Putting “Family and Children First”

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Putting “Family and Children First”. The purpose of the cabinet council is to help families seeking government services…by streamlining and coordinating existing services for families seeking assistance for their children. Statutory Purpose. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Putting “Family and Children First”

  • Putting Family and Children First

  • Statutory PurposeThe purpose of the cabinet council is to help families seeking government servicesby streamlining and coordinating existing services for families seeking assistance for their children.

  • **Communities have many players working individually with youth and families.

  • We are about bringing the individual players together so to effectively impact children and families

  • OFCF Cabinet Council Past, Present, Future

  • History of OFCF Cabinet CouncilThenDeveloped state and local Interdepartmental Cluster Services for Youth

    Cluster focused on multi-system children

    From Placement Funding to Community Based Funding

    NowOFCF Cabinet and county FCFCs

    Service Coordination focused on multi-need children

    Access to Better CareReclaim

    Governor CelesteIntersystem efforts for multi-system children1984 - 1991

  • History of OFCF Cabinet CouncilThenCreated OFCF Cabinet and 88 county FCFCs in statuteLocal decision-making and input into policy Emphasis on parent involvement and responsibilityStrong private sector investments on multiple initiatives, including HMG and emphasis on counties being able to access federal and other non-state dollars for services and programs.Strong emphasis on early childhood and prevention Funds to develop Service Coordination Mechanism, state pooled funds for county service coordination needs (Cluster $); Family Stability funding

    NowOFCF Cabinet and county FCFCs remainH.B. 289, First Lady visits

    FCFC Family Representatives; Family Network Meetings

    Lack of private sector investments

    HMG; Creation of the Early Childhood Cabinet

    Updated SC Mechanism; no funds to support local service coordination needs but instead have ABC and FAST funding

    Governor VoinovichAll children will enter school ready to learn.1991-1998

  • History of OFCF Cabinet CouncilThenBuilt structure of OFCF with increased state level positions until 2003 when 12 positions ended Continued existing initiatives focused on early childhood, prevention, and out of home placement reduction until 2003 when significant funding ended; Sponsored a model (PfS) to assist counties in planning with an emphasis on child well-being through commitments and indicatorsH.B. 289 passed requiring planning and reporting on child well-being based on the success of PfSEstablished P-16 Councils and WIA BoardsBecame initiative focused, instead of looking at priorities, issues, policiesNow

    OFCF Staff of 7 positions remain

    Access to Better Care and Help Me Grow initiatives

    PfS has developed based on local lessons learned to a community capacity building model with 44 counties

    County HB 289 Plans and 1st year Reports

    P-16 councils and WIA Boards continue Becoming priorities, issues, and policy focused again

    Governor TaftEnabling every child to succeed.1999-2006

  • History of OFCF Cabinet Council2007-2008First Lady chairs OFCF Cabinet

    Relationships established through 88 County FCFC Visits by First Lady and OFCF Cabinet Directors

    Cabinet studies purpose and value of FCFC

    Cabinets work being prioritized based on First Lady FCFC Visits Challenges and Issues

    PfS continues; HB 289 plans and reports submitted by counties; Service Coordination continues, ESCORE for service coordination data collection and analysis; ABC initiative; HMGGovernor Strickland2007-present

  • OFCF Cabinet VisionA community-based seamless system of care for families and children needing assistance.

  • OFCF Cabinet MissionA partnership of state and local government, communities, and families that enhances the well-being of Ohios children and families by building community capacity, strategically coordinating systems and services, and engaging and empowering families.

  • OFCF Cabinet Guiding PrinciplesFamilies are at the center of service planning and system design.The uniqueness within families and communities is valued and respected.Mutual respect for professional knowledge-base and competencies amongst partners guides decision-making.Services and supports are built on a seamless continuum from prevention through treatment, including points of transition.Decisions regarding service planning and system design are data informed and evidence based.

