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  • Ptychographic hyperspectralspectromicroscopy with an extreme ultraviolethigh harmonic comb


    Abstract: We report a proof-of-principle demonstration of a new scheme of spectromicroscopyin the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) spectral range, where the spectral response of the sample atdifferent wavelengths is imaged simultaneously. This scheme is enabled by combining ptycho-graphic information multiplexing (PIM) with a tabletop EUV source based on high harmonicgeneration, where four spectrally narrow harmonics near 30 nm form a spectral comb structure.Extending PIM from previously demonstrated visible wavelengths to the EUV/X-ray wavelengthspromises much higher spatial resolution and a more powerful spectral contrast mechanism, mak-ing PIM an attractive spectromicroscopy method in both microscopy and spectroscopy aspects.In addition to spectromicroscopy, this method images the multicolor EUV beam in situ, makingthis a powerful beam characterization technique. In contrast to other methods, the techniquesdescribed here use no hardware to separate wavelengths, leading to efficient use of the EUVradiation.

    c 2016 Optical Society of AmericaOCIS codes: (110.4234) Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging; (180.7460) X-ray microscopy; (310.3840) Materialsand process characterization; (100.5070) Phase retrieval.

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    Vol. 24, No. 16 | 8 Aug 2016 | OPTICS EXPRESS 18745

    #268239 Journal 2016 Received 20 Jun 2016; revised 27 Jul 2016; accepted 28 Jul 2016; published 5 Aug 2016

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