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Q2 brand identity

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  • 1. Q2: How I created a sense of brand identity across the three products, and how theyll promote the product. By Josh Davey

2. Content The content of all of these promotional methods is effective, and all combines together in order to develop a brand identity that can be easily recognised by the target audience. The Film poster and magazine cover both use characters from the film, as does the film trailer, correctly representing them through the technical elements therefore sticking to conventions and maintaining the brand identity as they all use the same characters. Also each method of promotion conveys themes of the genre to the audience therefore giving across mystery and tension which shows theyre all part of the same promotional package and develops the brand identity further. 3. Mise-en-scene The mise-en-scene of each promotional method is the same as well, as theyre all dark and mysterious throughout which is conventional of the genre also. The settings are all very similar as well as its set in everyday locations, so the trailer and film poster shows this, and the background of the magazine cover is plain black which shows the darkness and mystery surrounding the antagonist, giving a conventional feel to the full film. 4. Font I have kept the same font throughout all methods of promotion, as it is easily recognisable and visible on the trailer, poster and magazine cover, which in turn develops the brand further by directly associating a specific font with the brand meaning when an audience member is familiar with the brand and notices the font then they instantly recognise the brand. 5. Colour The colours used on the ancillary tasks are very similar as well, as theyre all light and dark colours contrasting with each other. So for the poster I used white font in order to contrast with the background, whilst using red, white and yellow to contrast with the black background on the magazine cover, therefore leaving these genre related colours associated with the brand, developing a more conventional brand identity. 6. Layout The layout of these ancillary tasks also develop the brand identity by specifying which type of audience Im targeting therefore making the brand identity conventional. As both ancillary tasks are not cluttered, but are ordered and full of content thats conventional of each form, it therefore targets the audience in which the film targets, as its visually pleasing and easy to look at, whilst ensuring that it gets attention by looking appealing. 7. Images The images used also aid towards the brand identity development due to them being of characters within the film trailer, as well as ensuring that each character is represented in the same way, across all forms of promotion, which is what has happened. For example the antagonists on both ancillary tasks are represented as strong and dominant through the use of lighting and low angle shots, as well as facial expressions which is what I have done in the film trailer therefore sticking to conventions as well as combining all forms of promotion together into one noticeable brand identity. 8. SUMMARY: To sum up, I have effectively developed a brand identity across my film poster, trailer and magazine cover through the use of character representation, font and colour use, and the specific ways in which I target the target audience, such as through the use of conventional themes like mystery and tension. This all helps the promotion of my film due to the fact that these specific brand signifiers are clearly known and allow each element to be linked to each other, meaning if someone instantly saw the font, then theyd know its related to the film as itd be well know, leaving the thought of the film in their mind and making them want to watch the film.