  • *OFCF Core FunctionsShared Accountability for OFCFs VisionCoordinate Systems & ServicesEngage and Empower FamiliesBuild Community Capacity

  • **Shared Accountability for OFCFs Vision

  • **Accountability

    Mandates which operationalize FCFC

    Specifies Cabinet Council and 88 local county councils mandated membership and responsibilities

    Outcome Focused

  • OFCF Cabinet Council MembershipGovernor & Governors OfficeFirst Lady, Chair ODADASODAOBMODEODHODJFSODMHODMRDDODYSODRC

  • **Cabinet Councils Role to:Make recommendations to the governor and the Ohio General Assembly regarding provision of services to children;Advise and assess the coordination of service delivery to children;Develop programs and projects to encourage coordinated efforts at the state and local level;

  • County FCF Council MembershipCounty CommissionersAt least 3 parents not employed by an agency on FCFCADAMH Board or ADAS and CMH BoardsGeneral Health DistrictCity Health DepartmentCDJFSPCSAMRDD BoardLargest school districtSchool district representing all other districtsLargest municipal corporationDYSHead StartHelp Me Grow / Early Childhood Collaborative GroupNon Profit agencyOthers

  • *County FCFCs role to:Evaluate and prioritize services for children and families

    Fill service gaps where possible and invent new approaches to achieve better results

    Maintain an accountability system to monitor progress in achieving results

    Develop and oversee the Help Me Grow system

    Refer children for whom the county council cannot provide adequate services to the Cabinet Council for assistance.

  • **Engaging & Empowering Families

  • **Family Engagement with FCFCsAt least three family representatives are members on FCFCs who:

    are not employed by an agency represented on the council, and

    whose families are or have received services from an agency represented on the council.

    Where possible, the number of members representing families shall be equal to 20% of the councils membership.

  • **FCFC Roles with Family Engagement A key role of FCFCs is to ensure ongoing input from a broad representation of families who are receiving services within the county system.

  • **FCFC Family Representative Roles Family representatives have an opportunity to model for other parents and consumers of services, how to work in partnership with public and private agencies to help children reach their potential.

  • **FCFC Family Representative Roles The family representative role is fulfilled through a number of activities that may include:

    Actively participating in FCF C meetings by expressing family insight on the impact of proposed policies or programs.

    Educating other families and stakeholders about the FCFCs work;

    Advising the FCFC in developing a process for successfully identifying and training potential family representatives; and,

    Assisting FCFC members to partner more effectively with families.

  • **OFCFs Family Engagement Efforts

    Current efforts to support family engagement include:

    OFCF Cabinet Council Advisory Board which requires three family representatives

    Biannual regional family network meetings

    Training provided on the Making Room at the Table curriculum

    Exploration of creating a Center or Network for Family Engagement and Empowerment

  • *Building Community Capacity

  • **Capacity Building Framework:Partnerships for SuccessPfS is the cornerstone of Ohios model of community capacity building.

    Mobilizes and strengthen the cross-system planning and implementation capacities of county FCFCs.Reduces duplication of effort between and among state and local agencies.Makes better local decisions that lead to smarter investment of public dollars.Evaluates the impact of county investments with an eye toward accountability.Provides for long-term sustainability of effective state and locally sponsored programs and services.

  • *House Bill 289Achieving Better Outcomes for ChildrenOFCF Cabinet Council and the 88 FCFCs must plan and annually report progress on improving child well-being that focus on:Expectant parents and newborns thriveInfants and toddlers thriveChildren are ready for schoolChildren and youth succeed in schoolYouth choose healthy behaviorsYouth successfully transition into adulthood

  • Restoring Prosperity FCFCs have the capacity and opportunity structure to assist communities in restoring economic growth and prosperity among its citizens. Mobilize citizens, businesses, foundations, and stakeholders around key elements impacting the well-being of a community (schools, public safety, workforce, and physical landscape)

  • **Coordinating Systems & Services

  • **FCFC Service Coordination:A Recipe for SuccessShared philosophy about the way services should be delivered to children and families

    Collaborative infrastructure supported by policy and funding mechanisms

    Services and supports unique to a family-driven plan

  • **Service Coordination Mechanism ORC 121.37 (C)Whats in the law?Each county develops a county service coordination mechanism. The county service coordination mechanism shall serve as the guiding document for coordination of services in the county.

  • **FC