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Speaking Out at City Hall - an event held for the GLA Women's Network. Katie Streten spoke about common concerns when speaking in public and how to deal with them, from presentations to meetings

Transcript of Public speaking self-help - tips for confident speaking

  • 1.Public speaking self-help Tips for confident speaking Katie Streten Imagination

2. Content

  • A bit about me
  • All the self help you need!
  • A word about meetings
  • Conclusion

3. A bit about me

  • Head of Strategy in Imagination/ Digital
  • 2 presentation courses
  • LAMDA Spoken English Intermediate qualification
  • Hate asking questions once a speaker has finished

4. Addressing fears1 Everyone will think Im a fraud

  • You have been asked for your opinion/ to speak
  • the fear of being found out for being a bit rubbish. Armando Ianucci

5. Addressing fears 1 No one will be interested

  • They are there!
  • You have been asked to speak
  • Think aboutthemwhat can yougivethem

6. How to prepare

  • Prepare Write your script out long hand
  • Read it to a friend, partner or yourself(repeat ad nauseam)
  • Write card notes
  • Highlight key moments
  • Dont practice too much!

7. Image is everything

  • Bullet points
  • Interesting pictures
  • Yourself dress appropriately

8. Make everyone else relax!

  • The first thing you should do Smile
  • Secondly say hello
  • Jokes If in doubt use other peoples

9. Make yourself relax!

  • Dont look at the crowd!
  • Pick 3 spots to the left, middle and back
  • Place your mate at the back to smile at you!
  • Speak slowly

10. Make it feel more like a conversation

  • The audience hate it too!
  • Move your arms at waist height
  • Dont have a rigid script

11. Addressing fears 3 Dont fear the speaker

  • Most other people are thinking exactly the same as you
  • Its their problem not yours
  • You are helping someone in the audience probably a woman

12. A word about meetings

  • Butt in, dont wait
  • Men are not women
  • Your point might not be as irrelevant as you think

13. Conclusion

  • People genuinely want to hear what you have to say
  • Think about your audience what can you give them?
  • Butt in and believe that at least one person needs you to ask this question you!
  • If all else fails..


  • Please try and remember the full detail of 1 speech you have heard in your life

exactly. 15. Katie Streten


Any questions? Be brave!