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  • 8/6/2019 Purposemag.may Final Spreads


    The Teen Lifestyle and Family Magazine... For the Present and Future of Our Youth

    Premier Edition 2011

    F R E E

  • 8/6/2019 Purposemag.may Final Spreads


    Art Specifications

    Dear Readers,

    Jordansa Media, LLC introduces The online and print magazine de-

    signed for teens and their parents. Finally, we have a magazine that speaks positively about

    teenagers. Whew! Welcome to the premier edition of Purpose4teens. The concept of the

    magazine is to provide teens and parents the support they need to create a structured, posi-

    tive, balanced lifestyle for the future. So much has been said about the negative aspects of

    teen life, we find it only necessary to accentuate the positive. The decisions teens make have

    such a significant impact on the success of their lives, we created a magazine which would

    provide information on such topics as college planning, entrepreneurship, sports, fitness, fine

    arts, homework help and much more.

    Purpose4teens is planting positive plans for your teens future. We are dedicated to

    providing articles to assist teens as they strive to find their own way. The magazine is also

    available online at The website features useful community infor-

    mation and links to various businesses and articles that share in our common goal. We hope

    you will be intrigued when exploring each issue of Purpose4tee ns as we strive to provide valu-

    able information to build vital, successful future leaders. We would love to hear your thoughts

    for future issues. Purpose4teens believes in

    empowering teens for the overall success

    of the community. We want to hear your

    life stories and plans for the future. Please

    feel free to submit your stories to the editor

    for a chance to appear in one of our future

    editions. Email the editor: michelle@purpo- or you can mail your letters to:

    Jordansa Media, LLC 2801 Wade HamptonBlvd. Suite 115-131 Taylors SC 29687-2781.

    Have a wonderful summer,

    D. Michelle Jordan

    Publisher-Jordansa Media, LLC

    From the Editor...



    Premier Edition . 2011 3

  • 8/6/2019 Purposemag.may Final Spreads


    Art Specifications

    Whats Inside....

    16 COVER



    3 Note From the Editor

    6 College Planning Tips

    7 Homework Help

    8 Making a Hobby a CareerWritten by Patty Wright

    10 Spending Time With Your Teen

    11 Choosing an Orthodontist

    12 Career Spotlight: Barbering

    14 Driving Tips

    18 Finding a Job

    19 Being a Happy Teen

    20 Ultra Fit Tips with John DeFendis

    24 Readers Contest

    24 Mentoring for Success

    26 Wardrobe Woes

    28 Money & Budgeting

    Photos of cover model courtesy ofPhil Hyman Portraiture

    Creative Info:

    Contributing Writers:

    Delores Brown, John DeFendis,

    D. Michelle Jordan, Patty Wright

    Advertising Sales: D. MIchelle Jordan

    Graphic Design: Sarah Standley Designs

    Web Design: Top Hats Professional Websites

    Photographer: Phil Hyman Portraiture

    Publisher: Jordansa Media, LLC

    Distribution: 10,000 bi monthly copies distributed in

    the upstate of SC and parts of GA and NC.


    4 Premier Edition . 2011 5

  • 8/6/2019 Purposemag.may Final Spreads


    Art Specifications

    1) Review your courses with your highschool guidance counselor.

    2) Prepare a list of questions to ask college


    3) Sign up to take the PSAT and review the

    results with your guidance counselor.

    4) Get and stay organized. Set up files to

    keep track of important dates and deadlines.

    5) Attend college fairs and check into schol-

    arships, financial aid and schools of interest.

    6) Continue periodic discussions with yourparents and counselors.

    7) Start thinking of the type of degree you

    would like to pursue.

    8) Keep focusing on academics to increase

    chances of receiving more money for schol-

    arships and other financial assistance.

    Look for more valuable tips and guidance

    for preparing for college in future issues of

    Purpose4Teens magazine and on our website


    Tips for College Planning

    If you are getting prepared to attend college, it may get overwhelming

    without proper planning. Here are some planning tips to help guide you along

    your journey, even before your senio r year of high school.Homework Help

    Turn off the television, video game, stereo and MP3 players.

