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  1. 1. http://amouraffairs.in/ The heart-warming wedding moments By AMOUR AFFAIRS
  2. 2. The beautiful journey begins http://amouraffairs.in/ The first and foremost ceremony that takes place in a Punjabi wedding is the roka. It simply indicates a confirmation from both the families that the alliance is fixed. As a part of this ceremony, both the families exchange gifts, sweets and dry fruits with each other. The soon-to-be couple is also given gifts and money as a part of shagun, by their parents.
  3. 3. sagan ceremony http://amouraffairs.in/ After the roka and just a few days before the wedding day, the sagan ceremony takes place. In this, the rituals of tikka and chunni are followed. Herein, the brides family visits the grooms house and gives gifts to him and his family. Afterwards, the brides parents apply tikka to their future son-in-law. And then, the bride-to-be is presented with a red or pink chunni (veil) and ornaments from her future in-laws.
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  8. 8. The ever-gorgeous chooda http://amouraffairs.in/ No Punjabi bride can ever be considered complete without her chooda. It is a dazzling set of 21 red and ivory bangles, which is gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle. An important part of a Punjabi brides solah shringar, chooda is believed to bring good luck for the newlywed couple.
  9. 9. Chooda CERMONY http://amouraffairs.in/
  10. 10. Chooda CERMONY http://amouraffairs.in/
  11. 11. The stunning kalire http://amouraffairs.in/ Another important part of the solah shringar of a Punjabi bride, kalire are the beautiful umbrella-shaped hangings tied on the brides chooda by her sisters and cousins. Kaliresignify their good wishes for the bride, and there is another very interesting ritual attached to them. The bride shakes her hands over the heads of all the unmarried girls in the family, and it is believed that the girl on whom a part of this kalire falls, would be the next to get married.
  12. 12. Kalire CERMONY http://amouraffairs.in/
  13. 13. Kalire CERMONY http://amouraffairs.in/
  14. 14. Mehendi and sangeet http://amouraffairs.in/ Just like any other big or small function of a Punjabi wedding, the mehendi ceremony is also celebrated with a lot of energy and excitement. In fact, the celebrations are doubled as the mehendi ceremony is usually combined with sangeet. While the mehendi is applied on the brides hands and feet, women in the family sing Punjabi folk songs. And, the family members dance to convey their joy. Other female members of the family also get the mehendi applied on their hands.
  15. 15. Vatna ceremony http://amouraffairs.in/
  16. 16. The wedding dress http://amouraffairs.in/
  17. 17. The wedding dress http://amouraffairs.in/
  18. 18. The wedding dress http://amouraffairs.in/
  19. 19. The wedding dress http://amouraffairs.in/
  20. 20. The heart-warming wedding moments http://amouraffairs.in/
  21. 21. The heart-warming wedding moments http://amouraffairs.in/
  22. 22. The heart-warming wedding moments http://amouraffairs.in/