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During Pubcon, Dixon Jones of Receptional showed how you can use MajesticSEO, combined with a bulk HTTP header checker to reclaim search end user benefits from links to your website that have long been forgotton. Other link strategies are also on this presentation.

Transcript of Pubcon: Link building

  • 1. Real World, Low Risk, High Reward Link Building Strategies Dixon Jones


  • Receptional
  • We are getting old
  • We joined some clubs
  • Weve got badges
  • Weve got bigger mouths than most
  • Were Internet marketing consultants with a good track record
  • Majestic SEO
  • Second largest map of links on the web after Google
  • 1.1 TRILLION URLS indexed
  • Can analyze back-links by:
    • Anchor
    • Strength
    • Domain or URL
    • Link Type
    • Date found
    • Much more

3. No theory. Just Actionable ideas

  • Link reclamation
  • Targeting link intersects
  • A cool trick in a recession
  • Social Media and organic trick
  • The short URL dilemma
  • Free link

4. Link Reclamation

  • Coolest new trick in the book

5. 6. Step 1: Find all URLs with links (Links to your site) 7. Step 2: Export as CSV 8. Step 3: Check Header Response 9. The result: Free link jucie 86 potential URLS (More links) 10. Targeting Link Intersects

  • Three Tools:
    • MajesticSEO & Excel
    • Linkscape
    • HubFinder

11. 12. 13. A Great Recession Beater

  • As the credit crunch bites check out back-links to companies going bust. Offer to fix peoples broken back-links with your product
  • US:
  • UK: Every bankruptcy is listed in Gazettes

14. Social Media Links

  • Twitter some people cant see the point, some think its the next big thing. We at Econsultancy started taking serious notice when we realised it was the 4th largest referrer of traffic to our site. (13 thFeb)

15. Who says Social Media links dont count towards SEO? 16. The Short URL dilemma

  • No anchor text
  • No ownership
  • No control
    • Consider getting your own script

17. 18. Lastly a Free Link

  • Ill do a blog post about this presentation and link to any attendee giving me their card as long as it has a web address
  • (ONE follow up email only. I promise)

19. Thank You

  • Dixon Jones
  • Im not hard to find
  • Facebook & LinkedIn as Dixon Jones
  • Webmasterworld as Receptional