    Set rules to avoid phone calls during homework time.

    Designate a clear, clean area for homework and studying. (Tables are good for space).

    Make sure you have enough supplies: paper, pencils, pens, etc.

    Parents, check behind your children on assignments and supplies.

    Keep a regular routine for studying.

    Allow time for breaks (High school students have more required homework hours).

    Teach your student that studying is more than just homework.

    Note taking is critical.

    Confidence for tests is necessary.

    Parents, check over your students homework for errors, and explain corrections clearly.

    To avoid poor grades, keep in contact with your teens teachers so that help can be provided.

    6 Premier Edition . 2011 7

  • 8/6/2019 Purposemag.may Final Spreads


    Art Specifications

    Have you ever thought of

    turning a hobby into a career?

    Is there something you like

    to do; maybe in your spare

    time? Maybe it is something

    like collecting stamps, or paint-

    ing pictures. It could even be

    something like photography,just something you really en-

    joy doing in your spare time.

    Lots of young people have dif-

    ferent hobbies they become

    interested in. Have you ever

    thought of making your hob-

    bies a job one day? Have you

    ever thought what it would be

    like to do something you really


    When deciding on a career

    one of the most important

    things to consider is what are

    your interests. With a hobby

    you already know that you

    love it, and I am sure you are

    probably pretty skilled with it

    and together these are very

    compelling reasons to make

    a living at doing it. You may

    even ask yourself would this

    be possible, could I do some-

    thing that I really like and takeit into the world of making a

    living? There are lots of ques-

    tions that will come up as you

    make this decision, but the

    most important one is; do you

    really like your hobby? Could

    you do it everyday and what

    kind of joy would you get out

    of it?

    To incorporate your hobby

    into a career can be one of

    the most enjoyable things you

    could do in your life. But be-

    fore you move forward with

    plans to go into business you

    must ask yourself whether

    being an entrepreneur is the

    right step. It is hard work and

    you will need to begin prepar-

    ing yourself for business. This

    will require not only a commit-

    ment to your hobby but also

    to your life as a whole.All hobbies start some-

    where, so if owning your own

    business is not the answer,

    then working for a company

    would be the road to travel.

    If you like to paint pictures

    you could be an artist and

    you could have an art studio,

    where you would sell your

    work. You could even teach

    classes to others that want

    to learn. You could also work

    for an art studio, become an

    intern, an assistant, or work

    for the companies that sell

    A Hobby As A Career?Written by Patty Wright

    art supplies. If photography is

    your hearts love, you could own

    your own studio and photograph

    families, weddings, children and

    pets. You could create memories

    for others or you could follow a

    different road and work in a pho-

    tography studio. The choice is all

    yours and it depends upon which

    road meets your needs.

    Either way you decide to go,

    you must do your homework. Even

    though you love your hobby there

    might be other aspects that just

    are not for you, so in that case stick

    with a job and keep the hobby for

    the weekends!

    8 Premier Edition . 2011 9

  • 8/6/2019 Purposemag.may Final Spreads


    Art Specifications

    Art Specifications

    Whenever life is hectic and you feel rushed, most often it s your relationship with your

    children that seems to suffer. When you allow your teens needs for attention to suffer,

    they start to act out for the wrong type of attention. Teens are capable of taking care

    of their own daily needs and we dont always notice we are lacking focus on them. Here

    is a brief list of a few positive activities to do with your teen.

    1. Cook a meal together.

    2. Plan a family vacation together.

    3. Go to a concert or attend a sporting event.

    4. Attend your teens extracurricular activities.

    5. Read a magazine or book with your teen.

    6. Make scrapbooks about your family highlighting your teen.

    7. Take a class together.

    8. Talk, talk, talk. You can never have too much conversation.

    9. Develop a new healthy habit togethe