PUT YOUR A FITNESS Best Foot FORWARD Makeover ... Smile when you meet others in any situation. What...

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Transcript of PUT YOUR A FITNESS Best Foot FORWARD Makeover ... Smile when you meet others in any situation. What...


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    36 APRIL/MAY 2018 www.

    crwmagazine .com

    www.crwm agazine.com

    APRIL/MAY 2 018 37

    Located in d owntown La

    Crosse in a re novated

    candy factory, Th e Charmant Hot

    el is quickly beco ming a go-to

    destination for lo cals and out-of-t

    owners alike sinc e opening less

    than three years a go.

    The luxury boutiq ue hotel features 6

    7 rooms, a restaur ant, parlor,

    lobby bar and lou nge, rooftop terra

    ce and sweets bar. The variety of

    dining options is a highlight of The C

    harmant, and crea ting a dining

    experience unlike any other in La C

    rosse is the goal of staff.

    “A personalized ex perience” is how

    Charmant food a nd beverage

    director Michel G abbud describes

    how dining shou ld be at The

    Charmant. Comm unication is key, h

    e says. Charmant staff want to

    know diners’ name s, dietary restriction

    s, preferences and w hether they’re

    celebrating a specia l occasion before th

    ey even enter the b uilding.

    The Charmant tea m also aims to ke

    ep a laid-back, un pretentious

    atmosphere. “There might be a

    bit of a perception that (The Charma

    nt) is fancy

    and only for spec ial occasions,” say

    s executive chef K evin Micheli.


    A balance of e legance and ea

    se makes for d istinctive dinin

    g at The Charm ant.


    Photos courtes y of The Charm

    ant Hotel

    “This is a destinat ion for a variety o

    f occasions, includ ing grabbing a

    burger and listenin g to bands on the


    Individualized atmosphere

    Providing multipl e dining and drink

    options in one loc ation allows

    for several atmosp heres. The parlor

    operates as a coff ee bar during

    the day and a win e and spirits bar d

    uring the night. Th e lobby bar

    and lounge offers regional craft and

    domestic beers, w ines, spirits and

    cocktails. It also f eatures a modified

    menu from the r estaurant. The

    sweets bar has Ind ulgence Chocolati

    ers specialty choco lates available

    24 hours a day.

    The Charmant’s c ocktail menu allo

    ws for each barten der to have

    the opportunity to showcase his or h

    er creativity and sk ills. Cocktails

    change with each season, and with

    the change, barte nders have the

    opportunity to cre ate their own cock

    tails. The favorites make it to the

    menu for patrons to enjoy. Each c

    ocktail includes Th e Charmant’s

    homemade syrups and juices.

    Allowing for emp loyee input is som

    ething else Miche li says sets

    The Charmant ap art from other esta

    blishments. He sa ys many of the

    employees have b een at The Charm

    ant from the begi nning and are

    always looking to “put their own sta

    mp on it.”

    French inspired , locally source


    The restaurant se rves breakfast, lu

    nch and dinner a nd features

    rustic French-insp ired dishes that ar

    e made from as m any fresh and

    local ingredients a s possible. Local s

    uppliers include a rea Amish and

    organic farmers. M icheli says he loves

    being able to show case the wide

    variety of local foo ds, which keeps ex

    panding every yea r.

    “You can taste an d feel the differen

    ce,” says Gabbud of the food.

    He applauds Mic heli’s efforts to br

    ing in fresh ingred ients. “It’s part

    of what makes thi s place so special.

    Everything is mad e from scratch.

    No shortcuts are t aken.”

    Micheli, who has been at The Char

    mant since it open ed, says he

    played around wit h food and the me

    nu quite a bit in th e beginning.

    While the menu still changes—it n

    ow includes an ex panded pasta

    selection—some offerings have b

    ecome standards . A favorite

    appetizer is goat c heese and honey;

    the honey is supp lied by a local

    Amish man. The F rench onion soup

    has also become a menu staple,

    as well as the ribey e.

    The roasted chick en with Lyonnais

    e potatoes is Mic heli’s food

    recommendation. He says the meal

    doesn’t have man y frills, and its

    simplicity is what makes it such a g

    ood dish. Gabbud recommends

    diners try the wo od-fired pizzas, w

    hich are served o n the rooftop

    terrace during wa rmer months. Th

    e terrace is set to open for the

    2018 season on A pril 16 at 3 p.m.

    The Charmant’s d rink and dining op

    tions vary by wher e patrons

    choose to drink an d dine. A complet

    e listing of hours o f operations

    and menus can be found at www.the

    charmanthotel.com .

    Top left: The Charmant

    lounge offers cocktails

    and a modified menu. Top

    right: The parlo r operates

    as a coffee b ar by day

    and a wine and spirits

    bar by night. B ottom left:

    The sweets bar offers

    specialty chocolates

    24 hours a d ay. Bottom

    right: The Fren ch 75 and

    Wisco Old Fash ioned, two

    signature drink s from The

    Charmant, are shared in

    recipes on the n ext page.

    | FOOD |

    Wood-fired piz zas and good c

    onversation lig ht up the night

    on the The Cha rmant Hotel ro

    oftop terrace.

    www.crwmagazine.com APRIL/MAY 2018 41

    | HOW-TO |

    Golden Rules • Treat people like you want to

    be treated • Seek to turn every negative

    into a positive • Look at yourself—you can

    change what you don’t like • Smiles are free and can

    transform someone’s day • Kindness is never forgotten • Ask yourself, "What can I do

    to get the best outcome for all?"

    • Yelling solves nothing

    You can help make the world be a better place—just one small step at a time. Small changes—like the ones given here—can make a big difference in your life and the lives of others, and they’re not that hard to do. Try out these small actions as you go through your day, and soon they will become routine. You never know when one of them will have a profound effect, so give them a try!

    Have you ever experienced road rage? If someone frustrates you with slow driving, cuts you off or drives irresponsibly, what is your response? Instead of getting angry, consider: That driver may be confused, lost, in an emergency or simply having a difficult time driving. Stay calm and gracious, and you might avoid an accident instead of being in one.

    Smile when you meet others in any situation. What do you do when someone s