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10 Awesome Facebook Tips Alex Houg CEO Of Portage Co @AlexHoug 10 Awesome Facebook Tips

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Portage's 10 Awesome Facebook Tips as seen at PubCon 2014.

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  • 1. 10 Awesome Facebook TipsAlex HougCEOOf Portage [email protected] Awesome Facebook Tips

2. You should have an ad running for $1 a day with mediaworkplace targeting to influence the influencersthefolks who work at USA Today, not who read USA Today.Any good endorsement you have, amplify it. 3. If you dont get enough traffic, force bid to $5CPC and then switch back to oCPM. 4. CPC is misleading, since website clicks, likes, andcomments also count as clicks. Conversion ratesare misleading for the same reason because of adefault 7 day view-through attribution window. 5. You are likely missing most of your Facebook referraltraffic in Google Analytics because you dont have site-wideSSL, tag management, and utm parameters setproperly. Get the set-up checklist to correct it, elseproceed with optimization based on faulty data. 6. The real ROI of your Facebook efforts, paid ororganic, spills over into word of mouth and brandpower that is not directly measurable at the userlevel in the immediate timeframe. Use holdbackgroups to measure indirect lift. 7. The heart of amazing Facebook performanceis custom audiencesweb and emailretargeting. You dont even need to have aFacebook page to do social retargeting. 8. Dont hire anyone who is a social media expert, anymore than someone who claims to be an expert inemail, the phone, or another channel. Verticalexpertise and passion win every time. 9. Facebook advertising is really just an extension of wordof mouth marketingamplifying what fans say aboutyou. This carries more cred than whatever you can sayin an ad. 10. The best Facebook marketing training is, which is made by Facebook. So dontspend your precious time and money on someoneelses courses, which will be outdated quickly, anyway. 11. Social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, PR,word of mouth marketing, and inbound marketing arereally different words for the same set of techniquesgetting amazing content distributed in the mosttrustworthy of places via whatever channels. 12. Want to learn more? Grab our guides from! 13. 10 Awesome Facebook TipsThank you!Alex HougCEOOf Portage [email protected] YouPORTAGE.CO