an organization provides to an employee in and away from the office has a direct or indirect effect on his performance. By providing a better QWL to the employees, the organization can achieve Better performance of employees. the following results: More devotion and dedication towards work. Reduced absenteeism. Voluntary participation in organizational activities. High productivity. Reduced corruption. High Turnover BHEL Haridwar, being a public sector organization has achieved these results by providing a better quality of work life to its employees inside and outside the workplace. Facilities like canteens, dispensaries at the work place & facilities like education for childrens of employees, medical services, community centers, health club, sports club, shopping centers, peeth bazaars (weekly) & theatres etc, outside the work place. As BHEL Haridwar is an entire township away from the main city, the life of each employee is limited mostly in the township area only. Are the basic needs being fulfilled? Is he provided with all the facilities he requires? This concept gave me the idea to conduct a survey in BHEL, Haridwar to know what measures they take to improve the QWL of their employees. SILB-School of Business Management 11

Chapter - 02 SILB-School of Business Management 12

Brightening lives Powering progress SILB-School of Business Management 13

SILB-School of Business Management 14

A World-Class Engineering Enterprise Committed to Enhancing Stakeholder Value. To be an Indian Multinational Engineering Enterprise providing Total Business Solutions through Quality Products, Systems and Services in the fields of Energy, Industry, Zeal toTransportation, Infrastructure and other potential areas. Integrity and Fairness in all Matters. Excel and Zest for Change. Strict Adherence to Respect for Dignity and Potential of Individuals. Fast Learning, Creativity Ensure speed of Response. Commitments. and Team Work Loyalty and Pride in the company. . SILB-School of Business Management 15

INTRODUCTION TO COMPANY B harat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise of its kind in India and is one of the leading international companies in the field of power equipment manufacture. The first plant of BHEL, set up at Bhopal in 1956, signaled the dawn of the Heavy Electrical Industry in India. In the sixties, three more major plants were set up at Haridwar, Hyderabad and Tiruchirapalli that form the core of the diversified product range, systems and services that BHEL offers today. BHELs range of services extends from project feasibility studies to after-sales service, successfully meeting diverse needs through turnkey capability. The company has 14 manufacturing units, 4 power sector regions, 8 service centers and 15 regional offices, besides project sites spread all over India and abroad. BHEL has a well recognized track record of performance, making profits continuously since 1971-72 and paying dividends since 1976-77. BHEL manufactures over 180 products under 30 major product g